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481: Computer Repair
Working with computers can be a rewarding and challenging career. Like any other business venture starting a Computer repair operation takes time, effort, and devotion.

482: The One Business That BOOMS - Even in a Recession
Wondering just what kind of business you can own that will make you LOTS of money, no matter how bad the economy may get? That's a hard question these days when it seems everything from manufacturing to services to retail is suffering hard times. But not everyone is singing the blues.

483: Refuse to Participate in a Recession!
We hear a lot of gloom and doom these days about the economy. But the truth is that in any downturn, most companies weather the storm. Not only that, but many companies will thrive under pressure to emerge even stronger than before.

484: Things to Consider When Entering the Supermarket Industry
With the cost of living going up and the current tough economic times, you have to be able to compete when in the food market place. When it comes to supermarkets, they often succeed due to the fact that they can afford to offer special prices to the public. Supermarkets can do this because they have the power to negotiate huge quantity deals at reduced prices, allowing them to undercut mum and dad / family owned stores.

485: The Past and Present of BPO Companies
Business Process outsourcing means delegation of work to another company. As of today, almost everyone knows the meaning of outsourcing. But, do they really understand the benefits?

486: Apply For a Government Grant
Actually, applying for a government grant is not so difficult. This article will guide you.

487: Why People Hate Training
Most employees view training as medicine or worse, as punishment. As an outside trainer, I work with hundreds of groups in a wide variety of industries and most people enter the training room as if they are going to the gas chamber. They might not expect death, but clearly some horrible form of torture.

488: High Payoff Living - Keeping Your Vision Alive!
As business owners, we're often looking for the step-by-step road map to how to get it all in focus and under control, and make more money. We give everything in our lives the same importance and the same priority. Except one thing.

489: What Does a Locksmith Do?
Nowadays, a modern professional locksmith already has knowledge in electronic and security locks that can best protect an establishment or even your home. It is now even possible to have a high tech coded lock for the entire company building. Just like the electronic lock that is usually found on the doors of a five-star hotel which can be opened with the use of card keys.

490: Costly Mistake #10 You Must Avoid When Attending Any Seminar
For people who are committed to life-long learning and personal development, seminars have become the new graduate school. But if you are considering attending a seminar, keep in mind that there are twelve mistakes you can make when selecting, purchasing and attending a seminar.

491: Avoiding Financial Trauma Stress Disorder
Day after day we're being treated to news of the global financial markets being flushed further and further down the toilet. If you run a small business, it can be hard to hold onto hope and inspiration, because maybe this time things really are doomed.

492: In a Gloomy Economy, Why Should Your Company Provide Merit Pay Increases in 2009?
Ever since the late 90's merit pay budgets have been static, averaging about 3.8%, through the dot.com bust up to the economic financial disaster on Wall Street that we're now enduring with no end in sight.Ever since the late 90's merit pay budgets have been static, averaging about 3.8%, through the dot.com bust up to the economic financial disaster on Wall Street that we're now enduring with no end in sight. Merit pay budgets projections for 2009 again indicate that all industries combined will offer merit pay budgets just below 4.0%. H

493: Acrylic Trophies Make an Outstanding Recognition Award
Modern acrylic awards are a wonderful way to reward achievement. These awards can be engraved using laser engraving to insure a stunning trophy. One that will be treasured for years to come. We hope this article will offer some ideas to help you create the acrylic award you have envisioned.

494: 12 Ways to Make Your Mortgage Business More Money
If you want to bring more customers to your business, you have to give them a reason(s) to buy from you. And there is no better way to provide that reason than a personal invitation through the mail, fax or e-mail (you can call them too). Here are 12 ways to make that invitation special, easy and inexpensive.

495: Shhh! Keep Those Trade Secrets, Secret!
Trade secrets are a vital component of the intellectual property assets of any company. Unlike patents, trademarks, or copyrights, trade secrets cannot be registered with the government. Because they consist of only ideas and information, they are by their very nature easy to steal or misuse. Anything that has been patented or copyrighted cannot qualify as a trade secret since it has already been publicly revealed.

496: Marketing Your Business in a Tough Economy - 5 Ways to Outmaneuver the Darwinian Cleanse
How will your business weather the Darwininan Cleanse occurring in the business world? Weaker, poorly managed companies will become extinct, creating more opportunities for the strong. But, will your business make it through these tough economic times? Discover five strategies how to market your business in a tough economy.

497: 3 Ways to Break Deadlocks on Your Team
There are times when business leaders I'm working with settle in face to face with their peers, arms crossed and accusations flying. I've found it helps to view myself as a referee on the grammar school playground during lunch break. Holding the image in my mind certainly helps me calm the disputes and get everyone re focused on the elements that have broken down and led to the finger pointing.

498: Builder Hardware Association
The builders hardware industry trade association provides information on builders hardware manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, manufacturing associations and professional associations in all sectors of the building industry. It provides access to international network resources by bringing together the representatives of the hardware industry that fosters the growth and global well being of its member companies, while disseminating up-to-date management, manufacturing and technical information.

499: Raising Capital in Gray Areas
Companies can raise money from public markets with lower costs and without the strict reporting requirements of the SEC. How? Private placement securities. These securities allow businesses to raise public type funds from stakeholders or large investors while not losing control of their organizations.

500: Company Relocation Assistance Programs - How To Find One
Do you work in company? Then relocating is a part of the game. This article aims to make you the master of the game.

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