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701: The Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Joint Ventures
When two entities enter into an equal partnership, this is a joint venture. The essential defining factors of this union are equal risk and equal reward. That means that each party will divide the costs evenly, and will also share the profits. Later, we will discuss the different forms a joint venture can take. First, we will get a more complete understanding of a joint venture.

702: Artist Auctions Palette on eBay to Fund MSSE Degree
Madeline, a 23-year-old artist from Toronto was recently displaced from her job by the prevalence of Internet alternatives to personal appearances. Over half of the art galleries in Toronto have been shut down due to the accelerating pace of technological change. Get ready, it's happening to everyone.

703: Selling Products
The internet is a great place for selling products. The key to success in selling products is to know what is in demand. Supply & Demand should be the main reason for selling any product or service.

704: Passive Income
The best part of passive income is the fact that it doesn't require your continual efforts to keep benefiting from it. The best way to become rich is to expand your income without having to expand your efforts.

705: Budgeting Errors - Dont Make Your Business A Cost Cause!
So many great ideas bite the dust when they metamorphose into the hard reality of brick and mortar. And often, it's not because the ideas were flawed in any way, but were likely let down at the execution stage. There's a huge gap between making a business and making a business work, and prudential financial management is one of the most important constituents of that difference.

706: Budgeting For Your Business
In today's price-driven, "What's in it for me?" marketplace, developing and sustaining long-term customer relationships has become increasingly difficult for smaller businesses--but not impossible. Let Big Business Marketing for Small Business Budgets show you how to compete with your largest competitors--and adopt and adapt their well-researched tips and techniques to gain lifetime customers.

707: Business Etiquette - Dinner With Investors
Dinner with your investors can make or break your deal. Make sure you have the basics covered.

708: Dont Let Patience Turn Into Bitterness
Sometimes it is hard to get justice even if you are right. It takes a lot of patience and there is a chance the delays and legal maneuvers can turn into bitterness. Learn how to avoid this outcome and read an inspiring story in the process.

709: Corporate Event Planning - The Keys To A Successful Event
Successful corporate event planning requires a combination of skill, creativity, and resourcefulness. No matter what type of corporate event you are planning, the steps are basic and work effectively for every event.

710: We Need More EDI - Not Less
In the past 30 years EDI has given businesses the option of eliminating paper documents, reducing costs, and improving efficiency by exchanging business information in electronic form. Theoretically, companies of all sizes could build e-Business in a completely ad hoc fashion, without prior agreement of any kind. In reality, only large companies are able to afford to implement it, and much EDI-enabled e-Business is centered around a dominant enterprise that imposes proprietary integration approaches on its Trading Partners.

711: Business Success Is All About Sales
The world market is heating up. Competitors are appearing out of nowhere and expectations are high, especially from the top. In today's market both the business owner and seasoned professional salesperson have to be producing at their absolute best to stay up with the industry leaders.

712: Ease Off The Gas
We all love being sold to when we are looking to buy a product. Think about the last time you went to buy something. Some of us had some pleasant experiences and some not so good.

713: Choosing The Right Balikbayan Box Freight Forwarding Company
Forex Cargo has been serving Oversea Filipinos since 1986. In choosing a balikbayan freight forwarding company look for the following guidelines.

714: Business Recession Response
Is it possible to "'recession-proof" your business? Most business experience slow periods, recession, seasonality, growth, and varying profitability. When going through a period of recession, keep going.

715: The Most Common Mistakes In Business
Many people believe, that if a business provides revenue, then it is a success, but unfortunately it is not. An important list with the most common mistakes in businesses.

716: Why Giving Clients More Choices Means Theyll Never Buy
You're really wanting to be thoughtful and accommodating. You want to make your clients and customers comfortable, so they can have things the way they like it. So you start making up offers, each with different options and flavors. Eventually you have a menu of ten options. And no one's buying. Is it your marketing? Or your menu?

717: IT Alignment
This article is about IT Alignment. The article contains detailed information on the importance of IT Alignment and why it is important for the smooth running of a business.

718: LTL Freight For B2B Companies
Many businesses these days depend on carriers to deliver their shipment or cargo to their customer and most of the time, one may find it difficult to cope with the cost of freight charges, especially if you own a small or medium sized business and you do not usually have much goods going out at any one time that requires a whole truck to deliver your goods to your customers. So, what is the best option for you, if you do decide to send your shipment via an LTL carrier? Do you worry about the costs of LTL freight carriers? There are ways that you can work on to save on LTL freight charges.

719: Why LTL Freight Makes Sense
On time delivery to your customers is an important part of your business and if you are one of those vendors that do not usually have big bulks of goods to be delivered at any one time to a particular customer, you may, from time to time, face difficulty in locating a suitable transporter whenever you need one. That is why LTL freight is the way to go - it is cost saving and you can be assured that your goods will arrive at the doorstep.

720: Building a Working Relationship with Your Printer
The world of business can be broken down into relationships. Ultimately, it comes down to the relationship between a customer and the business providing a product or service. Within each business, are even more relationships.

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