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421: The Countdown to Your Business Launch
Being responsible for more than 75% of the Gross Domestic Product of most developed Nations, and somewhat more in the less developed Countries, it can be no surprise that on a daily basis millions and millions of quite 'average folks' worldwide conjure up, dream, plan or execute a path to satisfy their desire to take the challenge to be responsible for their own income by starting their own business. These same small businesses are also responsible for most employment and fastest economical recovery and growth. Pretty important stuff all round actually.

422: Recession-Proof Your Business - Heres How
This is something that should have been thought about even before the recession became prominent news, but if you're just thinking about something like this, take the steps necessary to keep your business afloat. I'll show you exactly what you need to do to save your business from failure during a recession.

423: Dropshipping Verses Wholesale - Why Choose Either?
When you operate a resale business you have the ability to choose whether or not you want to use dropshipping vs. buying wholesale products. There are pros and cons to buying wholesale bulk vs. using dropshipping companies. It is in the best interest for you to decide how you would manage your business. That is why I am going to outline some of the differences to help your decision making process.

424: Invoice Factoring For Recruitment Companies and Why it is Important
A factoring company is possibly the single most important supplier a contract recruitment agency can have, after your contractors themselves. Invoice factoring keeps your company cashflow manageable. For recruitment companies placing temps or contractors, you need to pay your contractors (often months) before your client settles your own, outgoing, invoice.

425: Restaurant Patio Furniture - Enhance the Dining Experience
Restaurants always need to find new ways to attract more customers. Adding outdoor patio furniture is a great way. Here we look at some great tips and advice on selecting the perfect restaurant patio furniture for your eatery.

426: Important Things to Know During Business Name Registration
One of the first things new businesses deal with is having their business name registered and approved by the concerned authorities, in one go. However, choosing a name for your company is not just about getting approval from the authorities at the time of business name registration; it is also about creating an impact on your target audience.

427: Tourism VS Terrorism - How to Overcome the Recession
The year 2008 has been a roller coaster ride, with endless ups and downs. It all began with the major financial crisis that took the United States by surprise, causing a massive ripple effect on other major economies as well.

428: What Types of Items is a Person Not Allowed to Ship?
People ship items all over the world, retail and specialty stores now have the ability to take orders over the phone or online and ship their wares worldwide. There are some things that can't be shipped via one of the common carriers, many are common sense, but a few may come as a surprise.

429: Modern Nightclub Furniture - 5 Reasons to Re-Style Your Bar or Night Club
Furnishing a bar or nightclub is not something that only happens at opening. A bar or nightclub should be re-styled more than once, because furniture wears and the "look" of a bar or nightclub can lose its appeal over time. Whether you're wondering if you should update your look or if you can afford to update your look, this article is for you.

430: A Proposals Up-Front Work - Obamas Administration Must Do it Too!
Anyone developing and preparing a proposal will do a much better job when they take the time to do the necessary up-front work instead of jumping to instant solutions. When you know what the current situation is, when you know what's wanted, and you take the time to carry out the necessary research and analysis, you're ahead of the game. It's a challenge the Obama administration is faced with, particularly in its first 100 days.

431: UK Companies Act of 2006
The Companies Act of 2006 is a statute in the United Kingdom that basically deals with regulating businesses and companies that lie in its jurisdiction. This act is considered to be one the longest to be in the British Parliament. It has 1300 sections and it is almost 700 pages long. The Table of Contents itself is 59 pages long.

432: How to Reduce Waste in Corporate Front Offices
Every company worldwide is looking to avoid waste in their operations. This drive towards eliminating waste is both from a monetary standpoint, that is to save on expenses as well as from a social standpoint, that is to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. Needless to say, while the former is easily understood, the latter is more subtle in the sense that when we reduce waste of any kind, we do save on natural resources and thus reduce pollution and environmental damage.

433: Father Dies, Legacy Remains - Hans Beck
Little information is found on this man. What do we know of the man behind playmobil?

434: 8 Characteristics of Ideal Business Partners
Selecting business partners is a challenging task and one which is often not given enough importance by first time entrepreneurs. Instead of rushing into a partnership, carefully evaluate the situation to avoid making any rash decisions. Getting into a partnership is very easy, however, getting out of it is a much more complicated task. I use the following 8 characteristics as benchmarks whenever I consider taking on a new partner for a business. I hope it will be of some assistance.

435: How to Get Your Share of the Market
Entering the market isn't the easiest of decisions for any business. A business needs to analyse a number of factors, and every aspect is crucial in determining the strategy to be adopted for acquiring market share. Decisions such as when, where, and at what level of expense, all play a significant role in the possible success or failure of any business.

436: Fighting a Troubled Economy
Although the market is well off its lows, it continues to be volatile. With bailouts, mergers, acquisitions, and looming bankruptcies, individual investors and institutions alike are in fight or flight mode.

437: Merchant Account Rejection - Save Time - Learn the Reasons Ahead of Time
Contrary to some of the marketing material that's floating around on the Internet, there's no such thing as a guaranteed merchant account. Some merchant service providers can legitimately advertise a 98% approval rate or higher, but that's because they pre-qualify clients before submitting a merchant account application to the processor.

438: Your Workspace Says a Lot About Your Business
Gone are the days where every office looked the same - grey, laminated MDF inspired (or uninspired should I say) areas that did little to motivate those unlucky enough to be stuck in there, trying to get the best out of themselves in order to better their careers. Today, many office spaces express the style and integrity of the business, and if they don't, they should do - especially if your day to day business encompasses bringing clients into your office.

439: Free Thought - A Component For Business Success
Free thought and team spirit are two important components that power and drive positive change initiatives, cost savings and new business development. Companies that encourage employee entrepreneurship, free thought and innovation will succeed better than those who see business in black and white thinking.

440: Data Cabling Business Tips For Attracting Great Clients
Do you do Data Cabling? Learn how smart data cabling companies attract more great, steady, high-paying data cabling clients now.

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