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1061: When the Startup Becomes a Dinosaur
I couldn't help thinking that this Microsoft vs. Yahoo conquest is just another example of the influence of money. By that I don't mean the financial influence of Microsoft's vast empire but instead the moment when a company goes from being one with a startup mentality to becoming a (gasp) corporation.

1062: Strategic Influence - Packing An Ethical Persuasive Punch!
This article expounds the power of strategic influence that is outcome focussed, considers context and involves expenditure of time and energy on the people who can open doors for us. The article deals with the most important distinction between influence and manipulation and the risks of engaging in below the line behavior when dealing with others.

1063: Seven Most Important Things to Consider When Planning to Open Your Own Restaurant
Effective solutions for small business restaurant finance. Good restaurant finance planning means realistic approach to the costs of the business.

1064: Features to Look For in Time and Attendance Tracking Systems
Time and attendance tracking systems should be able to track paid and non-paid hours. Although billable hours may seem like the more important component, non-billable hours are actually needed in order to monitor actual time spent on a project or task. This will help determine whether an employee is productive or if the task is cost effective in the long run.

1065: Importing - Getting It Right From China
How to evaluate the risks and best practice for importing goods from China. An insiders practical guide to the opportunities and pitfalls.

1066: Business Coach - What A Business Coach Can Do For You
A Business Coach can be thought off as being similar to a sporting coach... A business coach is a trained and certified professional who can help clarify a business owner's goals and chart out a plan of action to meet them... initially, having a business coach is no longer a luxury but a necessity. A business coach, like a career coach is an invaluable investment when treading a difficult business patch.

1067: How to Set Up an Efficient Shipping and Receiving Center
Despite the explosive growth of electronic communication, the volume of hard mail continues to rise - driven by consumers and businesses for the handling and processing of their mail. Managing a chain of communication efficiently and cost-effectively - especially in a large corporation - is critical for building customer relationships, reducing corporate waste, and capitalizing on market opportunity.

1068: What Makes an Employer of Choice?
Far from business determining the future of the workforce, the workforce now determines the future of business. Money is important to workers but not so the commitment to any one employer. The workers want more than money - they want employment that enables them to achieve their personal dreams and goals.

1069: What is Forex Trading?
The term Forex is derived from the foreign exchange with the trading of the foreign currencies popularly known as Forex trading and the place where the forex trading is done is known as the Forex market. The currency of any country commands its own price with reference to the currency of any other nation. The difference between the values of these two currencies is taken into account during the Forex trading.

1070: Vital Benefits of Mediation in Business Disputes
At one point in time, even if it were being avoided, parties in business relationships would tend to sour. This is often the reason for business disputes to turn up. Even if all the parties involved have the best intentions, each side would always view their particular position as the reasonable one and that the business practices they would like to implement as ethical.

1071: Low-tech to High-tech - History of Office Supplies
In a world of hi-tech gear, office supplies are some of the simplest - and perhaps mundane - devices known to man - and yet, we would be unable to reach a satisfactory level of productivity without them. Upon closer inspection, office supplies have an untold history that's both fascinating and entertaining.

1072: Mobile Mambo
If I were a young pup just starting out into the big, bad, brawling world of technology marketing, I'd run like the Devil himself were chasing me into the mobile market. It is a wild place, with zero loyalty between vendors, customers, partners, and technology. It is currently one huge cesspool of competing interests, awaiting a shakeout, collapse, and consolidation.

1073: Business Meetings - Making a Good Impression
For most of us, it's inevitable: if we have a career, we will have to muddle through our fair share of business meetings. The room full of strangers, the stale coffee, the awkward silences, business meetings certainly have their fair share of discomfort. Still, attending a business meeting doesn't have to feel like the equivalent of going before a parole board. With a few tricks of the trade, business meetings can be tolerable, comfortable, and even tilted in your favor.

1074: Who Else Wants Unlimited Income Growth?
I discovered that most self-employed professionals have VERY LOW expectations on what can be made in their small business. To increase revenue, all it takes is using proven systems and leveraging other people's talents so that you can create an income that is far beyond what you had ever dreamed of. If you want to live the life you were meant to live, while raising your rates, then read this article.

1075: Five Steps to Planning a Successful Business Exit
The key to any successful Business Exit Strategy is planning. The five (5) planning steps outlined in this article are designed to help business owners define their personal goals, understand all the transfer options, and work with an advisory team to execute a successful business exit.

1076: Let Your Company Go Places With Corporate Relocation Service
Nothing remains static in this life and if you do not move along with life, you stagnate and die. Same is the case for companies that move forward for growth and expansion and to get a cutting edge over their competition. Hence, relocation forms an integral part of many companies growth when they are looking for better opportunities and better markets to promote their products and services.

1077: Financial Freedom - Pushing Fear Aside to Improve the Quality of Your Life
It's time to stop making excuses. It's time to take control and responsibility for our lives. It's time to accept that whatever bad choices or poor decisions we have made in the past, it's those mistakes that have lead us to where we are today. Only we have the power to change our lives. The time is here. The time is now. Take action. Push fear aside. Go for the gold.

1078: Hurt By Ungrateful People? Try a True Gift
Are you a kind and generous person? Do you have talents and abilities to share with less fortunate people? Are you ever outraged at the lack of reciprocity when you give to your friends and family?When you gave your help or service was there a tiny thought or hope in the back of your altruistic mind that you would receive something in return?

1079: Material Handling Equipment In A World Of Ergonomics
Material handling and ergonomics have become very important in the workplace. These terms were once only associated with industrial, warehouse and other blue collar jobs. But they have moved into the everyday workplace. Moving items ergonomically can also be delivery the office mail with a mail cart, delivering food on a cart and much more.

1080: Your Business Can Thrive During the Economic Downturn
The natural inclination of business leaders during an economic downturn is to cut people, programs and reorganize. Examples of this are in the newspapers and web sites daily: Alcatel-Lucent, AOL, Sprint, the airlines, Dell, Discovery Communications and many other companies plus countless medium and small business which never hit the media. There are alternatives to cutting and pulling back during an economic downturn.

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