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1121: Identify Your Bad Thinking Habits That Keep You from Making Good Choices About Irresistible Forces
We are our own worst enemies when it comes to handling irresistible forces. This articles describes how to identify some of your bad thinking habits as a prelude to replacing those habits with better ways of operating.

1122: Getting Serious About Serious Games
Serious games, estimated to be a US $1.5 - $9 billion global market in 2008, are being described by some analysts as the next wave of technology-mediated learning. A serious game, SG, may be a simulation which has the look and feel of a game, but corresponds to non-game events or processes, including business opportunities or operations.

1123: Financing A Gas Station Without Management Experience? Good Luck!
If you're looking to finance a gas station or convenience store and you've never worked in one or owned one, good luck! Possible solutions, adding a partner, keeping the seller as a minority partner, bring on a manager with minimal ownership in the company. You can do it, you just have to be creative.

1124: Cracking the Code to Finding Your Niche - Riches Are Niches
Imagine having loyal customers who love your products, who sign up for all your teleseminars, buy all your products, and can't wait to know about the next one. And they refer their colleagues and friends to you.

1125: Going Global With the Right Mix of Small Business CRM Solutions
With the weakened dollar, small businesses are eyeing the possibilities of export. This lucky break demands the use of small business CRM solutions to start the marketing foray right.

1126: Small Business Relationship Management With the Razor Sharp Edge
Strategy or technology-based solutions, small business relationship management needs all the help it can get to gain the cutting edge over competition. Businesses have to strengthen the key areas of customer marketing and sales, and they have to dare to be different in a sea of competition.

1127: Web Based CRM Solutions That Can Beat Poker's Royal Flush Anytime
In the game of poker, the royal flush is the hand to beat. But nothing compares to the web based CRM solutions that increases CRM efficiency miles ahead of competition when it comes to CRM software solutions.

1128: What Are Your Enterprise's Bad Habits in Relation to Irresistible Forces?
First, take stock of yourself in terms of where you have trouble dealing with irresistible forces. Then, turn your attention to the habits in evidence throughout your organization. Use your answers to the following questions to determine your enterprise's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing irresistible forces...

1129: Looking To Buy A Gas Station? Better Have Some Bucks!
If you're looking to buy a gas station or convenience store, you'd better have some bucks! Learn some ways to raise capital to help you with your purchase.

1130: Creative Financing for New Businesses
It can be very difficult for businesses with less than two years of operation to obtain business credit. There are creative financing methods available for small businesses. Knowing your financing alternatives is key for success.

1131: Planning Your Company Picnic
Congratulations on being selected to organize the Annual Company Picnic this year! Truly an honor and opportunity! It is also a very large responsibility!

1132: How Will Divorce Affect Your Business?
Starting a business and successfully managing it requires a great deal of time, effort, financial risk and perseverance. Many married couples decide to run a business together, each performing those tasks that are most closely aligned with his or her individual skill set. In other marriages, only one partner runs a company while the other continues to work for an outside employer or stays home to care for the house and children.

1133: Carbonless Paper Saves Space - Not to Mention the Planet!
Carbonless copy paper is becoming more and more popular with both large and small business because it is relatively cheap, extremely easy to use, and produces high quality duplicates. Further, carbonless paper is considered more "environmentally friendly" because a carbon sheet is not discarded after each copy. Consider a medium sized company producing 1000's of invoices, purchase orders, work orders (you get the idea) per month, each time using carbon forms where the 'carbon' sheet is discarded or simply left attached, not to be used again.

1134: Persuasion Continuums II - Getting In Deeper
In a previous article "Persuasion Continuums" I began to describe one of the most powerful tools of persuasion. When I last left you, you were either completely confused about or you were well on your way to understanding one of the slickest tools in the persuasion toolbox. To recap: Continuums work most powerfully when you find that the prospect you're influencing is at either end of the continuum not more or less in the middle.

1135: How Can You Improve on Bad Habits Concerning Trends?
You not only have bad habits about relating to trends; you probably don't know what those bad habits are. This article shows you how to identify the bad habits and to replace them with better ones.

1136: B2Bs Redefine International Trade
B2C gradually metamorphosed into Business to Business (B2B) portal which went on to become the most effective tool in international trade. Today if one makes a background check on any overnight success in exim business, one can find the supporting arms of one or many B2B portals.

1137: Flexible Payments Mean Happier Customers
As a new business owner, you probably started out accepting cash and checks but not credit cards. Or if you have a business online, you might have accepted PayPal but no other payment options. As your business grows, you will have more people asking for more varied payment options, and as your budget allows, you should expand to offer as many different payment options as you can.

1138: How Effective Is Your Answering Service?
Using an effective answering service can do wonders in helping you manage your daily tasks. Making a busy practice more manageable keeps patients satisfied, staff members happy, and doctors sane! Find out what features to look out for when shopping for an automated doctor answering service.

1139: The History of Typing
The first ever person to patent a typewriter was Henry Mill. His idea is entered in the records in the British Patent Office in 1714. Unfortunately Henry Mill never got around to manufacturing his machine due to impatience with manufacturing it.

1140: Accept Checks with Confidence with a Check Reader
Check readers can take some of the worry out of accepting checks because they make check writing just like using a debit card. With one of these machines you'll accept fewer bad checks and have more time on your hands.

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