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761: The Importance Of Developing A Plan For Strategic Alliances
Strategic alliances have become a major factor in today's business models. Strategic alliances can enable the business owner to offer more services to their most valued clients and for many businesses, strategic alliances are the most profitable avenue of revenues.

762: Learn From The Best by Reading Business Magazines
Some of the most intriguing entrepreneurs in business today have started from nothing. From being fired from day jobs, homelessness and even those who've had the most problems in their life managed to emerge on top and stay there...

763: The Nuts Manifesto - 5 Radical Business Rules That Fly in the Face of Sensible Thinking
When it comes to doing business and forging a successful life, are you a Sensible or a Nut? Discover the 5 rules that call the shots in the boardrooms of the Nuts' minds. These are the guiding principles that help Nuts innovate, break down barriers, and redefine what's possible when all rational thinking suggests otherwise.

764: Take Advantage of Improved Information to Develop More Profitable Business Models
I have found that most people will make the same decision when presented with a fairly complete data set. Improve the information available to individuals, and they will make better decisions. Better results will follow.

765: Selling Digital Products Online Can Make Your Rich!
When thinking about starting an online business, the first thing you need to consider is what type of products you will offer through your online store. Your options are many because online you can offer just about anything you want: physical products, informational products, digital products, wholesale retail products, and other products and even services are all possibilities. Deciding what and which type of products to sell on your website often sidelines most entrepreneurs before they ever get started.

766: Alpaca Rearing - An Easy To Learn - Profitable Business
Alpacas are farm animals that are bred for their fiber. Breeding alpacas is easy, provided you have the aptitude, and the right attitude. This article introduces you to these gentle animals and tells you why they are easy to rear.

767: The Interesting History of IATA Codes - Who Knew?
IATA (International Air Transport Association) assigns a three-letter identifier code to every commercial airport in the world. (By the way, pronounce it "Eye-ah-ta,") It's no mystery how IATA came up with BOS for Boston or STL for St. Louis. But why the heck did it assign MCI to Kansas City, IAD to Washington Dulles or EWR to Newark?

768: What constitutes as Travel Away From Home
When it comes to business travel, expenses, and deductions, I am frequently asked "What constitutes travel away from home and why is it important?" In order for certain business travel expenses to be deductible, you must be traveling "away from home." There are actually two parts to this question.

769: Safe Wardrobe Keeping
Do you have extra storage space that you want to make a profit with but just cannot think of a way to do it? This may be a way to make use of it!

770: Your Call Center Trainings
Training is the key for any business success, as it prepares you to take-on the challenges with a lot more skill and belief and when its matter of creating good impression on the customer who is of other nationality, other culture and creed, the role of training gets even more pivotal. Call centre training is the most crucial part to make the experience of your caller rewarding and to get repeat on sales, otherwise, you won't get a second chance to create your first impression. The key areas which need strenuous training are...

771: Make Your Own Stamps
Are you tired of having to suffer through long lines at the post office? Print your own stamps on your own computer! Never go to the post office again!

772: Strategic Partnerships Are Like Marriage, How To Choose Them For Greater Success
Are you married? Committed to a significant other? If so, you are living in a form of a strategic partnership. Both individuals bring something to the relationship that the other values and sees as being beneficial. It's similar in business. A strategic partnership should be a relationship in which both parties bring something to the relationship that each considers a valuable asset.

773: A Plastic Injection Mold Maker and A Day In His Life
Where do all those plastic things come from and who makes them, anyway? Here is a glimpse into the life of a plastic injection mold maker.

774: Tips To Give Your Company Picnic Bling To Make It A Big Hit For Everyone!
So you've been assigned the task of planning the company picnic. This is a challenging and exciting opportunity to use your creativity to create an event employees will look forward to year after year. Follow these tips to take your company picnic over the top!

775: Five Rules For Business Owners from the Perspective of a Game Studio CEO
Ok, we know that the game industry is possibly one of the single most fun industries to be involved with. There's just a constant stream of energy, creativity and just plain cool stuff that comes out of the people involved in it at all levels. However, I'd like to share some lessons I learned during my 4 years as a indie studio owner.

776: PCI Compliance - A Valuable Investment
The PCI DSS is a set of twelve specific requirements that these merchants must adhere to. It can be complex and time consuming, but the question is: is it a worthwhile investment?

777: HIPAA Training Online - Tips for Choosing a Learning Management System
Don't let necessary employee training become a horrific headache. Online training courses have a number of advantages that can help you manage training simply and efficiently.

778: What My Dog Taught Me About Business
My dog, Jazzmine, died recently. She lived with me for 16 years, practically since I've been on my own. The decision to end her life was one of the most difficult I've encountered.

779: A Brief History of Bank Checks
Though it has evolved much over the years, the banking system's bank checks have always been a part of the system. Bank checks have been used as promissory notes here in the present and even as far back as the ancient Roman Empire and the practice of ordering the checks still goes on today.

780: Are You Guilty of Making This One BIG Mistake?
Do you dread your competition? Are you scared your competitors will lure business away? Long ago, I learned competition is a good thing.

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