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381: How to Tell If That Solution Youre Buying is Enterprise-Level
"Will the solution seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, processes and data?" All too often it appears that when a software company wants to make it easier to sell their solution to everyone in an organization they succumb to the lure of labeling their software product as "enterprise level" in a veiled attempt to attract larger organizations that will distribute the product to all of their users at once. However, the method of software distribution is not the definition of enterprise and from a business-owner and IT owner perspective labeling software anything that its not is no different than...

382: Wholesale Watches - A Universal Gift Idea
In this economy, it is imperative that we are using every penny thoughtfully. With the holidays approaching rapidly, saving money is on the top of list of every consumer and business owner everywhere.

383: Guide to Starting a Successful Business
How do you assess your strengths and weaknesses? SWOT analysis is one of the components of external environmental scanning. SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Strengths are the core competencies of a business idea. Therefore what do you think could be one of your strongest unique selling proposition or core competence? A core competence or unique selling proposition is a factor that will make you business stand out from the rest of your competitors (people who do same business as you and with whom you will be competing for customers and market share). Weaknesses are limitations that prevent you from achieving your goal/ objective. Therefore it is important for you to know what are your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you when you are doing internal environmental analysis as it helps you to concentrate on your core competences or unique selling propositions.

384: Anti-Recession Tips For Your Business
In spite of the recession, it's clear some products are doing surprisingly well. Phillip-Morris tobacco products, McDonald's hamburger franchises, Wal-Mart super stores, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Costco Wholesale, Toy Industry Association companies and Novartis medical supplies are all fairly healthy. "Some companies get healthier and stronger after weathering downturns.

385: Raw Data Analytics Are Worthless Without Intuition, and Wisdom
It is amazing how business enterprise software today is able to give an abundance of facts and information to the executives which run these companies. The raw data analytics that are available to most modern corporations are absolutely unheard of, if you asked anybody 20 years ago, it would be considered science fiction. In fact, when Bill Gates wrote the book "Business at the Speed of Thought," many people really didn't get it and thought that he was a visionary, but pushing the limits of future realities.

386: Getting Great Documents From Your Audio Or Videos - Seven Insider Tips
Are you thinking about having some of your audio files, webinars, teleseminars, or videos transcribed, but are unsure how to go about it? These seven tips from an at-home transcriptionist will help you get the most product and best documents for your money.

387: Highlights From the 2009 REISA Conference
Conflicting currents of cautious optimism and imminent doom were on display during the Real Estate Investment Securities Association's (REISA) annual conference, which took place October 18-20, 2009 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Approximately 700 attendees-about half of which were registered representatives-enjoyed a record-breaking 45 educational sessions and engaging keynote addresses by Alison Levine, team captain of the first American women's Mount Everest expedition, and Dr. Mark Dotzour, chief economist and director of research for the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.

388: Debt Collection Service - Complete Guide to Hiring
It is common practice among businesses to extend credit to customers to earn goodwill and improve sales. If customers do not pay their debts on time or try to get out of paying, debts can turn into a heavy expense. Every business should partner with a commercial debt collection agency to recover bad debts. This article is a guide to finding a suitable collection agency.

389: Is Your Product a Service Or is Your Service a Product?
If you run a service business, then one could say that the product you are selling is just that; Service. Thus, you better have reliable, consistent, and quality services and the price better be in line with the competition.

390: Advantages of Dispatch Labels
Dispatch labels are great for warehouses and anywhere where items will be sent from one place to another. Many companies have made the mistake of relying on verbal information from destination to destination. This obviously has many disadvantages. People don't often hear what was said correctly. If they do, many times vital information is forgotten.

391: Meetings Can Make Or Break Your Career
Oh, how much time do we all spend in meetings???

392: What Invoice Factoring Can and Cant Do For Businesses
Invoice factoring can give businesses a shot in the arm by providing much-needed working capital. The purpose of this article is to explain how the factoring process works and what types of businesses qualify for this type of financing.

393: Tips to Reach Your Clients Heart - Boost Sales?
Your clients, customers, suppliers, distributors and stake holders are the key to a successful business. To keep them happy is the secret behind having continued business and increased Return on Investment (ROI). Remember that one wrong move taken without rational thinking will wreck your future projects. Here are some tips that will help you gain sustained client's interest in your business.

394: What Makes Your Business Different
What can you do to keep above the competition? Truth or consequences can be a reality. Make the value you bring to yourself last.

395: Why Your Company Should Conduct Regular Drug Testing
Drug testing in the workplace has come under a considerable amount of scrutiny in recent years; however, when properly conducted, it can serve to protect both employees as well as employers. Here are some very good reasons why an employment drug test along with ongoing testing is a very good idea for your company.

396: 5 Easy Steps For a JV Business Plan
At the core of any successful business venture is a solid business plan. And a joint venture is no exception. Even though a full business plan may not be necessary for a JV, it is still important to prepare a blueprint that outlines the goals and strategies on how your JV will succeed. What are 5 essential inclusions in a JV business plan?

397: Renting Conference Rooms is an Ideal Business Meeting Solution
If you need to meet with clients in a city other than where your offices are, finding a place to hold such meetings can be a real challenge. However, many of the better temporary office rental services in major cities such as New York do offer the option of renting conference rooms, even to those who are not their office rental clients. Here are the amenities you should look for.

398: Avoid Unethical Business Practices
Generally, business ethics is the written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions of a business. One of the reason the world economy is presently in crisis is the lack of business ethics in the market. In other words, unethical business practices caused the recent economic turmoil.

399: Prosperity Rankings - An Eye Opener
Think you live in the most prosperous nation? See these rankings and learn why they rank where they do.

400: How to Manage the Stress of Being Self Employed
Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of running your own business? Here's some tips to regain control.

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