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201: A Bumpy Ride For Business Financing
This article discusses some business financing obstacles that should be anticipated by small business owners. Commercial borrowers will often have a long and bumpy ride before they obtain working capital financing and commercial loans in the current chaotic commercial lending environment.

202: Why Use Air Conditioning?
It may not seem like it, but year on year temperatures are getting warmer. Even this winter - which feels like the coldest since time began - is not significantly lower than average, especially if you take into account the mild November.

203: Structured Settlement
A structured settlement is a kind of financial or insurance arrangement that includes periodic payments. A claimant has to accept resolving a personal injury tort claim. Otherwise he has to compromise a statutory periodic payment obligation.

204: Organisational Culture and Its Influence
We always tend to think why learning Organisational culture is so important. Culture has always influenced our society and now it also influences an organization in good or bad ways. Any two organizations before signing any big deal with each other look into the background and the culture of the company. Potential business partners study the organization culture before making any strategic moves.

205: The Benefits of Renting Warehouse Space For Your Business
A major tool for businesses, especially within the last two decades, is outsourcing. Your company may outsource many services formerly done by internal departments and employees. While many people think of manufacturing and payroll as the major departments that are routinely outsourced, there is one that may surprise you: Warehousing.

206: Give Bulk Bonuses For Bigger Joint Venture Profits
If your joint venture sells a range of products or services, then most likely you have a pricing list. This is a simple marketing printout that displays or lists your products for sale from the cheapest to the most expensive.

207: Saving Money on a Business Incorporation
Incorporating a small startup business can add up quickly if you're not careful. Fortunately, small businesses have several options that will help them substantially reduce the cost.

208: The Wellness Industry Examined
Several senior economic analysts have identified the Wellness Industry as the major growth sector of the future. It is the purpose of this article to examine these claims and the changing role of the individual from employee to business owner in the emerging new economy.

209: Check Any Companys Financial Health
Running credit checks can often seem like a lot of time and effort, not to mention expense, for anyone who owns or manages a business. However, neglecting to check new customer companies can often result in late or incomplete payments, which may cause cash flow problems in the providing company.

210: Company Social Responsibility Has a Positive Impact on Society
Everybody is responsible for everyone else. You can never really truly live on your own without any qualms for anyone else.

211: Why Are You Writing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) To Raise Capital?
When I get calls about private placement memorandums it is typically one of two scenarios: 1. They want to raise capital and they are shopping around for the cheapest PPM author they can find. 2. They have made the mistake of using the cheapest PPM author they could find and now they can't find an investor that will fund their 70 page stack of toilet paper.

212: How to Build a Step By Step Plan For Business Success
Never has it been so important to make sure that if you're thinking about starting up a business or have recently started one that you have a comprehensive Business Plan in place. This could be the difference between success and failure in the first 2 years.

213: Publicity Success Secrets to Achieve Your Optimal Potential
Discover the secrets to career and business success using publicity outreach for branding and marketing. Find out how to showcase your credentials, experience, wisdom and expertise using publicity success principles and strategy.

214: Finding Out a Couriers Legal Status
The legal status of a courier service is not something that you should have to worry about. Any industry which involves the use of commercial vehicles is usually monitored and regulated quite closely.

215: The Future of Cardboard Packaging
Cardboard packaging has been in existence for over 150 years and there are a variety of cardboard types available, from corrugated to paperboard. Packaging manufacturers will often advise on the best option and type of cardboard depending upon purpose and what product is to be packaged.

216: Business Boiler Maintenance and Repair
With business costs increasing as if by the day anyone might regard an annual boiler breakdown service as an unnecessary expense, especially as your boiler currently is running fine. So why bother?

217: Traditional Vs MNC Corporations
Different styles of management in different types of organizations. This article tells us about the different types of management employed in the corporate world and which is the best for whom.

218: How to Get the Good Loads in the Trucking Business
Get the inside scoop on how and where to find the good loads from an experienced owner operator. No more questioning, just results.

219: Energy Efficient Incentive Programs For Corporations
Government incentives for energy efficient programs have risen due to the ongoing drive in reducing traditional energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. These incentives are very helpful in improving building efficiency, procure 'clean' vehicles, put in place on-site energy sources, and install combined power and heat systems. Buildings which are occupied between 2006 and 2013 that would undergo steps to reduce energy costs in building envelope, heating, water heating, cooling, and lighting systems can avail of tax deduction.

220: Five Easy Tricks to Grow Your Business
Any business relies on some form of recruitment to create growth; whether it is a high street shop, or an engineering company or your network marketing business. They all require increasing numbers of people to enable growth. Traditional recruitment methods have changed. This article looks at simple ways to recruit new people into your existing business.

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