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361: Foil Containers
Foil Containers are used in the food business; they are used to package certain foods, ensuring they stay fresh. There are many different variations of these available...

362: Why Manual Handling Training is Important
All areas of work, depending on what the work is, should offer their staff manual handling training. This is not designed just to protect staff but also protecting the business from facing some difficult financial situations. It only takes one bad move during a simple task and that person could endure a painful injury. Statistics have shown that more than 30 percent of work injuries are attributed to basic manual handle faults, with over 300,000 workers suffering from back pains.

363: Money-Saving Tips For Shipping Your LTL Load
If you regularly send LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments either cross country or across town, no doubt you are always looking for the best deals. In today's tough economic times, every business needs to cut expenses whenever possible, and if shipping costs can be part of a reduction plan, so much the better. Here are some money-saving tips for shipping your LTL loads.

364: Tips on Catering an Event
If you have ever been in charge of a big event than you know how much work it can take. You may be responsible for securing the location, decorating, and catering the event. When catering an event you have the options of doing it yourself or paying a caterer. Paying a caterer would be the easiest option but it might be a fun challenge to cater the event yourself. Whether you are catering an event in Northern Virginia or Southern California, there are some tips for doing it right.

365: Tips on Tender Marketing
When you get down to it, clinching that deal is all about salesmanship in print. It's about addressing the needs your prospect client wants fulfilled and proving how fulfill those needs in the most result-oriented way.

366: Giving People Back the Right to Choose
The New Way To Work has really been a conscious and definite decision by us to start living the life now that people generally wait until they are too old or tired to really enjoy. We liked the concept of enjoying mini retirements and decided to take it one step further and really live life to it's fullest now.

367: Do Business at the Speed of Thought
Slow and steady used to win the races in past, but rarely a remarkable success story in modern world of deadly competitions. Now they can't rule, can't achieve, can't make things happen. Mostly they are pushed aside mercilessly by those vigorous gentlemen who are always ready to jump forward and hit the target.

368: Tips For Saving Money on Cash Register Paper Rolls
Your business has a lot of expenses-employees, rent and utilities, and office equipment and supplies, to name a few. With so many expenses and the mercurial nature of today's economy, you're always looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. One often overlooked expense that represents a money-saving opportunity is your cash register paper rolls.

369: New Business (Online Or Brick and Mortor) Growth Tips
The reason why so many businesses start off slow in the beginning is because of lack of advertisement. One idea to counter this is to right out advertise before you open. Now this only works with certain businesses for example, online businesses, But the main principle behind this online way of doing this is this: you'll get to see who is interested, if any, before you invest your time and money into a big project.

370: Business Proposal Sample - Six Tips For Success
The first step in actualising your business success will be in creating a sound business proposal sample. Once you can clearly define your plan of action it is simply a matter of following the basic steps set out to achieve your desired goals. If you have never done this before, it may seem quite intimidating, but the steps are relatively simple.

371: How to Start a Modelling Agency Begins With Experience
If you're wondering how to start a modelling agency, you need to be aware of a certain paradox here. You see, the most important thing to know about this business, particularly if you're just starting out in this field of work, is that reputation is everything.

372: How to Use Your Customers Mindset to Explode Your Profits
Understanding the mindset of the person going to your website or looking at your ad is one of the most important skills you could ever have. This article shows you how to understand your customers mindset!

373: All Industry Indicia Point This Way OTC - FLKI
Strangely enough, or perhaps simply telling, many of the competitors and press indicated they were "substantial shareholders" in FLKI. I guess that's one way to hedge your bet in a meaningful and intelligent way.

374: Leaving on a Jet Plane? Business Etiquette to Go
Business travel is often a necessity whether you work for a Fortune 500 company or own a small home based business. Only so much business can be conducted by telephone, e-mail, computer and fax. There will come a day when you need to travel for business and how you conduct yourself will make all the difference in determining your success in getting that new client or sealing the deal.

375: Leadership Skills
Developing leadership skills happens over a period of time. As we get more experienced in life and have challenges that we have learned to overcome, we develop leadership skills. These skills can also be learned.

376: Choosing a Partner Agency
With resources and budgets tightening, agencies are stripping back their business models and returning to their core competencies. To fill in the gaps, agencies will have to outsource to smaller, more focused firms.

377: Exhibition Cases
Exhibitions can be a very important event for a company, it can determine their month or years sales, it can make or break a new company and it can showcase what you can really do. But the look of your exhibition is important and as most events are held away from your own premises you need a way to transport all of your display products safely, without marks, bends and damage...

378: The Only 2 Reasons to Accept That Meeting Invite
The perennial annoyance for anyone in the world of work is 'the meeting,' and particularly those pointless ones that drag on. Any good manager of their time knows that meetings tend to suck up time in two dangerous ways. We lose the linear time we invest, and we eventually have to get onto the work that flows into our inboxes by virtue of our absence.

379: Sell Your Business
The more you know about a business that you are considering listing (or should we say a business that is considering using your services), the better the chances of a seller listing his or her business with your firm. Let's take a look at the franchised sandwich shops. They are big sellers and there is no shortage of them - and it seems more companies are franchising some type of franchised sandwich operation.

380: Your Contract is Your Most Important Business Tool
Recently, in response to a question about contractual risk management posted on LinkedIn, someone responded with a rant about how lawyers screw businesses up and the legal system deprives folks of their rights, ending with an admonishment to avoid lawyers and courts altogether by - get this - never using a contract.

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