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After complete your education, you start to find the right & best job. But the problem will come when you will not get the job of your choice.
To choose your career it is an important priority in the job market. However, be sure you have given a good and respectful notice to your present employer or it may come back to haunt you in the future.
WAZZA.COM is a groundbreaking new website – developed in Australia – that is changing the face of online recruitment!
To find yourself constantly pursuing jobs opportunities that never quite pan out, sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, and having doors stay locked shut to you, imagine what a positive and unsecured feeling it would be to have employers and recruiters actually seek YOU out. With some time and effort put into identifying and communicating YOUR personal brand as it relates to your career, this is one of the key benefits you will enjoy.
Today you have a number of options to find out the job of your choice. With a diverse workforce and global economy, international business experience -- whether that involves frequent international business trips, short-term overseas assignments, or longer-term relocation to foreign locations -- can certainly be valuable as a building block for your entire career.
Unlike traditional online employment services, WAZZA.COM provides a portal for resumes rather than job advertisements.

WAZZA.COM’s fresh approach and world-first technology take the stress out of employment for both job seekers and employers, through offering free resume placement and free access for recruiters.

Employers can search WAZZA.COM’s comprehensive resume database and request applications from only the job seekers that meet specified criteria. This approach saves the job seeker unnecessary time and energy in not having to apply for positions they have no chance of getting; while it allows employers to be proactive in their recruitment, rather than relying on traditional job boards and hoping for the best!

In some cases, when you are applying for a multinational company, the decision-makers for the position will be of a nationality other than the location in which you are applying. For example, you may be targeting a position in Hong Kong, and know that the person making the decisions for that position is an American expatriate. In this case, you may want to submit a resume written in the U.S. style which will be more familiar to the decision-maker.
We help you find out the job of your dream. You just need to register yourself on WAZZA.COM. We help you how to write you resume in a best way.

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