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101: How to Set Up Your Jewelry Store
There are many aspects to running a successful jewelry store, but set-up is by far one of the impacting and important. In order to ensure your business runs smoothly with minimal stress, you should probably make sure set-up is taken care of. As they say, first impressions are lasting, so you want your customers to have an experience they'll remember.

102: Send a Parcel the Quick and Easy Way
There are a number of ways to get a consignment from the UK to a country on the other side of the world. Today's transport links mean it has never been easier to get a package to its destination, whether you're sending it from Dundee to Denmark or Damascus.

103: Dealing With Forms and Packaging For Your Long Distance Delivery
Sending parcels internationally is a much more common act these days, partially because a lot of families now have some branch of their family that now resides abroad but mainly down to how surprisingly easy it is to send parcels these days. A lot of parcel delivery companies are now affordable enough for people that they are no longer the reserved just for business posts and big companies to use.

104: Display Fridges in Delis
If you own a deli, then the best way to display your products to the consumer would be by using a deli display fridge. Although they are labelled as used in a deli, many other types of business employ these types of display fridge such as sandwich shops, bakeries and any other type of business that needs some sort of refrigerated display space.

105: Be Careful What You Try and Send Abroad
There are certain things most people wouldn't dream of trying to send abroad. Explosive materials, live animals and weapons are probably right at the top of the list of things you're pretty unlikely to try and get shipped to the other side of the world.

106: Important Facts to Remember When Shipping Gifts Abroad
A lot of families spread out over time, sometimes this can be because of work or it could be retiring abroad to make the most of their free time without the stresses of work on their mind. These relatives may expect not to get anything more than a birthday card in the mail, especially if they have moved from the UK to some far off country like Canada or New Zealand.

107: How You and Your Business Could Benefit With Parcel Couriers Over Domestic Mail
A lot of businesses still rely on the postal service, or snail mail as it is (not so) affectionately known. A lot of business parcels or documents cannot be faxed or emailed and so businesses will want an equally speedy and efficient solution to ensure they aren't slowed down by postal strikes, missed deliveries or the dreaded lost parcel dilemmas.

108: Organising the International Delivery of All Parcels
The chances are quite high that you will be sending a parcel of some kind over the next few months and some people may need to send these parcels abroad. Whether you are sending a care package to a friend, family member or loved one or maybe you are doing a great deed by sending something to our soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq as they fight for their country.

109: The Courier Job to Top All Courier Jobs
The Queen's Messengers must surely have one of the most plum courier jobs in the country. Employed by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, their work in delivering top secret and important documents (or indeed any other kind of material which is considered essential for use by a diplomatic mission), is shrouded in mystery and goes back hundreds of years.

110: Business Success in Tough Economic Times
All businesses, whether they are large or small, have to carefully rethink their business strategies during a sluggish economy in order to remain profitable. But, with some careful planning, businesses can not only survive in tough economic times, but even thrive.

111: What is FMCG All About?
FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods. So called because they are used/consumed/replaced within a short time of purchase, this can vary between an hour, a day, a week, a month, right up to a year. This is the world of FMCG, speed, adaptability, efficiency and scale.

112: In an Uncertain Industry How Can You Recruit a Good Buyer?
There are a number of skills a buyer should posses. This article outlines what those might be.

113: Commercial Cleaning Frauds and How to Avoid Them
Is it time to hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your business or building? Although there are many professional and quality commercial cleaning services available, there are also plenty of scam artists.

114: Why You Need an Office Fit Out
Want your staff to be more productive? Want to give a better impression to your visitors? Want to stand out from your competitors? Find out why you need an office fit out.

115: The Green Eyed Monster
Over the years, as a copywriter, I've spoken to a number of business people who really get riled up about their competitors. Sometimes it's based on jealousy... sometimes they don't like their ethics... and sometimes they just don't like the fact that they are taking some of their clients.

116: Is it Time to Sell Your Family Business?
Deciding whether to sell your family business is a once in a life time event. Should you sell the whole or part of the company to outsiders?

117: The ISO 9001:2008 Standard Isnt a Suggestion
I've just completed an assignment that has brought the kind of insight into management behavior that has to be shared. And if you're reading this, you most probably have similar experience and will resonate with these thoughts. In today's business environment, the understanding of continual incremental improvement is an absolute.

118: Is it Time to Resign?
Today the days of staying with a company for your entire career are really gone! In fact, many companies consider it an asset if you have had different experiences by working in different environments.

119: Assessment Forms, An Easy to Fill Form That Can Prevent Many Risks and Complications From Occurring
Filling Assessment forms that may vary depending on the place and utility is not at all a daunting task. Requiring some basic information today there are an array of online sites that can help you fill in such forms with ease and convenience and with no rooms left for errors.

120: Choosing the Right Small Package Shipping Service
Do you ship a lot of small packages? Finding the right small package shipping services is key to ensuring your packages get delivered quickly and at the best possible rate. Remember, not all shipping companies provide the same level of service.

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