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1181: It's a Small World
Over your second drink at a cocktail party, you meet somebody whose neighbour turns out to be your best mate from secondary school, someone you haven't seen for 20 years. Or somebody who is working with your first boss of many years ago. Or somebody who is married to someone you met at a business school reunion.

1182: It's the System, Not Me
Psychological studies suggest that most of us excuse petty, illogical and even cruel behaviour if it's mandated by the organisation we work for. Take a pause for thought.

1183: In God We Trust, Others Bring Maps
It's a jungle out there... well, in airport bookshops at least. This article explores the dense 'flora' growing on the shelves and finds that we're a world of 'self-helpers' and 'self-help' gurus.

1184: Business Conversion Through Planned GSA Contract Management
Are you as a company, dreams of partnering the federal government to generate profits like never before? Well, for this, you may need to contact a good federal government contract consulting firm, which can prepare proper strategy and provide you adequate advices to secure GSA schedule contracts to realize your dreams. Taking the help of government contract specialist can give you real advantage of availing the best benefits of contracting and legal support services covering the federal government in the United States.

1185: Get to Know About Contract Business
Earning a GSA contract is the best way for a company to increase its sales and market its products and services in the Federal Market Place. Through the GSA Schedules, a company becomes eligible for selling almost over 4 million commercial products and professional services to the Federal Government directly. Hence, it gets the chance to earn more profit and success as well.

1186: Waste Hauler Contracts - The Ties That Bind
When I first started my sales career in the waste industry, I was placed on a training course. The training focused on the contract and how best to sell it. I was taught that the contract was to spell out the basis of the agreement for waste hauling services between the customer and the hauler.

1187: Rescuer, Victim or Persecutor?
In business, as in life, we are faced with a dangerous triangle, which is a downward spiral. Here's the simple solution to this disempowering game.

1188: Real World, Real Money, Real Time
I got an e-mail from someone who had just read a 651-word e-zine I wrote, to say that he enjoyed the message and had actually printed and filed it. Ten minutes later, I got an e-mail from someone who had noticed three grammatical errors and a spelling mistake in the same document. With whom would you want to do business?

1189: The Benefits of Customization in EMR Software
Rather than having to adapt to EMR software, you can make the software adapt to you. Finding EMR software that allows extensive customization will help make the transition to electronic medical records as smooth as possible.

1190: The Cost of Starting an Internet Business
There are some that you can get underway with nothing more than a computer and some time. But on the other side of things, other internet businesses require a top of the line website, as well as a product that you are going to ship to consumers.

1191: How To Build Up A Reputable Dropshipping Business With Shopster
There are numerous benefits to shopster allowing you to build up a reputable dropshipping business. There is no inventory to worry about, plenty of tools to use, and tremendous training to lead you to the top.

1192: Refining Innovation Promotes More Efficiency
When refining petroleum, a process known as alkylation is used in order to produce the premium gasoline-blending component known as alkylate. Alkylate is the additive in premium automobile fuel that helps solve the pesky knocking noises that can occur in engines and may develop when using lower grade gasoline. Engine knock is the sharp metallic noise produced as a result of the pre-ignition of fuel, often when accelerating, which can result in power reduction and a loss of fuel economy.

1193: Russian Druzhba Pipeline - Supply, Demand, and Control
Germany, Poland, and the Ukraine, as well as other countries in the European Union produce minimal amounts of petroleum within their borders, if any, and rely on imports for most all of their fueling needs. Thirty percent of all imported oil to the countries of the European Union begins its journey deep within Russia, half of it running through the Druzhba Pipeline that crosses through the small country of Belarus. "Druzhba" means "friendship", but friendly feelings were not prevalent in January of 2007, when Russian oil monopoly Transneft halted pipeline service through Belarus, affecting many countries in Europe ...

1194: Phill - The Way to Fill Up the Natural Gas Vehicle at Home
With gasoline costs rising, seemingly, every week in the United States, many consumers are searching and searching for alternative ways to cut fueling costs. While bio-diesel is definitely making itself known across the country currently, bio-fuel is not readily available year round in the United States, especially in the cold winter months as lower temperatures limit supplies. Many are looking to the hybrid electric/gasoline vehicles that are more efficient but still rely on gasoline to charge their fuel cells, accelerate, and do much of their in-city driving.

1195: Price Is a Metaphor For Trust
Price reflects how much you expect a product or company to deliver on quality issues. Price reflects how much you trust them to keep their word. Price is a metaphor for trust when it comes to service contracts, up grades, follow-up and guarantees.

1196: Matching Inks Colours Sounds Simple But When PMS Kicks In, Look Out
Why do I need to consider stock when choosing ink colours? Does the ink colour change if I print spot colour or 4 colour process? Does the way ink dries affect the final colour? What is a Pantone book?

1197: How to Choose Uniforms For Your Company
When deciding to have your staff wear uniforms, it is important to consider several factors before purchasing them. You need to consider what is good for your business in several different aspects before selecting a uniform. Having your employees start wearing uniforms is not something to be taken lightly.

1198: Promise Little And Deliver Much - A Recipe For Success
There is a great counterintuitive marketing technique sometimes expressed as under promise and over deliver. I want to tell you about it because it works, its free, it does not matter if you don't under promise and over deliver sometimes room for error and it applies to absolutely any size and type of business. All it requires from the business owners side is a measure of consistency and of course putting mechanisms in place in the business for under promising and over delivering, if not all the time then most of the time.

1199: Expanding Your Business' Bottom Line Through Government Contracts
Hundreds of U.S. companies sell the kinds of products or services that the U.S. Government is interested in buying or needs. Each year, the government purchases goods or services from private contractors that amount to 1 trillion dollars. How can your company benefit from this kind of business and where do you start?

1200: Package Principles - Preparing Packages for Safe Arrival
Shipping and receiving a package from point A to point B is not necessarily a simple process. Whether packing a day-to-day shipment or preparing a package containing specialty items, preparing a package correctly prior to its shipment helps to ensure its safe arrival.

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