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1301: A New Year a New Perspective
Gerry a fictional company owner, suddenly understands he is not promoting his business in the right way. He sees the light and realises the images he is using are just not the right ones. Travel with him on his journey to enlightenment.

1302: Profitably Extend the Scope and Concept of What You Do Now
Most businesses and nonprofit organizations focus on too narrow a way to serve customers and beneficiaries. They should look around to see what else might be done that would be very efficient to offer at low cost that people want.

1303: Lead Your Business to A Billion Dollars
Here are six points that are common among enterprises that have become billion dollar companies. Massive exposure - Martha Stewart's break came when Kmart pumped millions of dollars into making her name known in every household. Mary-Kate and Ashley leveraged the fame they had developed through their role on Full House.

1304: 7 Business Success Strategies From the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Learn modern day business success strategies from an aging monument. Apply these strategies and you too can build a successful business from the ground up that will stand the test of time.

1305: Know Exactly Who To Target Before Starting Your Sales Recruiting Project
Too many times sales recruiters and hiring managers have no idea what they're looking for in a new candidate before they start a new sales recruiting project. They will tell you that they do - they will even show you a written description of their ideal candidate.

1306: Credit Card Processing for Lawyers - Attorney Privilege
Many attorneys are guilty of not recognizing the inherent benefits of accepting credit cards and/or are unaware of the various credit card programs available that can be tailored to meet their needs. The article points out the advantages of credit card acceptance, and draws the reader's attention to one program in particular -- a Dial Pay program -- that deserves closer examination.

1307: Getting Good Value For Your Business
If you're looking at selling your business, the paramount question is what you can hope to get for it. Be warned though, that this is one number that is not absolute. Differing circumstances and individual perspectives can have a definite bearing on the worth that is attached to your company.

1308: Working With A Virtual Assistant
Virtual Assistants are a relatively new concept and as such it is hard for people to know what we can do, but basically if you can imagine giving a task to an Assistant you can most likely give it to a Virtual Assistant! With the vast array of technology available enabling people to work effectively while mobile, today it is easier than ever to effectively support a client that is half a world away.

1309: Make Your Business Card Work Marketing Magic
Your business card is one of the BEST and easiest marketing tools you can (and should!) use to stand your business out from all the other businesses that are doing what you do. There isn't anything that bugs me more than getting a business card and not being able to tell what the person does when I look at. It just seems like such a waste of: time, money, paper, energy (theirs that went into creating it and mine trying to remember who they are), and it does nothing to support the bringing about of more business.

1310: Easy Ways to Make Money Online
There are several options to choose from if you're looking for easy ways to make money online. But first keep your regular job, if you have one, and calculating exactly how viable it is to get all of your income from the internet.

1311: Maintaining Your Industrial Refrigeration License
Many states do not recognize industrial refrigeration licenses from other states. So, if you are moving to a new state and want to keep your ammonia refrigeration license then you will need to renew it in the new state of residence. That is unless there is reciprocity in the state you are moving to, and that is unlikely.

1312: What New Uses and Adjustments Will Delight Users of Your Offerings?
Offerings are often designed inside the imaginary head of an engineer, technician, or other technical person. The real world is often quite different than expected. Look to the problems and solutions that are already going on to find ways to improve your offerings and usage.

1313: Spanish Language Translation Is Growing In Importance
Everybody knows that Spanish is an important language in the business world, but did you know that it is the #2 international business language in the world, behind English? This article is about the importance of Spanish language translation, and the benefits it can bring your business.

1314: Simple Steps to Starting a New Business
Building a new business is terribly simple and easy. It's only in our own heads that the process becomes overwhelming.

1315: Why Project Management Matters
In order to understand Project Management, it is critically important to understand that a project is a unique, temporary endeavor with a specific objective. Project Management is not Operations. And while a specific operational objective may be a project, and a project upon completion may be handed over to operations, the two are distinctly different.

1316: Are You Ready to License?
Creating a license based on your Expert Identity can be a very lucrative revenue stream... however there's a lot of legwork & research that goes into creating a license relationship. Are you ready?

1317: I Own My Own Business, and I Work Hard
I just finished reading The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferris. I have to admit I was fascinated by the headline, and a little offended, too. As a business owner, I happen to believe in the value of hard work.

1318: Are You A Victim Of The Southern California Wild Fires?
If you are like many, many business owners in Southern California today, you may be trying to deal with the problem of smoke odors. In the aftermath of the horrible wildfires of this year, many area businesses ended up plagued with serious smoke odors.

1319: Does Your Voicemail Get You Clients? Time to Change That!
If you're serious about attracting clients consistently, I believe you should use every single piece of marketing "real estate" you can. We're talkin' systems that PULL in clients without you having to do much. In this article, I show you that it can even be as "little" as using your outgoing voice mail to get new paying clients.

1320: The Business Lessons of Amazon
Amazon says that the 2007 holiday season was the strongest its beginnings in 1994. Online shoppers ordered 5.4 million items which is somewhere around 62 items per second during the busiest part of the holiday.

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