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521: Why Are S-Corps So Popular?
When I ask a new client what kind of company they have, invariably they say that they have an LLC. When I ask if it's a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S-Corp, or C-Corp I get a look like I've grown a second head.

522: The Millionaire Mindset
Do you have a millionaire mindset? Ok, maybe you don't want a million or think that's too high a goal. That's ok. The purpose of this article is to get you thinking about the way you think about money.

523: Can the Removal Business Survive the Housing Crash?
The removal business is still a relatively small market with only a select few removal companies operating around the country. But the business has had a long and relatively successful history with removal companies operating as early as the 1800's, helping move anything from goods to equipment and even helping people move houses. In modern day, the removal businesses are normally privately owned and have their own fleet of lorries and vans to be able to move the belongings and furniture from one house to the next.

524: Does Your Business Represent Who You Are Now?
Often times we find that the business model we're using now has changed significantly from what we started with. Does your current model reflect what the market is seeking? Does it reflect who your clients are now?

525: The Reasons Agriculture is Important
Why is agriculture important? The concept of 'food security' is fundamentally important, and for that reason, agriculture is important.

526: History of the Parker Pen Company
We all know how popular the brand of the Parker Pen is. In fact, there are so many people who prefer to use this brand of pen all over America, and even in other parts of the world. There is actually one particular reason that is worth mentioning as to why the brand of Parker has become so strong.

527: The Psychology of Business
On the different aspects of consumer and employee needs that are included within the psychology of business. The modern world is dominated by global businesses and corporate houses and any large scale enterprise requires a systematic understanding of employee and consumer demands, both material and non-material.

528: Free Business Study Courses
Usually the courses are split up into topics which will include the legalities of a business such as licensing and insurance. They will teach you all about accounting and finance, advertising and marketing, absolutely everything that you could ask for. Free business study courses such as these are doing a lot to give people the confidence that they need to set out and make a success of what was previously just a dream.

529: Is Your Business Waiting For a Quake?
If you haven't ever experienced an earthquake before, 20 seconds of the earth trembling beneath your feet can shake up your life! Sometimes it takes shocking external events in our lives to help us refocus on what's important.

530: Tradeshow Exhibit Panels - Different Types That Are Available
There are many choices for tradeshow exhibit panels. They come in different materials and styles. Here are some options for your consideration.

531: Wearing Trendy Clothes Can Lead to Doing Trendy Business
Contrary to popular belief, having to wear a suit and tie to the office every day does not always prove to make the big deals happen. If you look at the major trends of today, business owners are becoming younger. The focus is no longer how long you have been in business, but rather if you are in business and are you comfortable being who you are.

532: SQL Server Optimization and the Performance Impact of Encryption
In the Enterprise and Developer editions of the software SQL Server 2008, a new security feature of transparent data encryption (TDE) has been included. It has a slightly negative overall performance impact on the SQL Server optimization. It is to the extent of 3 to 5%.

533: American Salon and Spa
The American salon and spa industry has evolved into much more than getting your hair cut and buying hair-care products. The services that are available range from city to city and salon to salon. The salons are not always segregated by sex and services. Men and women get their hair taken care of side by side. Hair is not the only thing serviced in the American salon.

534: Cheap Wholesale Suppliers - Dont Let the Search Phrase Lower Your Standards!
Are you letting your supplier affect your service level standards? You don't have to let your supply chain be your crutch in your efforts to expand and grow anymore.

535: Mismatched Social Security Numbers - An Employers Dilemma
What should an employer do if they are faced with an employee's name that does not match the Social Security Number? Employers have to tread lightly in summarily terminating employees because of discrepancies in Social Security numbers. This article has useful information on how employer should handle this type of situation.

536: American Business in History - The Shaker Industries
The Shakers were unique in their successful, unorthodox approach to business during the industrial revolution. And their ability to run a robust, farm-based industry when factories were the order of the day is worth noting by modern companies seeking to effectively deal with challenges while maintaining their unique identity.

537: American Business in History - Innovation With the Pony Express
Down through our history innovation is one characteristic that has often set American business apart. This is well illustrated in the founding of the Pony Express, which, while it remained in business less than two years, demonstrated that a seemingly impossible task could be successfully accomplished with thought and vigor.

538: American Business in History - The Colt Firearms Company - Innovation and Quality
The Colt Firearms Company has been in business for well over 130 years, but they remain as competitive today as any company in the world. They do that through product reliability, company adaptability to customer needs, and unswerving product quality.

539: Buzz About the Economy and the State of Therapists
Is your client-load taking a nose-dive due to the economy? Some therapists may agree, but many therapists also disagree. What makes one different than the other?

540: What a Business Mentorship Can Do For You
A business mentorship is perhaps the most vital expense you will incur in the early days of your small business' existence. Sure, you might find that the shoestring budget you are on precludes this kind of expense, but if you are honest with yourself, you know that you must - at all costs - invest in a mentoring relationship that will help you traverse the oftentimes treacherous waters of small business start up. This is why I went with the Plug-In Profit program when I was looking for a viable online business.

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