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981: Television Production - Thanking People, Lesson Fifteen
There are a million ways to say thank you, and each of us has our own particular way. So, say thank you in your own way. This article shows a few different ways to thank producers who help your community access show.

982: Am I in the Right Business?
Are you tired of working constantly without a vacation and having the money to show for your efforts? If you are wondering whether you are in the right business, consider the following questions: Do you know the ins and outs of your business?

983: How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Business
Your company's vision statement is the statement of its potential and of what you want your business to become. Your vision statement should be meaningful to you and your organisation. It should be shared will all of the employees in your organisation in order to create a unified direction for everyone to move in.

984: Business Start-Up, How To Get It Right
All businesses go through some form of trial and error when they are first starting up but in order to avoid experiencing a large amount of trial and error it is important that you try and get things right first time around. It is important to remember that one of the biggest causes of failure among new businesses is setting your sights to high and not researching your target market thoroughly. Never underestimate how helpful business planning can be.

985: Preparing the Perfect Business Plan
The document referred to as a business plan is not optional; not if you want your business to be a success. Your business plan is essential to ensure that your business makes it past the starting line.

986: Projector Screens
A projector screen, whether it is portable or permanent, makes any presentation as well as the individual presenting it, look that much more professional. But how do you choose? Learn more in this article.

987: Bar Code Labels For Medical Products
The FDA has strict standards for bar code labels and packaging. This article gives you a brief summary of the FDA's guidelines for medical distributors, including what information should be on the bar code, and who must use one.

988: Will You Be Receiving A Bonus For Your Job Performance?
Everybody looks forward to a nice, healthy bonus on top of their salary, but not everyone warrants it. In most workplaces bonuses are distributed on the basis of work performance, so it's important to think well ahead and plan out how you can earn the type of bonus you think you deserve.

989: 7 Ways To Use A Guarantee To Sell More
People are more likely to buy from you if they feel there is no risk involved. The main way of doing that is by offering some form of guarantee. However many businesses lose out because they don't offer one or offer the wrong type. Here are 7 ways to make guarantees work for your business.

990: 4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Business
My favorite quote is, The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. Through my business I've learned one thing...

991: Reasons Why You Dont Like Your Business Partner
Do you have your own business? What do you do if your business partner is not putting in as much effort as you? What makes you to yell at your partner? The following are some reasons why I can no longer partner up with a person in a business.

992: Name Tag Design - 5 Easy Tips for An Effective Layout
A name tag is not just a name tag, but a centerpiece of your company identity and brand, and often a customer's first introduction. Below are practical tips you can use to easily get the most out of your company's name tag design and layout.

993: The Italian Direct Debit System
An example of efficiency. Basically the Italian Direct Debit, called CBI, is one of the most advanced in Europe. The system is split into two separate activities...

994: Top Ten Quiz - Is Book Coaching For You?
Athletes get top dollars because they use coaches. So can you who want to write a book to get the good word out to help others, to illustrate you are the savvy expert in your field, and to create ongoing monthly income that boosts your speaking or coaching business. Read each point and rate it, then add them up to see if you are ready for Book coaching.

995: The Facts About Business Brokers
A business broker is a person or a brokerage firm that liaises between buyers and sellers of private businesses. They are also known as intermediaries or business transfer agents. The business broker also becomes known as the agent of the principal, which refers to the real buyers and sellers. The main task of a business broker is to assist the buyers and sellers in the sale of businesses, and this task branches out into many other responsibilities.

996: Relocation - The ABCs Of Company Relocation!
What do you do when a business fails? Simple change the place of operations. But this is a Herculean task. This article aims to make that a bit easy.

997: Creating Business Partnerships That Last
If you read the popular business books out there, you will notice a common thread uniting almost all of them: the advice to form partnerships. While the value of partnerships is unquestionable, there are certain principles that must be followed if you are to form one. In this article we will elaborate on several key principles that have been proven to lead to long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships.

998: How Will A Recession Affect Your Business?
Oh, no. Not the dreaded R-word! I refuse to even utter that word. Are we in one? Are we headed towards one?

999: Email Management - Dont Let Email Run Your Life
Email is one on the most valuable timesaving tools available in the business world today. Unfortunately far too many of us are becoming virtual slaves to it. Learning some simple ways to manage your email could help you to gain back the time that it was intended to save.

1000: Clothing Labels and Care Labeling Rules
The most effective marketing tool to instantly grab the attention of customers is product labels, and if it's a well designed one, it can help increases sales greatly. However, in the case of clothing labels, the scenario is a bit different. Clothing labels are important but not necessarily the first thing noticed; and once worn, people rarely look at the tag stitched inside their pants or jacket.

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