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1201: Merchant Account Services - Credit Card Processing Solutions for Your Business
One who wants to set up one's business on the web and sells goods and services online, needs a merchant account. Setting up an online merchant account is one of the ways to expand business worldwide. Merchant account is also known as the credit card processing system.

1202: The Municipal Budgets II - Roleplayers, Documentation and Processes
Given the rudiments of the legislative and regulatory dispensation that have been put in place for driving the diverse aspects of the municipal budgetary process, there is a need to reflect upon some of the practical dimensions. Of significance here are a number of actions and procedures as well as the output of documentation aimed at giving a comprehensive picture of what is transpiring at the financial level. The ensuing discussion therefore aims to provide a degree of clarity about practices and practical issues - and the focus accordingly is on the roleplayers, the documentation and the processes.

1203: Pull Up Your Marketing Socks
Slack marketing discipline makes you poorer and denies your potential customer base the opportunity to benefit from your products and services. You just have to get in there and take part in the competition with other businesses for the attention of potential buyers in the marketplace. You have to be sensitive and hardworking in todays marketing environment.

1204: Trade Show Preparation Tactics - A Promotional Zoo
Prepare for trade shows the right away and avoid the all too familiar promotional zoos you're accustomed to. Seek this article for tips on how to be sophisticated, rather than animal-like at your next trade show.

1205: Corporate Housing Opportunities
Corporate housing is a catch phrase being tossed around in the travel industry right now and relates to renting out a furnished apartment or house on a somewhat temporary basis to individuals, military personnel or corporations. By design these rental arrangements are meant to be an alternative to extended hotel stays. Here are some benefits that can be gained through the utilization of corporate housing arrangements that you may not have considered or known about.

1206: A Simple Solution to Increase Your Sales - Shift From Selling to Serving
I used to play small when it came to talking about my business because I was afraid of sounding "salesy" and then I discovered the easiest, most-simplest thing I could do to increase my client numbers - I shifted from selling to serving. That's right. So much began to happen ... I felt better about myself, started falling in love with my business and door upon door opened up with opportunities.

1207: Business Customs Of The Country You Are Doing Business With
It is important to understand the business customs and culture of the country you are planning to do business with. This is something a lot of business owners tend to overlook. A lot of time is spent on market research and establishing contacts in the country.

1208: Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign
One of the most effective forms of advertising, direct mail is a quick way to deliver your message to thousands of people. Though it may seem like a simple strategy, direct mailing is actually quite complicated and requires a lot of effort and time to come up with the most effective mailing efforts. Theres a science behind direct mailing and advertisers spend millions of dollars each year trying to find ways to get better responses from direct mail efforts.

1209: Save Money When Selling Your Business
Selling a business is an emotional time in anyones life. Making sure you have done your home work will help the process be a smooth one.

1210: Does Your Buyer Think Your Company Looks Like All the Rest?
Does Your Buyer Think Your Company Looks Like All the Rest? If your Buyer thinks so, he'll make the decision on price - the lowest price. Don't let your Buyer set your prices!

1211: Looming Tech Talent Shortage Is No Surprise Except To Those Who Fueled It
When American companies started calling for exportation of technical resources to off shore interests as the next great idea for saving money and boosting profits, there were plenty of alarms and warnings within every organization that considered this move a very bad idea. Despite the red lights and sirens, business leadership disconnected themselves from all their early warning systems, and pulled the rug out from under American technical workers anyway.

1212: Why Spend Money on a Marketing Plan When I Can Spend It on the Marketing Itself?
You don't have money to spare, and even less time to waste. So you ask yourself, why spend time and money on a plan when you could spend it on taking action? To save yourself time and money, of course! Learn more in this article.

1213: Got Talent?
For five decades American corporations have thrived on the 76 million-strong baby boomer workforce-those born from 1946 to 1964. Companies throughout the country may be facing a talent gap unprecedented in the history of the United States. While it's hard to predict the future, many experts believe that massive numbers of this cohort, opting for retirement (either full-time or part-time), could send companies scrambling to find enough knowledge and skilled workers for day-to-day business operations.

1214: What Can A Dentist Teach Me About Business, Life And Success?
Building a successful business takes more than a business or marketing plan. It takes effective and efficient systems. The daily challenges of running a business can be overwhelming without appropriate systems in place; systems that allow you to create a life of Total Success. Building a successful business also means having success in your personal life. The kind of success many people want and few achieve. Learn proven insights from a wildly successful dentist who understands the relationship between one's personal and professional life to create Total Success.

1215: LTL Freight A Term Used For Less Than Truckload Freight Can Be An Afforbable Way To Ship
Less Than Truckload Freight or LTL for short is a growing business that has strong demand. The need for businesses to have access to LTL freight carriers can be often confusing for those new to the freight carrier business. This niche business continues to grow primarily due to two main reasons.

1216: How To Upsell - Cross - Sell To Achieve Rapid Sales Growth
Upselling and cross-selling the right stuff at the right time is your duty. How many times have you bought something only to get it home and realise that you wish you had bought the more expensive option because it has features or benefits that you would have preferred. If only the salesperson had told you about it!

1217: The Myth of Human Resources
I went to business school and became an accountant. Many of my friends wanted to go into human resources. They took a bunch of hippy idealistic business classics and some where along the line we've lost touch.

1218: Forecasts For the 2008 Workplace
Productivity ho! If the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) didn't think productivity would continue to be a major issue for the future, of course, we'd never have embedded it into the name of our company. Even so, there are some good reasons to think this is going to be an even higher priority in 2008.

1219: Seychelles Incorporation Benefits
Favourably and strategically situated in the Indian Ocean, enjoying political stability and having the right legal and administrative frameworks in place, nowadays the Seychelles is becoming one of the most attractive offshore jurisdictions. It is highly recommended for those seeking an efficient and secure offshore company structure.

1220: Tax Tips for Traveling
Traveling for business purposes can be a great chance for tax deductions - whether you are self-employed or employed outside the home. It may not seem like a deduction, but when it comes to tax time just about everything counts.

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