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1081: Effective Marketing Tools The Press Release
Used for communicating directly with consumers, press releases have become effective marketing tools that can be found throughout the Internet on websites, search engine listings or in emails. In the past, press releases have been strictly used to communicate between public relation firms and the media in order to promote their products, celebrities or events. Similarly, businesses are now creating their own press release to promote their services.

1082: More Productive - Now
Are the to-do lists stacking up again? Do you thrive on the energy that comes from a brand new task on the table, only to feel unmotivated a few days later? Do you find yourself wondering if you will ever be motivated enough to complete all the tasks you have set for yourself?

1083: Passion Versus Quota
Quotas that once motivated you to move faster, now feel like unattainable goals set by fearless leaders set out to make you fail. So what happened? How did the light switch of passion and motivation change to pressure and disappointment?

1084: Wholesale Jewelry Drop Shipping - Why It Makes A Great Business
Starting a jewelry business is a great way to make more money, whether you are looking for a primary source of income, or you are simply looking to develop a secondary source if income. Jewelry has historically been a very popular seller. People buy jewelry for many reasons, including gift giving, for marriage proposals, as investments, and for personal indulgence.

1085: How to Start a Lawn Care Business
Starting a business is an exciting time for a budding entrepreneur. However, with odds of success being weighted heavily in favor of failure, it is important that you startup the right way. Learn the ins and outs of starting a lawn care business and how you can succeed.

1086: Do You Attract Wealth or Drive it Away?
Have you ever noticed that some people are like human money magnets? No matter what they do, wealth just seems to "stick" to them.

1087: Top Four Things You Shouldn't Do When Starting Or Running A Home Daycare Business
You've heard what you should do when starting or running a home daycare or childcare business. Now find out what you shouldn't do! These four things can literally save your sanity and your business! I know they did for me!

1088: Identifying the Obstacles That Make Your Listener Hold Back
"I will furnish one-half of the money for your line extension," an Eastern financier once told this banker who is noted for building his talk to fit the listener's interest; '' provided you raise the other half among businesses in towns on your blue prints." The banker planned to meet this condition. And the first questions he asked himself were: ''"What can I say to these business men that will make them put up their money? What have I got that attracts them? What are the two or three big restraining influences that hold them back?

1089: Problems With Going Into Business With Your Family
From all my lengthy years of experience with business, going in to business with your family turns out bad in a majority of cases. Often it totally destroys your family relationships, as people move there focus away from love to profit and making money in every way possible. Starting up a business with a friend goes better in a majority of cases than you opening up a business with a family member. Although if the business takes off really early and gets massive amounts of profit, which is something that happens in a minority of businesses, usually there is no fighting between family members and all actors in the business are happy.

1090: Auditing Software - Useful For Businesses
Auditing Software is the charter accountants of future. Computer being a very important mode of calculation in the field of science also plays an important role in internal accounts of any business. Paperless auditing is no more a term for future.

1091: What is Credit Card Processing?
If you were reading this article twenty, fifteen or even ten years ago, chances are you would be reading it in a magazine or an industry or trade publication and not on your computer, in your office (hopefully home office), but probably on your laptop in an airport, because your flight was delayed, again. It's a simple concept that has been around since the inception of credit cards and that is, credit card processing. We're going to get back to the definition later, but for now, let's concentrate on how credit card processing ...

1092: How To Open A Credit Card Merchant Account
In this day and age of electronic commerce, the decision to open a credit card merchant account is relatively undisputed. The actual process of opening an account should begin with the retailer identifying certain key parameters about the retailer trade the merchant requires the merchant account for. The selection of an appropriate vendor for the merchant account should be the first step in the cycle, which is usually followed by an application on a prescribed form.

1093: Digital Signatures Verify Authenticity of Electronic Documents
Electronic documents, including commercial and contractual documents, are becoming the norm in business. Surprisingly, the authenticity of electronic documents is assumed. The truth is that electronic documents can be changed without detection.

1094: Electronic Check and ACH Processing Continues to Soar
ACH transactions have grown faster than any other payment forms. Checks processed electronically are approaching half of all checks paid.

1095: Products and Services That can Benefit Through Cartoon Character Licensing
There are many products and services that can benefit through cartoon characters licensing. In this article I would like to discuss some examples and hopefully give entrepreneurs a spark of inspiration. In all the examples listed I would like to stress that I support the licensing of lesser-known characters as opposed to the more famous characters. I share my views regarding this in another article. If you visit my website or search on the internet for 'Character Licensing for Your Product? Forget Mickey and Bob!' you would be able to find the article.

1096: Start a Lunch Club in Your Office
Are you looking to upgrade your lunchtime cuisine? Eat healthier and save money, too? Start a Lunch Club at your office today!

1097: To React Is Human, to React Positively Is Divine
Confronting hostile irresistible forces can be frustrating. Control your emotions to get the best results.

1098: He Was Promoted To Manager
Steven is a financial consultant, he was promoted to manager from associate manager last month, he told us his story. In the beginning of year2007, he was thinking of running marathon, he wrote down this goal and pasted it on the wall. Steven also told all his friends, colleagues, relatives that he wanted to participate the marathon race.

1099: Payment Gateways Filter and Protect Merchants from Fraud
Merchants in industries that are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals must protect their businesses with potent anti-fraud software. Most payment processing gateways offer some degree of fraud protection. But, the type and effectiveness of the fraud protection can vary amongst payment processing gateways.

1100: Tips on Avoiding Merchant Chargebacks
Do not complete a transaction if the authorization request was declined. Request another card from the customer or offer another payment option such as electronic checks. Enable duplicate checking within your gateway.

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