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1221: Don't Throw Away Those Scraps - There's Money In Them!
Everyday you see a mound of trash and a pile of junk - scrap iron, bottle and soft drink caps, paper, rubber tires, and other materials that are, well, scrap. Before you snub them, take a closer look. There is money in scraps and loads of it. A little imagination and some tools can set you in a lucrative fashion accessories business.

1222: Hobbies That Can Earn You Big Bucks
Enterprising moms start a home business to augment the take-home pay of their spouses. Luckily, some businesses prosper, while others fold up in no time. The secret of success? Nothing spectacular, just hard work and tight money management.

1223: Doing Business in China
China is the only fastest major growing nation with an average annual GDP growth rate of at least 10%. In 2007, China was ranked 1st by current account balance of USD 262.2 billion dollars (9% of GDP).

1224: Ownership - How Does It Benefit You and Your Company?
"The basic principle which I believe has contributed more than any other to the building of our business as it is today, is the ownership of our company by the people employed in it." ~ James E. Casey.

1225: Textile Industry
Technology has completely revolutionized the textile industry. Not so long ago it was considered a cottage industry which had very little returns; but now textile industry is the backbone of many countries across the world especially the south-east Asian countries. The textile industry serves as much as 32% of the GDP in many cases and these numbers are constantly increasing.

1226: Save Taxes When Selling a Dental Practice With a Section 1031 Exchange
The manner in which a dental practice is sold can have a marked impact on the ultimate wealth of the seller. If it is an outright sale, federal and state income taxes can eat up a large percentage of the proceeds. .

1227: Redefining Business Creativity - Ten Businesses Who are Changing the World
Business gets a bad rap when it comes to things like environment, sustainability and human rights. But there are literally thousands of businesses who are changing the world by redefining our understanding of business creativity.

1228: Trading Company vs Direct Sourcing in China
China is the future for any manufacturer or service provider. That is no secret. So do you buy directly, do you buy through a trader, a broker, an exporter? Do you source yourself and then involve someone there? The answer is that it all depends on your personal preferences. In my case I use both.

1229: Is a GPS Fleet Tracking System Right for My Business?
GPS Fleet Tracking systems can help fleet owners to reduce overtime, fuel and maintenance expenses and increase the number of stops, jobs or deliveries made by the fleet. Yet, ninety percent of fleet owners are yet to install a system. Don explains why, and how to determine if the time has come for you to install a GPS system in your fleet.

1230: Custom Exhibits - A Major Investment In Your Corporate Image
With the coming of the spring trade show season, many companies, especially those new to the market, are busy preparing their trade show exhibits. For those who are new to the trade show game, a major issue is the preparation of custom exhibits. These exhibits represent a major investment in your corporate image, and while it is always important to conserve expenses, your exhibit is not a place to cut corners. In other words, it costs money to be a leader in your field.

1231: Do Not Settle For Just Another Wholesale Directory And Build Your Own Product And Supplier List
In the world of wholesale business you need products and more products. You provide service, yes, but you are not a service company, so products are the lifeline of your business. You need the best suppliers at the best prices.

1232: Business Friendly - Commercial Benefits of Retractable Awnings
Retractable awnings are a great sun protection system: durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, and low cost. Using retractable awnings also offers specific benefits to business owners in two ways: capital improvements that maximize the appeal and functionality of a building and an improved customer experience that gives shoppers, visitors, and passers-by a more pleasant and enjoyable level of comfort in front of a store building.

1233: The Process of Winning in the Cash Flow Business
Many people have heard about cash flow notes, and are wondering about getting involved the cash flow business. Winning in the cash flow business involves excelling in a new career as a note broker-that is, a professional who arranges for meetings between note owners and buyers. Like any business venture, hard work and drive are the key elements of success in the cash flow business.

1234: Leadership - Are You In A Fog When It Comes To Leading Your Team And Your Own Business Leadership?
Knowing your next step of leadership growth and leading your team can feel like being in a fog. Leadership isn't an exact science and is uniquely carried out by each individual leader according to the leader's own style, ethics, background and the situation. Horses can teach you to look up out of your fog.

1235: Should You Rent Or Buy Your Business Premises?
Your business premises can be crucial to your long term success, not just in terms of it's size and location, but how it is owned and funded. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of renting or owning your commercial premises.

1236: B2B Portals Transform International Trade to Simple Trade
B2B portals revolutionized the way the world is doing business right now. They are emerging as the next growth engine of Information Technology. B2Bs are the only interactive advertising tool and low cost trading tool available in the world of business today.

1237: Implementing Competencies - 6 Things To Avoid
Lots of organisations today use competencies to underpin their HR initiatives - talent management, recruitment and selection, training and development. But it is so easy to get it all wrong. This article points out some basic pitfalls organisations typically run in to and how to avoid them to make your HR initiatives run smoothly.

1238: The Best of Business Conferences 2008
The New Year revelations and celebrations are over. It's time to get back to work. The world of business is looking to improvise on the best business practices this year. The result is some of the best business conferences to have ever taken place. Read the article to find significant information on business conferences to be held in 2008.

1239: The End of Innovation?
Everyone knows that global innovation is increasing at a blistering pace, right? Well, maybe it's not, suggests Jonathan Huebner, author of the paper "A Possible Declining Trend for Worldwide Innovation." He argues that, contrary to conventional wisdom, global innovation is actually on the skids. If he's right, this may change the way many employers view and manage innovation in their organizations.

1240: Three Profitable Online Business Opportunities You Want To Consider
Finding the right online business opportunity can be confusing because there's so many to choose from. However, there are three very profitable business models that have always been successful. Use one of these models to help you build a profitable online business.

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