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721: Rent to Own - A Growing Industry!
The Association of Progressive Rental Organizations is the international voice for the rent-to-own industry founded in 1980. APRO is the nonprofit trade association advocating and representing the rent-to-own industry before the U.S. Congress, Internal Revenue Service, state legislatures, the courts, media and the public.

722: The Rent-To-Own Business Opportunity and New Business Model
Many customers use their rent to own business opportunity to help establish credit for home ownership and help acquire a credit-worthy status. In fact, brokers and lenders around the country are beginning to use alternative scoring systems that factor in non-traditional scoring reports from national bureaus then mix in information that includes regular payment histories such as rent-to-own payments.

723: Women - Use Those Strengths
To succeed in Corporate America, women need to do a better job of identifying, focusing on and talking about their strengths. Here are some ways!

724: How A Business Architect Can Benefit Joint Ventures
The term continues to grow in prevalence, but many people are still unfamiliar as to what a business architect actually does. Business architects are especially valuable to joint ventures because they bring together companies to create innovation. They essentially see the "bigger picture" between two companies and bring the corporations together to benefit all involve.

725: Business Current Accounts
No matter what industry a company is in, from a small business such as a shop or plumber through to international corporations, they will all need access to funds on a day to day basis to cover their liabilities and costs. From raw materials and bills through to wages and investments, a company of any size will need to have instant access to their funds in order to keep on top of their expenses. The first thing on the shopping list for a person starting a business is a business current account.

726: PCI Compliance Creates Consumer Confidence
Have you heard the recent stories about security breaches and thousands, if not millions, of credit card numbers that are being stolen all the time by hackers? Chances are, so have your customers. PCI compliance will be the standard that consumers will look for as we go forward to judge how much you can be trusted.

727: Getting Started In Business Requires Strategic First Steps
Getting started in business can be complicated, even for the most seasoned of economic veterans. With a solid start-up plan and careful preparation, starting up a new business can be made simpler and more economical. The processes of obtaining business licenses, calculating start-up costs, creating a solid business name, and choosing a location are all essential when getting started in business.

728: Characteristics of Laser Engraving Materials
Laser engravers are used to created detailed designs in the surface of nearly any material. These images have extremely high resolution and can have very fine features. One of the fastest growing uses has been to create keepsakes by engraving photographs onto durable surfaces like stone tiles.

729: Switch On Your Business Fat Burning Machine
Are you one of the many business owners and professionals feeling buried by all you need to accomplish? Imagine building a business as easily as clearing your distractions, setting your focus, pulling your team together, and focusing your attention on your high payoff activities.

730: The Three Main Reasons That Makes Delaware A Well Known Corporate Sanctuary
The state doesn't charge any income tax on businesses not operating within the state, which makes it ideal to charter your business there.( note: All Delaware corporations must pay an annual corporate franchise tax.

731: The Consequences of Refusing to Persuade
Freedom. . . it's a word that's used and abused by politicians and pundits. The Founding Fathers of this great country never intended that the "freedom" they helped shape would end up a spectator sport. Nor did they intend that only "professional politicians" be the only ones safeguarding our system.

732: Important Qualities For Work From Home Employees
With more and more people wanting to work from home so they can spend more time with their families, companies are starting to understand the value of hiring off-site employees. Not only do they save money on office space and equipment, they have a vast pool of potential workers from which to choose the best.

733: Choosing the Right Business Intelligence Consultancy
Business Intelligence (BI) enables faster data analysis and more effective business planning but getting an organisation to the point where BI can work for them can be a complex process. It is absolutely essential that the right consultancy is employed to facilitate the change. Always look for a reputable consultancy with a verifiable track record and demonstrable implementation experience before making any decisions.

734: Cut Through Habits And Transform Your Business
Set aside time every week to get your thinking stirred up. Linda shares 3 ways you can use 5, 10 and 15-minute increments to release the sparks to boost your results.

735: What Your Office Plant Says About You
Have you ever wondered if your choice of office plant says something about you? Well then here is a guide into what your office plant choices says about your own personality!

736: Good Business
There seems to be the notion out there that in order to succeed at business you have to be cut throat. It's like the only way you can succeed is if you make somebody else fail. I think that is a false notion. I mean you could probably get away with doing business like that, but eventually it will catch up to you. To make a business successful and long lasting there is a better way to do business.

737: Rapid Profit Growth - Look in Better Places to Add More Value
Most people would like to increase value for customers but lack a process to find these opportunities. This article fills that gap.

738: A Dozen Questions Every Product Developer Should Ask Themselves Before They Start A New Project
If you are serious about achieving success as a Direct Marketer or Product Developer, start by answering these questions. What is my goal this year? Be specific. Instead of answering, "Make a lot of money," come up with an answer based on your personal reality.

739: Painting Business - The Top 10 Things You Must Know For Running A Successful Painting Business
I started my own painting business back in 1991. As someone who had done painting in the past I figured I knew all about how to paint. I was wrong. So, exactly how much painting experience do you need to start a painting business of your own? Below are the top 10 things you should know to become a successful house painter.

740: Buying Used Lab Equipment - Find a Trusted Provider
Used Lab Equipment - A Trusted Provider Does Exist. Laboratories around the world are constantly conducting research and performing studies that can prove to be critical for the general public health. In order to continue these efforts, equipment that meets only the highest standards needs to be available.

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