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661: What is Document Archiving?
Organisational archives tend to contain important administrative, business and official correspondence documents, whilst if an individual was to collect an archive then this may consist of a variety of things including; diaries, photographs, birth records for example. Some examples of the different types of archives that exist include the National Archive that contains the national census, birth deaths and marriages, population records and army figures for the past few hundred years. On a smaller scale there is an archive on Andy Warhol at the Andy Warhol museum and an archive of some 1400 Charles Darwin's letters in Cambridge; demonstrating the ...

662: You MUST Say Yes To The Business (And Income) Within Your Reach
Have you ever felt on the verge of something big in your business, that the next level is just within your reach, and at the same time, wondering if you have what it takes to make it happen, if you can handle it? Read more about saying "YES" and reaching that next level.

663: Why The Worlds Markets Have Entered Into The Bear Phase
Mortgage back security and housing market bust is here to stay and it will not only take more than just couple of quarters to clean up. Slowing economy will increase the default rate and more write down can lead to further contraction in the economy. Dare we say that excess demand and foreclosures may lead to empty neighborhoods?

664: The Win-Win Of Joint Ventures
Forming a partnership with another company can be a great marketing injection into the revenues of your business. By combining your strengths, you will become a greater force in your industry. However, making it a win-win situation does require careful consideration.

665: Unique Home Business Ideas
Working from home covers a very large spectrum of home business ideas. When it comes right down to it you could turn just about anything into a legitimate business. This is especially true if you research your business niche and have a "never give up" attitude....

666: How To Sift Through Various LTL Freight Carriers To Find The Best Rates
With the vast choices of LTL trucking companies available throughout the country, one can get a little confused sometimes in choosing the right motor freight trucking company that would most suit their business operations. In fact, many business operators are at a loss for choice when it comes to picking the most compatible motor freight trucking company for their business. So, what does one look at when searching for the right trucking company to work with?

667: Applying For A Job - Now And Then
Dad was an old time mechanic; he could fix just about anything having to do with automotive devices. I recall him saying many times that all he needed to work on a Model T was a pair of pliers and a piece of baling wire. Both my Mother and Dad have passed on; well I am 83, so that kind of figures.

668: Getting The Best Deal From All Your Vendors
Cost reduction ideas for any company. How to get the best deal from all your vendors, in any industry.

669: A Catered Meeting Equals Professionalism
Catering can be used as a motivator for employees, as well as a great way to meet and greet new clients. Build catering into your meeting planning for greater success.

670: Cash Flow Is King!
There was a time when what mattered most to the success of your business was reflected in your profit and loss statements. If you were in the black you were getting ahead and if you were in the red you were falling behind. But with ever tightening credit and companies taking longer to pay, the ship could be sinking without you realizing it. To really figure out what is going on with your business you need to analyze your cash flow position.

671: Risk Management
In every human endeavour there is an element of risk; personal, project or financial, or a combination of them all. The task of the responsible individual is to identify the risk and act accordingly. We all do these 'risky' things, almost daily, aware that we are taking a risk. Rather than avoiding risk we become adept at identifying it and having a strategy for dealing with it if the risk materialises.

672: They Laughed After I Innovated A Niche - Then I Showed Them How I Was Growing Rich!
Often, I discover that the reason my client's struggle with attracting more clients is that they haven't found a niche to innovate and model themselves after. They're marketing themselves to the general population, which is diluting their effectiveness. Read this article and learn how to innovate a niche to become rich.

673: 5 Ways To Finesse Budget Discussions For New Client Projects
Do you find it challenging to engage in budget discussions for new projects -- especially during initial client meetings when it can be easy to make promises that might be difficult to keep? If so, this article explores five ways to help you gracefully avoid backing yourself into a corner.

674: Traveling To Asia For Business Purposes
As the dollar plummets, demand for exports to Asia will increase, exporting of labour to Asia will increase, and the overall economies in Asia will benefit. What America cannot consume due to the weakening dollar can be consumed by other nations. It is a fallacy to think that the world is dependent on America's consumption.

675: Tissot Watches In Sports
Tissot is the official timekeeper of five major international disciplines: MotoGP, NASCAR, Cycling, Ice Hockey, and Fencing. In addition, Tissot also has a history of partnership with major international multi-sports events including the Pan-American Games Rio de Janeiro. Sports reflect Tissot's brand values of precision, performance, and prestige, whilst always looking to push the boundaries further in pursuit of excellence.

676: Build Your Business By The Numbers
No one is keeping their eye on the numbers. They have missed the hidden element that really magnetizes results: Measuring. Discover how measuring the value of the activity so that you'll know if the investment of time, energy, resources, political capital and so on was worth it.

677: Recycling And Off Site Data Destruction
Over recent years recycling has become a hot topic of debate as more and more people have become concerned about the state of the environment. As more people have become aware of the effect that human beings are having on the environment more people are taking steps to help protect the environment. One of the most common things people do is recycling because it is quick and easy.

678: Becoming a Wealth Magnet
What was amazing to me was that I had never heard of these wealthy entrepreneurs before I set out to find and study them. They are not Donald Trump yet they were quietly earning millions. You've probably never even heard of them.

679: 3 Reasons Why Your Business is Cash Poor
Reason Number One: You have great solutions that people need but they're not what people want. The key ingredient for building and growing a profitable cash-rich business is very, very simple...

680: Document Scanning or Storage? Compare Long Term Budgets
Should your business continue to store paper documents or is it time to scan your documents into a digital format. We discuss the pros and cons of each solution.

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