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61: Some Business You May Not Want
Not all clients or referral sources are the same. Some are easy and fun to deal with and others require a bit more effort to meet the needs that they believe they have. Then there are those clients that no matter what efforts you put in they are not worth the effort.

62: Can Businesses Be Eco Friendly Too?
While more and more people recycle at home, turn off their lights; fit energy saving lightbulbs; and buy eco-friendly products in an attempt to help the environment; many of these same people do none these things when they get to work. Business is lagging behind society in their care for the environment with far less businesses recycling waste; using energy saving products; or becoming paper-free or energy efficient.

63: Curing Vs Healing
On Thursday night, I had some really bad back pain. So on Friday I went to my chiropractor. No big deal she said.

64: Scentsy and Scentsy Products
The name Scentsy is one you will soon forget. This is especially true if you have had the opportunity to attend a party that demonstrated Scentsy products. Scentsy is a company that specializes in fragrant, wick-less candles that boast a quality unmatched by other candle making companies.

65: Planning a Conference
As with any large scale event, planning a conference can be a challenging and time consuming task. It is important that the conference runs smoothly and professionally to help generate business leads or relationships. To run the most successful event, you require the help of not just one individual, but a team of individuals working together in co-operation.

66: Business is the Best Therapy
When I was young, I completed all sorts of different personal development courses. At 13 I did a mind power course and learnt how to visualize to create what I wanted.

67: The Puppy Dog Close
On Friday, my three year old son's cubby house, slippery dip and sandpit arrived and was erected in our backyard. The look on his face was one of absolute delight... surprise... shock and happiness all rolled into one.

68: Banking Industry Changes Can Have Unforeseen Effects on Business Banking Relationships
In today's environment of bank consolidations, many businesses with a history of positive relationships with their existing institutional creditors are finding out that the requirements of their financing arrangements are being monitored much more diligently, even if the individuals representing their bank are the same. A change in the governance structure or ownership of a lending institution often results in changes in the behavior of an "acquired" institution's professionals for many reasons ranging from perceived or real job insecurity, to the expectation that all client relationships will be reviewed in detail. Executives would be well served to review the specific terms of their credit facilities to ensure compliance with reporting requirements, actively monitor any covenant requirements contained therein and consider its options in the event current capital sources become unavailable.

69: Green Business and Green Profits
Businesses have seen the profit in going green. It has revived some businesses that looked dead. The best profit though goes to the environment that benefits most when businesses become more responsible towards it.

70: Fees That Customers Dread Paying
Most companies charge fee on the simplest of service rendered by them. Here are some charges that customers dread paying.

71: Couriers Geared Up to Keep Pace With Demand For Express Delivery
Worldwide courier services companies have been cutting costs and getting themselves into shape as they position themselves to compete in a post-recession market which will be characterised by leanness and efficiency. The market for express delivery services is one area where industry leaders are targeting their efforts, in line with changing expectations of the scope of service companies and individuals expect of post and parcel carriers.

72: What the Parcel Couriers Have to Say About Proper Parcel Packaging
A lot of us will not be familiar with parcel delivery, many people may have bought goods online and not really paid much attention to how their parcel was packed. Quite often it is the case we're too busy ripping the parcel apart to notice how carefully it was packed and protected for delivery to us. In many cases it is only if the item has been damaged in transit that we take notice of the quality of the packaging.

73: Restaurant Kitchen Designs Impact a Restaurants Reputation
Dining in restaurants has become a daily staple for many people these days. As a result restaurant decor and design has become quite important. Recently, sleek new restaurants have even opened up in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Museum of Arts and Design.

74: Tips on Purchasing Ink Refills Online and What to Watch For
What do you do when you are typing away on your computer and printing and all of a sudden the printer runs out of ink? Buying ink refills online can be very confusing, especially with all of these identity thefts with online buying and also are you really going to get what you ordered or not.

75: 4 More Ways You Can Control Risk in Your Joint Venture
As you move forward with your joint venture, there are always risks along the way. The key with any business practice is to identify risks and take precautionary measures to control and avoid them. Below are four good ways you can control risks with your joint venture so you can enjoy a long and fruitful partnership.

76: Looking For Good Business Training
Perhaps you have feelings of inadequacy and this is natural as you begin building your own business. Do not be afraid.

77: Seven Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Reliable Parcel Delivery Service
Many people argue that starting a business is really difficult - that it takes time, patience and dedication. This is all undoubtedly true. But what is really hard is consolidating a business which is showing promise, and persuading customers to stick with it once the competition gets wind of the unique reasons for its success.

78: Corporate Event Videos Are a Great Way to Kick Off a Company Meeting and Rally the Troupes
Any video production company which undertakes the task of producing a sizzle event video needs to first study the company, its hierarchy and its objectives. Every company is going for something unique and the event video needs to reflect the vision and the objectives of the company clearly in order to align the employees with it.

79: JV Definition and How To Jump on a Joint Venture Opportunity
With online and offline business you may realise that the business may benefit from full time or part time partners without giving away permanent shareholding in your company. This is when you may want to setup joint venture agreements with a partner or partners who will help you expand your business even further.

80: Americans Need to Understand Derivative Markets
Derivative markets are complex. While they have become necessary for our large economy to function, they also present huge risks.

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