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821: Safety First In UK Workplaces
If you own a business in the UK you should be aware of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. They impose a duty on all people in the workplace (employers, employees, self employed etc) to take precautions against risk of injury or death arising out of the use of electrical equipment. One of the very basic obligations concerns the need to take reasonable precautions in order to avoid injuries.

822: The 4 Absolutely Vital Questions To Ask Before Buying Any Business!
What are the most important questions that you need to ask before starting or buying a business? If you are buying a business, make sure that you get honest answers!

823: Six Start-Up Tips Every Business Needs
Every business deserves a chance to succeed. It can be a daunting task to develop, organize and present your products or services without the right resources to help you on your way. Perhaps this checklist will help.

824: Fire Truck Prepayments - How To Protect Yourself From Disaster
Are you prepared to protect yourself from disaster when prepaying a fire truck? This article provides a step-by-step process to follow.

825: Are You in Danger of Becoming a Dinosaur in Todays Competitive World
The Secret to a Thriving Business and a Great Personal Life Read any newspaper, listen to any news audio or TV broadcasts these days and you will be blasted with the news of recession and economic "doom and gloom". I hope that you aren't buying completely into this depressing and disempowering story. As the famous commentator, Paul Harvey used to say, "Here's the rest of the story.

826: Administrative Professionals Day - Appreciation for the Unappreciated
Work is the choice available in the modern world to take Man forward. You have to work if you want to carve out a life for yourself and for those you want to share that life with. That may have resulted in a chaos of cutting-edge competition, but it has also enabled more people to put bread on their tables after an honest day's work. Work, therefore, is an integral part of out lives. With no escape route, we try to adapt ourselves as smugly as possible to enjoy the process. That has given rise to a number of 'unofficial' celebration days like the Administrative Professional Day.

827: Continually Improve Your Business Model
Business model innovation needs to be continually repeated. This article describes how this can be accomplished.

828: Meeting Planning Certification - A Faster Track for Meeting Planners?
While on the job training can certainly lead to a highly qualified planner, it might add years of frustration. If you're just starting out, or starting a business as a meeting, event or convention planner, you'll grow faster by having the basic set of industry procedures and terms under your belt. It's a fact that professional training can also make the difference between landing a job in the industry and being turned away.

829: Profitable Strategic Partnerships
The longest lasting and profitable strategic partnerships are those in which each company brings something to the table that the other company lacks. There are certain situations in which it simply makes sense to form a strategic partnership.

830: Self Adhesive Address Labels for Business Establishments
Self adhesive address labels are a must of today's professional world. They are almost everywhere and are used mainly for letter envelopes. Content labels and product labels.

831: Restaurant Equipment For Sale - Purchasing The Right Items For Your Food Service Business
Starting the process of establishing a restaurant will definitely take much more than dreamy thinking and some recipes. A lot of thought will have to go into the task of acquiring restaurant equipment for your business.

832: Should You Give Up On An Online MLM Business?
Is the Internet truly the breeding ground of scams, hoaxes and million-dollar-promises that deliver zilch? Well, that depends on where you look and what you do with what you see or read. If you're looking for an online MLM business opportunity, for example, one keyword search and you'll find pages upon pages of mixed results, with real opportunities interspersed with links to scams and pyramid schemes.

833: Dreams Of Having A Successful Business Can Become Real
Even as a young boy I always made a lot of money. My first business was distributing the morning newspaper. I had twenty newsboys on bicycles that were at my dads garage at six in the morning.

834: A Short History - Lean, Six Sigma And The American Value System
American business and manufacturing have seen better days and the competition from overseas is not stopping anytime soon. There are solutions, however, which require U.S. companies to look deep within themselves to solve many of the issues that have plagued them since their earliest days.

835: A Closer Look at The Hospitality Business (1)
Hotels offer interesting material for business architecture because its business is quite unique and if the business is unique the organization will be too. Besides this the architecture of one business may and often will serve as an example in another business. In this case, hotels are set as examples for hospitals, which have only recently turned into a more client focused approach.

836: A Closer Look at The Hospitality Business (2)
The idea behind business architecture is that every business has its own bridge to the organization. Every business is organized in the way that best fits that business...

837: So What is Event Management
Event management is the process by which an event is planned, got ready in advance, and successfully produced. With increasing importance on entertainment, event management as a business and career is gaining momentum. Want to know more, read on...

838: Women In Corporate America - Have We Made Progress?
March is National Women's Month. Unfortunately, when you look at the overall statistics, things are not improving. In the last large-scale census done by Catalyst, most numbers either went down (such as the % of women corporate officers) or held stagnant (% of women on board of directors).

839: How to Find the Best Business Schools
You are in the workplace and you find that you are working hard for average pay, but you don't feel that you're advancing or learning new things; you feel that you are stagnating and are losing your touch on things, or that you are not as fast and as adept, or even as up-to-date on trends as you once were. You are in your final months as an undergraduate, and you have a fairly vague idea of where you want to be in the future: running a business or being part of one, and earning more money thanks to your knowledge and education. In either case, you may want to look for a business school to help you out and make you achieve your dreams - but what are the best business schools?

840: Manchester Is The New Popular City To Host Events
Manchester is a great place to host your event, it is a thoroughly modern city just perfect for your event. Following two major events in the last 12 years, the IRA bombing of Manchester in 1996 and the hosting of the Commonwealth Games in 2002, millions of pounds of investment has been spent to see the old, grey Manchester transformed into a modern, vibrant city which has become one the UK's leading conference destinations.

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