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781: The Last Man Standing
How to be the last residential builder in your town when the recession is over. Strategies to stand out in an ever tightening economy, and make you successful independent of it.

782: Unearth Vast New Sources of Profits Beneath Your Feet
Even tradition-bound industries contain the potential to be much more successful when they follow profitable paths to business model innovation. The article contains an extended example of how one company did this.

783: Is Your Business Profitable? Know Your Break Even Point
A number one rule for business is to know your break even point when it comes to profitability. Many business owners pay a lot of attention to their profitability instead putting some focus on their break even point. To tell if your business is profitable look at your break even point and your break even margin. When you know your break even point on certain services, products and overall business operations, it's the key to strategic planning, maintaining and increasing profitability in the long run.

784: Records Management - When Does a Document Become a Record?
When does a document become a record and why is this important? The answer is simple but many records managers miss the point. In fact, many software packages also miss the point because they believe that all documents are records. This is simply wrong.

785: Think Twice Before Hiring Any Service Contractor To Do Work At Your Home
What exactly is the difference between a referral company and an incorporated cleaning company? The major differences are listed below in the article and you might be surprised at what you read. It will make you think twice before hiring any service contractor to do work at your home.

786: Ultimate Cost - Purchasing an Item at the Ultimate Cost
What is the Ultimate Cost? Is the Cost Saving always what is meant to be? How to avoid buy-cheap-sell-cheaper traps?

787: Relationship Marketing Must Be Sincere To Succeed
Many sappy clichés are associated with relationship such as "appreciation wins over self promotion" and "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care". Well, my advice is not to get involved in the relationship marketing aspect of marketing if you are not prepared to be sincere about it. You want people to like and trust you, yes, but then you must be absolutely sure that you can be liked and trusted.

788: Why Form Joint Ventures Or Other Forms Of Cooperation With Local Companies In China?
China is now a key area in the global strategic of multinational companies and other national companies. Companies have been accelerating their investments in China on a large scale, in all economic associated activities, i.e. commerce, infrastructure, finance and so on and so forth. However, prior to commencing business with companies / suppliers in foreign countries in general and in China in particular, one has to ask him/her self the following questions- 1. Do cultural factors have a significant influence on business conduct in China? 2. Are there other factors of greater influence?

789: Supply Chain Concept
Why the Supply Chain is different from terms Logistic or Distribution. What is the main concept of Supply Chain?

790: Looking for a Business for Sale?
When searching for a business for sale you need to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Buying a business is a huge financial commitment. Making sure you research businesses you have interest in.

791: The Importance of Belief, Knowledge and Action in Business
Keep in mind these three basic components in business: belief, knowledge and action. A powerful effort to combine all these elements must be worked out harmoniously to attain success in business.

792: In the Designing World, Believing is Everything
Most designers love what they do, which is something that a lot of people cannot say about their professions. Most designers become designers because they truly enjoy the work, and are addicted to the creative process.

793: Do Flowers Scents Make Good Business Sense?
Do flowers still make sense in today's fast-paced, high-tech business world? New research may surprise you.

794: 5 Secrets to Attracting More Business Whenever You Open Your Mouth
Are you comfortable with your 30-second sound byte or "elevator speech"? Does it stimulate emotions and positive responses in others? Or, does it fall flat and rate a "0" on the interest scale? Learn about a 5-part formula you can use to create a 30-second sound byte that'll get people saying, "Yes!", I want to work with you!

795: Providing Security For The Elderly
Surely planning for any eventuality regarding your health is a wise decision; which is why it is essential critical illness insurance coverage be considered from a young age. Providing financial peace of mind for your family by taking out protection for a mere few dollars each week, does not seem as important to most of us as having that luxury cup of coffee every day during lunch. Insurance providers, acting on the statistical information they receive from research institutes now offer this type of protection to every one of their customers.

796: How to Succeed in a Recession
The new trend in social sites has many repercussions for how we do business. We can harness the power of community to succeed in business. There is money to be made even in an economic "downturn".

797: The Importance Of A Business Location
Although you wouldn't always think it, where to locate a business is a defining feature which managers have to make. It can have an impact on many different departments of a business and, therefore, on the profitability and chances of success for the whole firm. It is also important to remember that location decisions are...

798: Is an Excellent and Engaging MC Essential for your Events Success?
Probably only truly successful event organisers know just how important it is to have the correct Master of Ceremonies (MC) to host their event. The success of an event is judged by the perception of the audience. Thus the MC is in a unique position to positively impact your event through flexibility, intuition and of course an innate ability to speak well themselves.

799: Tapping Into The Singapore Organic Food Market
Article recommends some of the ways a new foreign distributor for organic food can enter the rapidly growing Singapore organic food market. Since Singapore is considered as a gateway to South-East Asia, a new distributor who can gain brand awareness for their products in Singapore have a good chance to making it in the South-East Asia region.

800: Get Ready to Compete with Much Tougher New Business Models
Competition is shifting towards large business model changes that make earning a profit more and more difficult. In the process, many traditional management skills are becoming less important. Are you ready for the shift?

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