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1321: Cut Your Audio Learning Time in Half By Speed Listening
Did you know you can speed-listen to 60 minutes of audio in 30 minutes or less with full comprehension using special speed-listening software? You can even go faster with a little practice and blast through an hour of audio learning in 20 minutes or less saving you hours and hours of time.

1322: Event Planning In Washington DC
Washington DC is, by virtue of the growth of its surrounding areas, becoming a major destination for corporate events. Finding a corporate-event planning company can be crucial in presenting your clients or employees with a unique, memorable event.

1323: Solutions for Penny Pinching Businessmen and Printing
If you're printing a small quantity of documents or perhaps you are making a mock up of one or two customized brochures, then your desk jet can do the trick. On the other hand, always get the bulk of your print materials done with a printing company that can execute it efficiently, conveniently and professionally.

1324: Standard Printing Made Easy and Made Affordable
Remember, offset printing is for every one who needs high quality printing in large volumes. Even as a businessman without a printing background you can get your prints done with high quality and fast turn around time, but most importantly: simply and easily.

1325: How To Achieve The Profits That You Always Wanted In Your Business
Today, I want to share with you on how to achieve the Profit that you always wanted in your business. If you are ready, prepare a piece of paper and start writing.

1326: What Will Happen When We Run Out of Oil?
Explanation of the dilemma of running out of gasoline, America's bloodline, and description of a recent massive oil discovery off the coast of Louisiana. The dwindling supplies of crude oil will cause massive changes in our economy. Because of the rampant increase of people driving, the rising demands for gasoline alone is a monumental concern.

1327: Drilling in the Arctic Refuge
The United States' largest oil-producing field lies in northeastern Alaska. The Prudhoe Bay oil field has been producing domestic reserves for the United States continuously since its discovery in 1968. The U.

1328: Casual Friday's - Deciding What to Wear
Casual Friday means you get to leave the suit on the hanger and don something a little less restrictive and a little more "you." Unfortunately with causal Fridays comes the ever looming question: "what is casual?"

1329: From Idea To Revenue
Starting a new business and building it up to profitability can be very difficult. Use these 5 steps to determine if you're on the right track.

1330: One Millionaire's Secret to Success in Business
A few years back I attended a meeting where a man who had created a successful business that was now selling goods to countries all over the world shared with us his 3 key steps to success. Although his points somewhat challenge traditional thinking, you must remember that he was successful by living this formula. These are his three key steps to success along with my thoughts.

1331: 2007 - The Year Gone By - Indian Year of Eureka - Some Realities
A funny take on the harsh realities of Indian Business by a well known Management Consultant. A short note speaking volumes about the state of Denial by the Indian Business Mind. A soft critique - should not be taken personally.

1332: Advice on Choosing a Home Based Business
Is there too much month for the money? Do you dream of being debt free? Have a nicer home?

1333: Avoiding the 70 Hour Work Week
Owning your own business can be an all-consuming affair. As most small business owners know, it is not just a job, it's a lifestyle. It's not unusual to find entrepreneurs seeing their work days expand to fill 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week.

1334: If at First You Don't Succeed
We've all been there. Perhaps we have a passion that we'd love to make into a lucrative career.

1335: Instituting Inspiration - Daily Devotionals for Business Learning
It's true: the more you know, the more productive you can be. Increased knowledge and experience naturally keep us motivated, particularly as our levels of expertise grow. If you are not knowledgeable about your business, your motivation level naturally will be low.

1336: How to Start a Profitable Gift Basket Business
A perfect gift that suits the giver, the recipient, the occasion at the desired price is something everyone dreams of. Compliments sound nice, especially when they are a direct praise to someone's gift. This opened business opportunities for those who are currently making use of their talent for running this hot new business called gift basket service.

1337: Opening a Restaurant?
Are you planning to open a restaurant? That's a great idea, but only if you have completed all your homework perfectly. This business is one of the most competitive businesses. Opening a restaurant is not as easy as it seem to be. It's a real business, just like any real business, it takes lot of time, capital, and a lot of effort to get rewards.

1338: Finding Success in Business
There are a lot of books that try to translate a successful business model or philosophy. The only thing you really need is in you.

1339: Best Fighter Pilots Thrive Survive On OODA - How They Excel From The Cockpit To The Boardroom
We explore how top fighter pilots adapt and excel in their cockpit fights in their applied logic of OODA: observe, orient, decide, act. How this requires mental and physical agility and how it can be applied from the fast action in a fighter cockpit to everyday decisions, observations, orientation sessions and opportunities to act, and to understand when, is discussed here.

1340: Make a Living From Your Horse Racing System
Need extra cash for those little emergencies? You can get more money if you just know how to manage your horse racing system. It's not a matter of luck, but a matter of wise thinking.

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