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1101: AOL is Splitting, But There is a Big Second Cut to Take
AOL announced splitting access from content, a great and overdue strategic move. However, to gain deep content focus, AOL will need to determine which customer segment is the primary focus. They have been working two tails of Internet users and will likely need to pick one to execute a focused and sharp transformation of their business.

1102: Affordable Transcription Services
Affordable transcription means cost-effective transcription services to clients using web based software technology without compromising quality. It provides fast and accurate transcription service for legal, medical and other professional industries.

1103: Exclusive Agency - Best for the Seller and the Broker
One of the most common misconceptions among business sellers is the notion that hiring multiple business brokers or intermediaries on a nonexclusive basis will increase the likelihood of sale for your business. Although in theory engaging multiple intermediaries and having non-exclusive agency means you get the benefit of multiple brokers working on your behalf for the cost of only one (the one who is successful), the theory is flawed and the strategy rarely works to your benefit.

1104: Do Not Wait Around to Get Clients!
Are you tired of putting it out there and waiting for the clients to show up? Take intentional action! Go out there and get more clients. Read on...

1105: Washington DC And Business Class Transportation
Having a business requires a lot of work in order to turn the venture in to a successful one. Today's business world is very competitive, regardless of the niche or place in the world you choose to operate it from, however the most basic rules in order to make it grow are always the same, make friends, expand your contacts, create a network and project a strong successful image. Image is a very important factor which influences your business in a positive way since people are more likely to become partners with successful business owners.

1106: Combining Catering And Event Planning Services For Greater Success
As the host of an event, you have many options for planning and securing the arrangements for your personal or corporate function. These range from simple consultations to fully managed special events in Florida and corporate events. But as experience has shown, the best success is enjoyed when one service is combined with another, so that the end result is a seamless, smooth, cohesive event that goes off without a hitch.

1107: Do You Think Like Your Client?
Sometimes small business owners assume their clients value the same things that they do. It's a mindset thing that keeps you from discovering what results your client gets while working with you. Which group do you fall into: ASSUME my clients want to hear about processes vs. LEARN what my client values? If you think that all clients have the same set of values, then read this article.

1108: To Gain Exponential Growth, Avoid the Directionless, Wishful Thinking, and Helplessness Stalls
Organizations often have bad thinking habits that create problems when buffeted by irresistible forces. Identifying those bad habits is the beginning of overcoming them. Be particularly concerned about being directionless, employing wishful thinking, and becoming helpless to respond.

1109: Web Programs On Background Investigation
I really don't understand how we would live without the internet. Imagine the situation if it suddenly disappeared. So many people would stay without work.

1110: Confidence and Money Management
Most people are used to having a paycheck, or having production schedules, or income projections based on population growth. When you start trading, though, whatever you used as a benchmark is gone.

1111: Body Language - 5 Facial Expression Tips for Reading Client's Faces
You only have seconds to make a first impression that can make or break a relationship. Since the face is the first thing we notice about a person, it's vital to use your face to make that crucial connection. This article gives you 5 facial expression tips to connect and make a fantastic first impression.

1112: No Skill - No Check
Can you imagine, a dentist actually performing open heart surgery on somebody? Not without killing the person, right? What a horrifying, ridiculous, ignorant expectation...yet so many people start a home based business and expect the same thing. What on earth made us believe that starting a business was like winning the lottery?

1113: Trends in the Building and Home Improvement Products Distribution Market in the Republic of Ireland
The rapid growth of the Irish economy over the last 10 years has led to a boom in construction and house building. This strong growth in the construction sector has resulted in increased sales of building materials across the Republic and a 45% growth in the builders merchants market over the past five years to reach almost 3.7bn in 2007 and an increase of over 150% in the DIY and home improvement market over the same period to reach an estimated value of 1.1bn in 2007.

1114: Things To Remember When Giving Business Gifts
Giving business gifts is a great way to build and maintain relationships in the business environment. Here are some tips that will help you in choosing the right gift.

1115: Defensiveness, Too Much Self-Reliance, and Over Optimism Can Cost You Profitable Growth
Managements become insular. When that happens, they are often behind the curve in dealing with new trends. This article encourages leaders to focus more on getting the message than massaging their egos.

1116: Google Riddle - Amazing Innovation
An article about the rise to fame of Google, using the simple innovation of Complimentary Genius. Google to date is one of the biggest supporters of open source; on top of that they are the biggest financial backers to make information free for the masses on the internet. But why are they such big supporters of free and open source advancements?

1117: The Battle Between Boldness, Fear And Faith In Business
There is nothing unrealistic about your faith that aligns with your purpose that ignites your passion and inspires you to plan and visualize until you attain it. It is more unrealistic to expect a business or an individual with such discipline and commitment not to succeed.

1118: You Have To Be Hungry - Part III of III
As a leader, the long-term success of your organization depends on the success of your employees. Their success can, and will, only add to the success of your organization. Even more than taking the time to mentor and coach your employees, be willing to take risks with them. Learn more about how to get this done.

1119: Getting A Handle On Employee Satisfaction
Is it important? Does it really matter if I look for ways to satisfy employees within my organization? This article will tell you how to do it and its results.

1120: Don't Underestimate Irresistible Forces and Let People Cover Up Their Effects
Irresistible forces account for a lot of our success and lack of success. That isn't obvious if you read annual reports and business stories. Most leaders take credit for any success and blame problems on those pesky forces.

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