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1001: Digging Deeper - What Isnt There?
As business managers, we're trained to provide feedback to employees, partners and customers. In our business culture, many have taken the polite way to praise others - be it regarding elements of a relationship, a product, a piece of work or even a meeting. These are beneficial skills that many of us have mastered.

1002: Is Your Business Making You Sick?
He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything." -Arabian Proverb We all know that we're supposed to keep up with our fitness and nutrition regimen. Or perhaps we don't quite have a routine, but we know the basics and do our best.

1003: Delegate to Win
Delegation. As business leaders, we hear and know that it's what we're supposed to do to give ourselves more time. Delegation helps you by freeing you up to focus on the matters that really do require your attention (this is where it's important for good time and stress management). And it helps you develop your people by freeing them up to optimize their abilities, which is important for effective leadership.

1004: How Big Do You Really Want to Be?
For many small business owners, there is a drive to grow, grow and grow some more. And that is normal - growing means success, greater revenue and a solid future.

1005: Offering healthy choices at your restaurant
These days more people than ever before are trying to eat right. They understand the actions they take today will help ensure they are fit into the future. They will reduce their risk of heart disease and other ailments. They will also feel better and look their very best just by making good choices when it comes to the foods they consume.

1006: Training Within Industry, Toyota and Lean Manufacturing - Linking the Past to the Future
Learn about the lost WWII supervisory training program that is a secret of Toyota's success! Training Within Industry or TWI is the foundation of kaizen, standard work and lean gemba management! If you are about to start your lean initiative, you are likely wondering how to sustain it. TWI is the employee involvement program that aims to create a daily continuous improvement and problem solving culture in the workplace. Understand how Job Instruction creates stability, how people use Job Methods to make small kaizen improvements and Job Relations to lead people through the changes we face everyday in this global economy. The principles are over 100 years old, but they are more relevant today where employee involvement and accountability is an ever increasing concern for your company's success!

1007: Make Reporting Useful And Fun
Reporting might be annoying, time-consuming, frustrating and useless for you as it is for the most of the employees in the civilized world! This article explains why this happens and what one could do about it.

1008: Collaborate Whenever Possible
Are you afraid of partnering? Don't be. It's the quickest way to grow your business.

1009: Who Else Wants To Grow And Achieve Their Dreams?
Many people think that in order to achieve success, they need to change the outside world. However, they fail to realize that real results can only happen when they change their mindsets. You need to pay attention on your growth. Growth is a process, and not a result.

1010: Get Rid Of Excuses That Stop Your Business Success
Many people aspire to do business, and want to achieve financial freedom. However, many of them are afraid to take risks, take actions or to learn about business strategies. They have many excuses that support their belief not to be successful.

1011: The Truth About Vending Machines
Vending machines are an excellent way to supplement your income or start your own home-based business. There are several factors that you must think about when you get into the business of vending machines like location, what you are selling, maintenance and more.

1012: Substantial Advantages of Bermuda Exempted Companies
Bermuda is not only famous for the shorts. It has earned a reputation as a world-class centre of commerce. There are in excess of 8,000 "exempted" companies registered in Bermuda.

1013: Big Softy
Softening statements/questions put the prospect at ease. They show that we're really, truly understanding and in compliance with our client's needs and desires.

1014: POS Cash Drawer - Using Touch Screen For Your Business
You have to admit, long gone are the days when the sales in a store were made by the person behind the counter by writing the product sold and the price in a notebook. The need for accurate bookkeeping, the detailed overview of the company's business, the products sold and the amounts of money obtained. Using a POS system has many benefits, as it allows for a more accurate and precise method of doing business, of selling products and services.

1015: What If Burger King Gets Rid of the Whopper - The Kingdom and Commercial Real Estate Market
Perhaps you have been noticing the huge number of Burger King Commercials, which tell the story that the "whopper" has been discontinued. Well, luckily you can still get the Whopper. Myself I like the Double Whopper with cheese, as it is nearly twice as good as the Big Mac. But, it is about the same as the Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Still, the Double-Double from In-and-out is better, so is the Backyard Burger and the Ultimate Cheeseburger from Jack-n-Box. Indeed, a Juicy Lucy is a hell of a burger also.

1016: I Wish I Could Share This Client Attraction Secret With You Personally
Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to quit your corporate job to become a client attractive entrepreneur. In fact, you don't even have to have a job in the first place. Read this article to discover the secrets you need to own a business and keep your day job!

1017: Dont Put All Your Eggs In The Internet Basket
Everyone talks about the internet. You would think there is practically nothing that cannot be achieved online the way this new medium is promoted and praised. And, yes, it has changed the way we live and communicate and the way we exchange information.

1018: Selecting the Best Business Broker to Sell Your Business
The most important thing to remember when interviewing potential business brokers is that it is the job of whomever you hire to CREATE A MARKET FOR and ultimately SELL your business. This may seem rudimentary. However, it must remain at the core of your broker selection process to assure the best intermediary is hired to represent your business for sale.

1019: Hospitals Hire Graduates from Medical Transcription Training Programs
These days, the pace of medical transcription is a lot faster than it was ten or fifteen years ago. The way to obtain a good job has definitely changed over the years. Small mom and pop businesses have been consumed by large national businesses and everything has been altered.

1020: B2Bs Permeate Through Powerhouses of International Trade
Until Business to Business (B2B) portals came into existence there was not any viable tool to connect the internet and international trade. That was a time when internet penetrated into all the areas except international trade.

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