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281: Do Drivers Participate in a DOT Mandated Regular Driver Training Program?
When you start to contemplate the sheer number of hours that professional drivers are on the road for, you realize that they need to be held to a higher standard than anyone else on the road. The laws of probability say that these people have many more times the chance of being on an accident statistically, and yet ultimately they are in fewer accidents than regular drivers.

282: When Something is Sent to Me COD, Can I Refuse it?
There are lots of different ways that you might get a product shipped to you. Almost all of those except one though, require you to pay for that shipment before it is ever sent.

283: Fitness Marketing Tips For New - Seasoned Fitness Professionals
This is a list of 10 fitness industry professionals you DON'T want to be. The fitness marketing tip of the century? Don't end up on this list.

284: Packaging Freight For Rain Transport
It doesn't matter where you are; no place in the country is completely safe from rain. If you're shipping goods with a Northwest Arkansas courier, it is a good bet that your shipment is going to be transferred between vehicles several times before it reaches its destination.

285: Can I Hire More Than One Courier Vehicle?
There are a large number of situations in which someone shipping with a courier company might feel that they could make good use of more than one courier vehicle. This could happen due to a need to ship extremely large loads, of good, for needing to ship to places in vastly different areas, for delivery runs which might have too many stops along the way, or any number of other situations that might be specific to the industry in which the shipping company operates.

286: Personal Effects Shipping Guide
In this current economic climate, a lot of foreign nationals and students are returning home or moving onto more lucrative job markets and countries with cheaper and better value for living and need to take their personal effects with them. Personal effects is another word for personal belongings, household goods, furniture and even excess baggage. For the latter, most people use freight forwarders to move their excess baggage rather than be charged very high rates by the airlines if they carry the excess baggage with them.

287: Job Hunting in 2010? Let Go of Obsolete Techniques From 2000
With 2010 upon us, professionals everywhere are gearing up for the job hunt, with the usual energy that accompanies a January job search. Yet, many candidates are clinging to outdated job search practices and resume advice that can negatively impact their success.

288: Hiring an On-Site Shredding Company
If you're in a line of work where your company regularly produces large volumes of paper that you have to find a way to deal with, then you need to consider hiring a professional company to take care of your document destruction needs. Paper shredding can be a time consuming matter, and if you don't have the proper industrial strength equipment to do it, it can also be done poorly, leaving you with a whole host of new problems. The best thing to do is just find a company that can come to your location and destroy all your documents with their high strength equipment.

289: Courier Software and Electronic Driver Dispatch
Having a courier program that includes electronic driver dispatch can be one of the best time savings methods in a courier company. You might see this type of a product advertised as dispatching software. Typically, you should be able to implement in most systems as long as your drivers are equipped with a compatible GPS device. Most of the handheld GPS units designed for the courier industry are going to be compatible with this type of software.

290: Office Space
Finding a place to carry out your business, even if it is home based, can be as difficult as sucking water out of a stone. It is a challenge even for the most established of companies. Businesses need change from time to time and they may also need to relocate to pave way for expansion. Finding office space to suit your needs is quite a challenge. Aside from looking for a space with good terms, one is faced with the challenge of looking for office space that is big enough and is in a good location.

291: Share Office Space
Some big companies that have space to spare are letting out their spare spaces to other companies. Such companies share the same premises. It gives companies the opportunity to generate income from their extra space. There are a lot of pluses to working from home but there is one major disadvantage, and that is the poor image projected to the clients.

292: Shipping Time Sensitive Material Across North America
Sometimes it isn't enough to be able to ship quickly between one end of the city and the other. Sometimes, in order to make your business work the way that you want it to, you're going to want to ship something as fast as possible all the way from L.A. to Toronto.

293: Business Address
Having a physical business address is very important for your business if you need to be accessible to your clients at whatever time. For somebody who is just starting out, being home based would be the way to go for you. It is a permanent address and since you do not have many customers, you will be accessible to the few that are there.

294: Driving to Work
Driving to Work is the bane of existence for many people. It is even more of a problem now that gas prices are higher than they have ever been.

295: Using Technology to Improve the Bar and Grill Business
It is well know that technology has improved our personal lives. Internet and email alone have become indispensable. But did you know that computer technology improves bar and grill business as well? Bar and grills have been in existence since the dawn of time. It is one of the world's oldest businesses. It is believed that Weihenstephan Abbey in Bavaria, Germany first started brewing beer in 768. This trend continued for several centuries with many breweries starting their own brand of beer. Domestically, Anheuser-Busch began brewing the Budweiser brand in St. Louis Missouri in 1876.

296: Car Service For Business and Corporate People
Boston is the Hub for both if you are coming on business or for vacation, you must enjoy your time here, as its residents called it as corporate or the Business center. If you wish to get around this discussed place, always using the cab service is quite hassle, since it takes a quite waiting for an empty cab. Its not only make an impact on your company but it force to kick-start new corporate car service for all to ease.

297: 11 Ways to Help You Complete Your Goals - Personal Business Skills Tip #4
At the end of the day, your success is about YOU. It is your responsibility, and it all starts from the inside. Your success is not determined by outside circumstances. It may be affected by outside events, but it is not determined by them. Use this tip to help yourself on your road to success.

298: Why You Need a Plan For Your Business If Anything Happens to You - Personal Business Skills Tip #5
At the end of the day, your success is about YOU. It is your responsibility, and it all starts from the inside. Your success is not determined by outside circumstances. It may be affected by outside events, but it is not determined by them. Use this tip to help yourself on your road to success.

299: How Important Is it to Install Proper Aquarium Light?
Lights are considered amongst the important parts of the aquarium. If you would not go about installing them, you may go about affecting the environment of the aquarium in a negative way.

300: Using Scales For Shipping Packages
Instead of guessing the weights of your packages, use an accurate shipping scale. Getting the weights right will allows you to save money and avoid hassles with the carriers.

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