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1141: Maximize Stakeholder Value Through The Cultivation Of Your Company's Most Important Asset
It's just not enough anymore to have a better mousetrap. You also have to have a better way of packaging it, selling it, supporting it, and nurturing a culture that makes the company behind the mousetrap seem truly unique. As technology keeps getting better and the ability for us to communicate keeps improving, so too does the ability to copy-and even trump-market innovators with lightning speed.

1142: What You Need To Know Before You Change Items On Your Menu
If you frequent a restaurant on a regular basis, you are going to develop your favorites there. It may be the taste of their mashed potatoes or the delicious breads they serve. It can be disappointing though when they change items on the menu. They may go with a different recipe for their bread or stop making homemade potatoes.

1143: Getting More Customers Into Your Restaurant Between Meal Times
Some very easy ways to entice customers during slower periods of time are right under your nose. Most of them are very easy to implement in any type of restaurant setting. They also will generate more money than they will cost you to start. The initial start up fees will likely be in the form of advertising. You may need to have some materials printed up as well.

1144: How Can Association Software Benefit Your Association?
When you have an associations to manage you probably have several different things to keep up with such as yearly and quarterly events, membership dues, members, committee groups, association website, and all the many different ways to advertise. This can not only be time consuming but some of the work may not get done. You want to make a good impression and keep things running smoothly because you have a lot of people depending on that.

1145: How to Incorporate Technology Into Your Business
Honestly I can say I am a geek when it comes to technology. I love the latest inventions of anything that is electronic. Whether it is the iPhone, Blackberry or some new laptop that innovates the industry, I love to try it out.

1146: What You Need To Start A Mail Order Business
There are two main divisions in the mail order business; first, as carried on by a small dealer giving it his whole attention; second, as transacted by an established house, either as side issue to assist the traveling sales department, or as in case of Montgomery Ward & Co. and other catalogue houses, as a sole business.

1147: Who Else Wants Strategies To Get Paid What You Are Worth?
Have you ever wondered how you can raise your rates without loosing good clients and turning away prospects? Raising rates for entrepreneurs can be a really nerve-wracking thing. Read this article if you don't know how much more you should be charging, how to come up with the right price increase, so that you don't lose current clients and turn away perfectly good customers and prospects.

1148: Preparing Your Business For Sale
The first part in a series of Managing the Sale of your Business. Great tips and ideas for having a business well prepared for sale.

1149: Outsource And Be Rich - The Little-Applied Secret ALL Wealthy Entrepreneurs Use
There's ONE thing that all wealth-y solo-entrepreneurs know: If you want to have an ideal business, work less and make a whole lot more, I can assure you that you CANNOT do it by yourself. And getting a team around you is the only way to do that. You must begin to delegate and outsource!

1150: What is Opera II XRL?
Opera II XRL is a software package that gives you the user fast, accurate and secure reporting and analysis of your account details. Opera II XRL is an addition to Microsoft Excel, which integrates and connects with Opera II where the businesses financial information is held.

1151: Keep Patients Happy With Virtual Receptionist Services
Even the most organized and efficient doctors office will have moments in the day when it could use a little help. Patients appreciate being able to have their needs met by a virtual receptionist, rather than be put on hold or have to call back at another time. At peak moments of the day, the medical front desk receptionist could use some help. When the office is closed, the doctor can have the peace of mind in knowing that his patients are being taken care of.

1152: Virtual Reception Helps Medical Practices
A medical office front desk receptionist can be easily overwhelmed with all the tasks that must be handled on any given day of the week. Yesterday's, part-time office assistant has become today's virtual receptionist. With an automated system, many tasks--such as answering phones, scheduling appointments and routing calls--can now be handled automatically.

1153: Increase Revenue with Online or Virtual Receptionist Services
Patient no-shows account for a significant loss of revenue at doctor's offices each year. This is why appointment reminder phone calls are such an important task for a front desk receptionist. However, with so many things to do in a busy day, the task of making these calls is often pushed off until the end of the day or many times they are not even placed at all. Using appointment reminder software can reduce patient no-shows and give your receptionist more time to handle insurance claims and payment processing.

1154: Freeing Receptionist's Time While Giving Patients Freedom
Using virtual receptionist software is a great way to supplement your current office staff. It gives your front desk receptionist time to receive your patients and it gives your patients the freedom to schedule necessary appointments at their own convenience. Automated and online appointment schedulers are a must-have for any busy office.

1155: What Exactly Is A Unique Selling Proposition?
You may think you know what a unique selling proposition is but how closely have you examined the concept? It is more than the point of difference that your business, product or company may have. It has sometimes been expressed as a unique buying advantage, a unique value proposition or several other ways.

1156: Business School In A Box - What They Don't Teach You At Harvard
Here are some things to consider about when choosing a business school (in or not in a box): How updated is their curriculum in terms of preparing you to deal with the current business trends so instead of reacting to the market you can strategize and prepare for it? To better understand how important this is, please take a look at the info below.

1157: In Professional Printing, Fonts Are So Important to Your Project
Fonts are an often overlooked part of writing, but which font you use can have a dramatic impact on whether your document or web page gets read. This article offers some basic tips on using fonts effectively to draw your reader in and keep them reading.

1158: Leading B2B's Become Gold Mine for International Trade
Business to Business (B2B) portals are the most sought after international trading tool in the world. After the dotcom bubble burst the Information Technology industry was in the doldrums. The interest in IT related business showed a downward trend and then emerged B2Bs with its total solution to international trade. B2Bs give the trader the liberty to do business by lowering one's expenditure.

1159: Working With Kids Under Foot
Today's a holiday and I'm stuck in the office working while my kids entertain themselves. It's times like today that could cause a parent to feel extreme guilt and anguish. But you know what I've learned over the years?

1160: EDGAR Filing Services
EDGAR stands for the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, and is a system designed to increase the efficiency and fairness of the securities market for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of United States investors. Domestic public companies are required to file a number of forms on the EDGAR system, and an agent can help you get the forms together correctly and file them with the system. Before you hire an agent for filing services, there are 12 things that you should look for and pay attention to.

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