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861: Values - A Commodity That Makes the World Work
It's the basic values of trust, fairness, courage, honesty, love and dignity that make the world work. Wars start, personally to globally, when values are not shared. They're necessary for our survival, growth and continuous improvement, and success. The goal is 'shared values'.

862: Get High Payoff Results When You Burst Your Certainty Bubble
Have you ever had the experience of being absolutely positively completely certain about something? Your idea, your opinion, your experience - all telling you that you 'know'? EVERYONE is susceptible to being absolutely certain. "Widen Your View" and expand your options with this High Payoff Technique.

863: Dangers In Forklift Operation
Forklift dangers can affect everyone in its environment. Dangers lay in the operator as well as anyone working in its area of operation.

864: Changing the Application
What do you already have in your portfolio of products and services that you could change the application? Could you change the primary use of the product without redesigning a thing and open up a whole new revenue stream?

865: Professional Women - Paying it Forward
As women who are in our late 40s and early 50s, we both broke new ground in our professional careers and were the recipients of the efforts of those women who came before us. Whatever our level of achievement in the workplace, however, it's clear that the "glass ceiling" - a term coined by a Wall Street Journal article in 1985 that describes women's barriers to advancement - is still prevalent. That's not to say, of course, that women haven't made strides.

866: Professional Business Acquirers
Buyouts, M & A, SPAC, Special Purpose Acquisition Company, Private Equity, Strategic Buyers and Management-led buyout firms are competing to find and acquire cash flow businesses. According to...

867: When to Say No Thanks to a Meeting Invitation
With all the meetings people are invited to attend, everyone must understand which ones to personally attend, send a substitute to, or decline as not relevant. This is done by checking the invitees on the invitation and asking questions of the meeting organizer.

868: A Business Tip That is Sure to Help You Grow
This article talks about a good technique that you can use in your business to help with sales. It also touches on another useful hint that may come in handy.

869: How To Buy A Hotel Business
Many entrepreneurs are now contemplating to buy hotel businesses in their hometowns. It is because these areas, which were earlier considered as secluded areas, are now undergoing major change. Foothold of new multinational companies and availability of infrastructural facilities have lead to prosperity in many lesser known areas of states.

870: How to Find Business Opportunities Via Internet
Internet offers a pool of information to individuals, which is accessible with just a few clicks. People can browse through various topics on Internet. Internet also proffers individuals potential business plans, which they would otherwise never deem. It is one such source that almost any individual can execute for benefit.

871: MLM Prospecting - Creating A Win-Win Outcome
In any business endeavor, a win-win outcome is always the most satisfying and productive. The same holds true for attracting and enrolling new team members to your network marketing organization.

872: How to Make a Business Disaster Proof
It becomes important for each business owner to know on how to safeguard the venture and make it disaster proof. There is often no strategy to evade disaster be it national, weather induced or personal disaster.

873: Choose the Always-Win, No-Lose Option at the Speed of Light
The great problem with creating many wonderful ideas for improving competitive position is that many will have a hard time choosing among them. Pick wrong, and you may miss an opportunity to create a gigantic success. Here is where looking for the best always-win, no-lose options makes a difference.

874: Where to Find the Most Bank For Your Buck!
In this day and age there is no reason why you shouldn't be receiving any interest on your deposit accounts. Better yet there is no reason why you shouldn't be earning above 2% on any deposit account. In this day and age you have numerous resources to cite for the best rates available.

875: 5 Principles of Business Success
These principles are in no particular order, rather, all must work together in order for you to succeed in business. These principles are as essential for small business as they are for large business. Fortune 500 companies follow them as does any successful Mom & Pop store.

876: Sell a Business Privately and Save Thousands
Selling businesses privately will save you big money in agent fees and commissions. When selling a business privately seek legal advise on the business selling process.

877: Make Concrete Blocks And Garden Ornaments - A Business Opportunity
Make concrete blocks and concrete garden ornaments for a living. How to start part time on a shoestring budget and grow your business into a full time enterprise.

878: The Virtual Assistant from A to Z
A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is an independent contractor specializing in the provision of administrative and business support and solution services. Virtual Assistants support their clients in a continuous, collaborative and professional relationship. They work from remote locations, utilizing current technology such as email, online communication, telephone and fax, emerging technology in the field of communication, as well as traditional methods such as snail-mail and courier.

879: 5 Powerful Tips On How To Sell In An Economic Downturn
Even if there is not as much business out there, then you need to be more active, more focused and more targeted. If your competitors are easing off a little, now is the time to up the anti and grab your share of the market.

880: Wash Your Clothes, Clean The Table, And What Is Our Net Profit?
As a child, what did you imagine your adult work life would be like? Maybe you would debate big issues and make crucial decisions and mom and dad were okay with that. Flash forward 15 years. In the middle of a budget meeting you are arguing about why your mom still does your brothers laundry and not yours. Welcome to the family run business!

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