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441: Plastic Business Cards - A Great Way to Promote Your Business
Looking for a unique way to promote your UK business? Why not consider plastic business cards? Plastic is a material that's just about as versatile as paper and much more durable and eye-catching. A custom business card made from plastic can be as dramatic or as conservative as you wish. Plastic business cards are a cost-effective and unique advertising medium. Here's some basic information about these high quality business cards.

442: The 7 Key Principles For Business Success - A Personal Belief Through Years of Practical Experience
Viable product or service with a passionate person behind it - Should fulfill a need, offer a benefit, be innovative and differentiate itself. It's also imperative that the entrepreneur is passionate about the product/service, empowers his/her staff, as well as practices/conveys business ethics.

443: Why Your Best Clients Give Blah Testimonials
Your client loved you. Luurrrved you! Working with you, the results they got. Oh happy day. Then why is it so darn hard to get a testimonial from them? And, if you do get a testimonial, it's of the blah-blah 'John Smith is great. Recommend him highly.' variety.

444: Employed During the Recession
Outsourcing, as we are all aware of, creates and takes away jobs. For the countries who provide outsourcing services, jobs are created for their locals. As for the companies who ship jobs overseas, it's their fellowmen who suffer on the other spectrum of the business equation, for jobs are lost or made obsolete. It's a fact that some jobs once innate to a particular country will soon be history because of globalization.

445: How to Automate Getting Referrals For Fun and Profit
Getting referrals is something that almost all business professionals are trained to do right from the very beginning of their careers. Intellectually we understand the value of getting referrals, but it is much more difficult than originally proposed.

446: The Best of International Car Shipping
There is a lot to be handled while dealing with areas of international car shipping. Moving vehicles from one place to another is a tricky job and that can only be done with companies that are experienced in this field.

447: Buying a Business and Confidentiality
For both the buyer and seller, the golden rule in the purchase of a business is that of confidentiality. Read on to find out why.

448: Secrets to Making Your Corporate Events Unforgettable
Have you ever noticed how some events generate a lot of buzz among guests? While you may have mastered orchestrating a well-executed event, it is possible you are overlooking some great opportunities to create excitement.

449: Five Skills You Must Learn to Buy a Business
Most people who set out to buy a business do so with very little knowledge and experience in the field. This is fine as long as you can do some homework on the key principles and skills that are needed to successfully complete a transaction.

450: Returns to Scale
Returns to scale refers to the direct correlation between changes in output and the variations between all inputs as it relates to production. When we allow all inputs to vary, returns to scale measure what happens to average total costs as all inputs increase in proportion.

451: Romantic and Sexual Relationships Can Cause Workplace Stress - A Word From the Office
How many of you watch The Office? If you are a fan, you will note the constant references to 'dating in the workplace' and romantic office relationships. Is there a problem with office dating? Romantic relationships? Well the answer is in how you handle these relationships.

452: Tips For Distributing Your Full Colour Menus
First Impressions play a huge role in the growth and even survival of many businesses. Many restaurants and takeaways are no different, with them all desperate to ensure the impressions they have off customers are good ones. Usually this will be based upon the presentation of the menu, so it's vital that it is well received.

453: Distributing Your Chinese Restaurant Menus
Once you have decided to have menus designed to distribute throughout the local community, your next challenge is learning how to get customers to choose your Chinese takeaway instead of a local rival. There are many tricks and methods which many use in the fast food industry to good effect. Here are a few: The first thing you should really consider is how to make the design of the menu appealing.

454: Attracting Customers With Pizza Menus
Although your menu may be the most attractive you have ever seen in terms of design and imagery used, you still may not be doing enough to convince customers to order from your business. Many owners tend to overlook the fact that they need to give customers one last incentive to order from you, which is often in the form of a discount. Here are some to consider.

455: Using Psychology to Stimulate Action in Your Joint Venture Marketing Messages
Consumers love to spend money. They want to purchase goods and services. But how do you get them to purchase from you? A joint venture may be a good way to develop the right marketing message to consumers. Through your combined efforts, you can convince them that the products or services you sell will fulfill their needs.

456: 8 Effective Keys to a Successful Business
Is the business you run, running you? Take heart, it doesn't have to be this way. Here are 8 keys to help you take control of your business and achieve the success you deserve with a lot less stress.

457: Is Installing an E-learning System Cost-Effective?
Change happens fast and is constant in the world of business. New opportunities arise on a daily basis and keeping the employees up-to-date is needed if the company intends to be on top of the game. E-learning companies come in with a helping hand to facilitate better learning for a more competitive work force. Companies take advantage of e-learning for many reasons like saving financial resources and delivering up-to-the minute information for a geographically-dispersed group.

458: Five Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients
Getting personal training clients is easier than you think - if you systematize your personal trainer marketing strategy. The problem with most personal trainers is that they spend way too much time on insignificant marketing ideas that fail to produce results and not enough time on the few significant ones that actually work and often times cost little to no money.

459: The Credit Crunch - A New Look
What do I do now that I've lost my job? How will I support my family? My wife and children depend on me I am a loser I should kill myself

460: Why Are You in the Construction Business Anyway?
Before you can even begin to have a clue about what you need to do FOR your business, you have to define exactly what it is that you want FROM your business. You must take some time to figure out why you own a business in the first place.

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