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641: Why You Should Invest in High Quality Medical Uniforms
Buying high quality medical uniforms in the beginning can save you a lot of money in the long run. Here's why.

642: Uniform Scrubs Dont Have to Be Drab
Just because you work in the medical field doesn't mean you have to dress drab all the time. Here are some ways to punch up your wardrobe and still dress appropriately for your medical field job.

643: Organizing and Conducting Reliability Training Involves More Than Just Course Titles and Cost
When sending your quality-assurance personnel for reliability training, there are several important factors to keep in mind: scope of material covered, class size, availability of course materials, suitability of information to your company's needs. There are, of course, other features or issues to take into consideration, which are outlined below.

644: The Powerful Value of Personalized Marketing
Web based marketing strategies are based on the trends set by traditional broadcast advertising tools: commercials, radio spots, billboards and print advertising. These mediums are effective but broad ranging, which can be a bonus or a setback.

645: Twelve Energy Saving Tips For Your Business
The cost of everything is rising higher than ever before, especially energy costs. Because of this trend, it seems as if everyone is becoming more energy conscious everywhere. Your office space should be on that list, too. Doing a little bit can save a lot of money in the long run. Read these twelve energy saving tips that cam make a big difference in the cost of running your business.

646: Choosing the Best Carrier For Your LTL Freight Needs
Choosing the right transportation to ship out your goods to your customers is an important decision, even more so when you are in the midst of selecting the right LTL truck company to handle your logistic needs for your business operations. It can be quite taxing on your company's finances if you have to pay a hefty sum to ship out small shipments on a regular basis using the conventional methods of sending goods such as the postal service or even the courier companies. Hence, it is more cost and time saving to ...

647: Furniture Transport Case Study - Kate Madison Furniture
Recognizing the need for an in-home furniture delivery solution to accommodate orders nationwide, Kate Madison Furniture opted to evaluate two methods of furniture transportation; 'pack and ship' and common carrier. The intent was to establish a comparison then consolidate. The outcome was unpredictable delivery schedules, routes and pricing, in addition to sub par delivery skills to the discriminating buyers. Kate Madison was first introduced to Clark & Reid in 2004. Throughout the introductory phase, it was apparent that the services offered would transform Kate Madison's furniture transport methods and allow the company to market this service as a complimentary offering to their customers.

648: How Top Speakers Make More Then $100 000 Per Year Talking About What They Love
If you are really serious about making money as a paid speaker, let me give you a few things to think about. First, the way you speak is the most prominent aspect of your personal brand. Yes, you do have a brand.

649: Should I Register a Company Or Just Apply For a Business Name?
If you run your own business or are looking at starting one you might be surprised to learn of all the great options you would have if you were registered as a company in Australia. You see as a company you get far more benefits than a business does, as well as more freedom on how you run your business. When you registered as a business, you got the right to run business practices under the name you chose for your business.

650: Are You Having Trouble Finding Financing - Person to Person Lending Might Be the Answer
In an age of tightening credit, when banks care about nothing more than your FICO score and financial statement. When they no longer care about how good your product might be or about how long you've done business with them. More people are turning to microlenders that help facilitate person to person lending.

651: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Starting a Company
Many people jump into starting a company without the right "know how." This article addresses some often overlooked considerations before starting a company.

652: Entity Formation Fundamentals
One of the most important steps in any tax strategy is determining what entity should be formed to hold your businesses and investments. For legal purposes, there are four basic types of entities: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and limited liability company. The entity you choose should take into account both the tax effects of the entity and the legal aspects of the entity.

653: Tips For Planning Business - Corporate Events
Planning any type of business or corporate event involves planning and great organizational skills. Events can vary from simply invitations, food, and table decorations to elaborate gala dinners where themes and table presentation are critical.

654: Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow Management is the process through which a business's cash flow is monitored, analyzed and adjusted according to the company's performance. This sort of analysis of a company's financial resources is extremely important, especially for small businesses. This data is very essential, as it helps monitor the inflow and outflow of funds for these companies. Cash Flow Management helps you make and accumulate cash so that you can compensate for the cash outflow gaps. This would further help strengthen the trust of investors and lenders in your business.

655: Time to Boost Business With a Fresh Conversation
Do you feel that many of your conversations are..."reruns?" And have you given any thought to how that pattern is helping or stifling your business growth? Do you find yourself spending time with the same people in the same environments, read the same type of books...Year after year. Meeting after meeting. There's nothing wrong with that...unless you never create the space for 'new' conversations.

656: Selling Your Used Business Phone System - Go Green and Make Some Green
Each year, businesses create far more waste than the families of all their employees combined. In today's changing market, staying competitive means not only looking at the bottom line, but looking at the impact your business has on the environment. Consumers looking to keep their money in green businesses are impressed by commitments to recycling, wind power, etc, and your green image may be a big selling point for them.

657: Five Immediate Action Steps to Take to Go From Wanting Success to Experiencing It
Many of us want a healthier lifestyle, want to become successful and want to be financially free. Wanting is simply not enough. Learn how to transition from wanting success to experiencing it with five simple steps that you can implement starting today.

658: The Recent Boom in Medical Transcription Services
Today medical transcription has evolved into a full grown industry in its own right. Several countries such as India provide offshore medical transcription services of very high quality at affordable rates.

659: 15 Amazing Ways To Super-Charge Your Business Success
We decided it would be fun to interview 10 of the smartest marketing gurus we know, including 7 multi-millionaires, about the best ways to increase customer and cash flow for just about any business. What we got were a variety of fresh, innovative ideas -- and once you read them, you will know that they came from a group of folks who have already made it big in businesses of their own. The following are the "15 Best" ideas for super charging your business, no matter what kind of business you are in.

660: Taking Vacations - Perfect Rx For Stress Management
Taking regular vacations is something everyone deserves, from the homemaker to the corporate CEO. We all need a time away to rejuvenate and ultimately add years to our life.

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