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When Your Package is Stuck in Transit

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Have you recently been greeted with a \"stuck in transit\" message while checking the status of your delivery on your office PC? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us.

Have you recently been greeted with a "stuck in transit" message while checking the status of your delivery on your office PC? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us. And, in most cases it happens at the most unlikeliest of times. It seems as if every other delivery you have ever sent has had no problem getting to its destination either on or before its expected arrival date. But now, just when you need it the most, your package has hit a delay, and you are not provided with the exact reason why.

First of all, stuck in transit usually implies that the shipment your package is a part of is experiencing a delay due to any multiple of reasons. About 99% of the time you will find that you cannot be provided with an exact reason as to what caused the interruption in transporting your items because it can be an array of things. Delays can be caused by anything from a late pick-up by a company, a breakdown in a vehicle used to move your goods or a mix-up in freight.

When dealing with a San Francisco courier service company, you will be pleased to know that the chances of your items being "stuck in transit" are very low. Even though following a daily routine does not ensure that nothing will unexpectedly happen to cause a set-back, but Bay area courier companies go to extreme measures to guarantee they have back-up plans, or a plan B in case of emergencies.

Typically, a package will not end up stuck in transit when it is being shipped either locally or within the United States. It is more likely to happen when items are being shipped internationally due to the level of security involved. If you have ever tried sending a package overseas, maybe to a loved one in the Middle East, you will find that a courier company will tell you to be aware that it may take anywhere from seven to thirty days to arrive. This is due to the amount of freight that is actually being sent at one time, all the checkpoints the items must pass through and being able to make it through customs. Internationally shipped goods are generally opened and checked to ensure they meet the standards of that particular country.

So, next time you come across a pretty little "stuck in transit" message, do not fret. It is not as if your item has been lost or destroyed, it is just taking a little longer than expected to arrive. Generally, you are forewarned about conditions as these unexpectedly arising so you'll have a heads-up and can prepare yourself and your recipient if it ever does.

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