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461: Are You Frozen?
In an economic downturn, we are all like deer on a dark and windy road. Some of us see approaching headlights and instinctively know to leap into the woods. Unfortunately, others of us freeze. Unable to go left or right; we think that wherever we leap to will be worse than our current position. I certainly don't need to elaborate on what happens to the deer on the road that freezes.

462: A Guide to Using Barcode Scanners and Barcode Software For Your Business
Do you know that using a barcode scanner and barcode software can help to improve your business efficiency? Find out what type of barcode scanner is best for your business.

463: Diversifying Your Services
The recent announcement by executive search giant Heidrick & Struggles to shrink it's recruiting practice by 45% and focus on consulting caused me to think about the role of diversifying services during these uncertain economic times. As common sense would dictate, consultants and advisors who offer only a single program or service are at a distinct disadvantage, especially during times like these when prospects are cautious about investing money.

464: The Exciting Evolution of Time Clock Technology
In this present era of control and security, it's interesting to go back in time and see how such things were handled. A hundred and fifty years ago, a business owner with employees would have no technology to monitor the ebb and flow of his employees.

465: Take Your Joint Ventures Global
Forming a joint venture partnership is a great way to combine efforts, resources, and ideas to make greater sales for both parties. The more people you reach with your JV effort, the more likely that your sales will improve. Why not make a global JV partnership and have access to potentially millions of people in another country?

466: The Credit Crunch - What Is It?
What happened to my job? I'm a loser I can't support my family what will I do now? This can't be happening I want to die

467: How to Purchase The Right Office Equipment and Make That Establishment Become Successful
In choosing office equipments, it can be difficult to pick a particular product or item if you are not aware of the issues you ought to take into account. A number of tips can help you keep up with the hardships and come to a realistic choice, enabling you to carry on with your money-saving actions.

468: 10 Things to Remember When Using Voiceover Narration in E-Learning Courses
Are you creating online Elearning courses? If you're considering adding a audio narration, here ten things to keep in mind.

469: To Profit More, Carefully Study and Improve How You Have Made Successful Business Innovations
In the typical growing company, most employees have been with the organization in their current job for only a few years. Today's reality seems like all that there is, or ever has been. As a result, people are conservative in wanting to optimize what they have today. But if the company had simply done that kind of optimization in the past, the company might not have survived.

470: For Faster Profits, DONT Reinvent the Wheel - Make BIG MONEY From Other Peoples Ideas
Just about everybody who starts a business spends way too much money on things that seem smart at the time, but later turn out to be worthless. The guy who starts an Internet business spends a lot of his start-up cash on fancy business cards and furnishing a nice office...

471: Business Intelligence and OLAP
What exactly is the definition of business intelligence. At first glance it might seem that one definition would be the opposite of business stupidity. However; despite the wording, business intelligence the process of gathering and processing data that will be beneficial to any one business.

472: BI Tools Made Easy
One thing that the latest economic down turn has made all too appearant is that for a business manager to compete in todays new cut throat environment he or she must know how to use BI tools. So, what exactly are they and what do they do?

473: Identifying and Analyzing Key Performance Indicators
Over the years businesses have developed and implemented many approaches to gathering and analyzing key performance indicators. Obviously, the most basic of these would be net sales and net profits but the problem with these two key performance indicators is that they are on the tail end of the process.

474: Keep it Real - Print and Counterfeit Products
Counterfeit products are big business, and, as emphasised by the scare in the UK just a couple of years ago regarding Lipitor, an anti-cholesterol drug used by millions of Britons to treat heart disease, it can also be a potentially fatal one. Lipitor was prescribed by British doctors 11 million times during over the course of a year, and whilst a total of just 120,000 packs of the product are being recalled by the health watchdog, reports suggest that deaths worldwide from fake medicines are well in excess of 100,000 per annum.

475: How Do You Handle Problem Areas in Your Business?
I take one of four approaches to something I cannot do, do not like, or don't understand (any of these three reasons make it a "problem area" in my mind). Learn it. I don't deal well with failure so I just do whatever I have to do to improve.

476: Future of the Industry
Here I have stated that the future of the baking industry is mixed. The number of bakers coming into the industry is slowing and in a few years the plant bakeries will find the benefits of being large reducing.

477: How to Talk About What You Do Without Sounding Boring, Bland, Confusing, Or Like Everyone Else
One of the biggest reasons that a natural health care practitioner fails to build a thriving, on purpose practice is that they have a very difficult time articulating in a clear compelling way who they are, who they serve and what they help them do. The Book Yourself Solid system provides a way that a practitioner can converse with prospective patients or referral sources without being scripty or not themselves.

478: Is it Time to Upgrade Your Client?
Your business is always changing and evolving. As you grow, your business grows. Growing can mean a lot of different things - higher paying clients, creating products or programs, or adding a new line of revenue. As your business continues to shift you will find that it might be time to upgrade your client.

479: Store Your Perishable Items in Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated boxes are an excellent medium to use for packing seafood. The material is strong and can be coated with a waxy covering to keep everything inside fresh. It is a great cost effective medium for your businesses shipping needs.

480: A Better Beacon Equals Better Business - Learn to Repair Your Credit - Improve Your Bottom Line
What exactly does better business mean? For a business owner, it really just comes down to profit and revenue. The more the better, right? If a business isn't generating profit, it will soon go out of business or someone within that business will figure out a way to make the business profitable. That being said, a better beacon score means better business.

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