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841: Choose An Academic Venue For Your Next Conference
Gone are the days when academic venues were considered to be grungy student environments only. Today's academic venues offer quality, value for money conference facilities which are sophisticated, modern, state of the art and kitted out with the latest audiovisual technology. Accommodation is first-rate, many with en-suite bedrooms and has been compared to a good 3 star standard of hotel with excellent leisure facilities.

842: Intel Wins By Staying Inside the Box
We all hear that you need to think outside of the box to develop breakthrough strategies. In Intel's case, the winning strategy is more likely to stay "Inside" the box and to stay focused.

843: Organic Foods Stores and Customers
Organic Food Stores niche of organic healthy foods help determine locations. Their products have a fast turnover rate based on the freshness of their foods. So location to high traffic areas where consumers are exposed influences the locations and operations of Organic Food Stores.

844: Whatever Happened to CorelDream 3D? - 3D Art Tools
The world of 3D animations is better defined as "breath-taking". 3D art can illustrate and create worlds which only exist in our imagination and can bring to life all of those fantasies and creations we only saw in our dreams. Learn more about 3D animation tools.

845: Choosing a Free Phone Number For Your Business
When choosing a telephone number for your business it is important to consider all the options available. This article looks into those options to help you decide which would be more beneficial for your business.

846: How to Manage Your Solo Psychology or Psychiatric Practice with a Virtual Receptionist
Virtual receptionist services today may include many helpful features. Shop around and find out which features best suit your needs.

847: Freedom is Not a Corporate Value
Companies differentiate from other organizational forms like that of a Nation in the sense that either follow a different set of values. One of those values that is part in one (the nation) but not in most others (companies) is the value of freedom.

848: Honoring the Wisdom of Our Senior Employees
It's been predicted that today's workforce will be diminished by nearly 40% of it's wise, senior leaders. How can we capitalize on this experience before they've retired?

849: Five Warning Signs Your Business Needs A Tune-Up
In business, financial credibility is the name of the game. Many business owners stumble by overlooking these 5 essential warning lights and fail to resolve the problems that result.

850: One-Off Customer to Permanent Business
Numerous businesses develop with one-off customers, which is a risky business strategy. Different industries cater to different client needs. It spans from repetitive to regular to one-off projects. With reference to the latter, this industry will not get a chance to serve their clients again. In such case, how a business can market itself to convert one-off customers to permanent business is a difficult question.

851: Exposure to Cumulative Loading - Its Relevance to Manual Handling Training
Health and Safety legislation dictates that manual handling training should be provided. But, there is no evidence that one type of technique is superior to another. How should manual handling training programmes be designed, taught and ultimately implemented by organisations?

852: International Teleconference Pricing Options For Businesses
Read more about international conference calling and how it can help your business. In this article we discuss pricing options available for international teleconferencing.

853: Business Incorporation Right Or Wrong For Your Business?
If you're trying to decide whether or not Business Incorporation is the right avenue for your business, you should consider the following points. When you incorporate your business, you're legally separating it from yourself and officially giving it a separate legal identity.

854: Socially Responsible Business
The concepts of ethics and social responsibility are closed intertwined in business. To some it conveys the idea of legal responsibility or liability. To others it means socially responsible behavior in an ethical sense.

855: Success Sequence for Leaders to Achieve Exponential Profit Growth
In studying what CEOs did whose companies grew the fastest in stock price, the following sequence was followed to achieve that great success: 1. They learn to do one business model reinvention. 2. They decide to do a second business model reinvention and need to expand the scope of what they consider and where they get help.

856: Dangers In Working Alone
In today's retail, working alone has become common place. Measures need to be put in place to ensure safety for the single owner and the single employee. The world changes quickly and a working plan needs to be implemented to prepare for it.

857: Title Selection For Business
Selection of a right name for business is the foundation for building a brand. Business name has to be impressive and needs to create an impact on people, when they hear it. The financial success of a business organization highly depends on how well an entrepreneur selects its name.

858: Transformation of Business
The following points help to transform a business into innovative and creative culture. Procurement and Implementation of Idea: To prosper the culture of any business, it is necessary to nurture the ideas instead of discarding them. An antagonistic culture does not nurture ideas and thus obstructs to keep up with the rapid changing society.

859: Errand Service - Successful Business Possibilities
If you are looking for a home based business idea which can be easily and inexpensively launched and is capable of yielding profitable returns, then look no further because an errand service is the best opportunity for you. An errand service which is also known as a concierge service is where you act as a personal assistant for busy individuals. You would be paid to carry out their errands on behalf of them.

860: Seized Property Auction - Buying Cars and Real Estate for Cheap
Nearly everyday law enforcement agencies across the country seize various properties that are connected to criminal activities. Once this property has been processed and used as evidence during the criminal trial phase the government no longer needs to keep this property. To offset storage and processing costs these properties are then offered for sale at a seized property auction.

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