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1341: Online Transcription Services
Online transcription is web-based transcription service where the operating system is independent and is cross browser compatible. Their services are accessed via a web browser who is not restricted by time zones or business hours. The mission is to offer each and every client high quality and professional transcription services, combined with the most competitive pricing schedules in the industry.

1342: Your Home Renovation Project Checklist
We typically take home renovation projects very seriously, yet there are so many things to think about and mistakes can be fatal. Following is a great checklist of things you must take into account to ensure a successful project. Make sure you design your plan well.

1343: Benefiting From Competitive Analysis - Know Your Competition For Success
Any comprehensive competitive analysis involves understanding and analyzing competitor businesses, strategies, clients, market share and marketing, niche area, competitor strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats etc. Success in any online business or Ebusiness or Ecommerce is the objective of many businesses. However, it is not that easy.

1344: Revolutionizing Excel Budgeting
A revolutionary solution in excel budgeting for corporations. It will remove the constraints currently faced by budgeting managers.

1345: Recognition Lapel Pins and the Corporate World
Lapel pin worn on the dress is enough to pass around a message or strengthen the corporate spirit. It is also an excellent way to highlight an achievement. Read the article to find information on their role of Recognition lapel pins in corporate world.

1346: The Family Funeral Home Provides Better Quality Than Corporate Owned Ones
Roughly 3,000 of 22,000 funeral homes are owned by large corporations. Houston-based Service Corporation International (SCI) is the biggest owner, claiming a 14% share of revenues from afar, while still allowing local management and control. Other giants include Carriage Services, and Stewarts, who own thousands of them and cemeteries.

1347: How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying - I Wish I Knew How To Find Wholesalers and Dropshippers
If you're looking for wholesalers or dropshippers, you can spend hours and hours scouring the Internet to find the right wholesaler liquidators that meet your specific needs. Ever thought of investing in a wholesale directory?

1348: Money - Let It Become Your Second Language
What language are you fluent in... English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese? It could be any one of hundreds of different languages. Maybe you speak more than one language. If so you are both gifted and lucky. How would you like to learn another language? One that can change your life on many different levels. One that can give you freedom of choice in how to spend your time.

1349: Renovation-Upgrading Cost Analysis
Renovating and upgrading an investment property acquisition is a source of both opportunity and risk. When a property has deferred maintenance, the cost of curing the deferred maintenance can be difficult to estimate without obtaining bids from contractors.

1350: ISDN Lines Lose Their Market Share
There are various options to getting connected to the World Wide Web. You can have dial-up connectivity, broadband, satellite Internet or ISDN connection.

1351: Employee Morale, Employee Retention and Common Civility
Employee retention is an ongoing challenge in today's workplace. Employee reward programs are an integral part of the solution, but the root cause of morale problems can easily be addressed with no financial outlay at all.

1352: Streamlining CLIA Compliance with Software - A Call for Lab Professionals to Return to Science
Paper and hybrid solutions are the mainstay of CLIA regulated clinical laboratory quality systems. They admittedly result in a myriad of faux pas but why spend money on another technological solution if it isn't going to do what it was "designed" to do? This article presents the characteristics of real (and relatively simple) CLIA streamlining technology.

1353: How Food Retailers Can Prepare for FDA Food Recalls - A 9-Step Plan
There are new threats to food safety, and the possibility of FDA food recalls remains a prominent concern for food retailers and distributors. The average settlement for recall-related litigation is over $200,000 - not to mention the possibility of damaged customer relationships and loss of life. This 9-step plan can potentially minimize the legal, financial, and health-related impact the next time you face a recall situation.

1354: Managing Stock Levels Can See Off The Credit Crunch By Improving Cash Flow
When times get hard and 2008 has all the hallmarks of being a difficult financial year control over cash flow is critical. The best defence in these days of the credit crunch is to introduce and monitor cash flow liquidity at the earliest stage of which stock levels and inventory control can be crucial elements.

1355: Is a California Truck Driving Job For You?
As one of the top profitable states in the national agriculture industry, California has an economic output of nearly $1.7 trillion annually. The Golden State relies heavily upon truck drivers to transport goods produced there all over the country, which presents the perfect employment opportunity for individuals looking to start a new and exciting career.

1356: Vitamin Water, Fuze, Monster And Jones Soda - Start Your New Age Beverage
Energy Drinks, Vitamin Waters, Infused Waters, all New Age Beverages, are the focus of attention for consumers, entrepreneurs and even investors. I'm seeing many new companies and new products every single day; and those are the ones that call me. Imagine all the ones all over the world.

1357: Preparing for FDA Inspection - 5 Ways to Prepare
Nobody looks forward to a call from the FDA announcing an upcoming inspection. Still, food and drug manufacturers understand that FDA inspections are a necessary burden all manufacturers must bear. Here are 5 ways to prepare for your next FDA inspection.

1358: Web Collaboration and Teamwork Equals Success
Get those customers through real time web collaboration. With a palette of appropriate tools, you and your team can boost sales. You'll have satisfied customers who wont hesitate to recommend you to their friends.

1359: Watch What You're Getting From Free Web Meeting Come-ons
In signing up for web meetings, check out what are the free web meeting services provided. You may be getting a free trial run for 30 days, only to find out you've got to pay more features that are provided free by other service providers. So watch what you're getting before you commit yourself or your business to a contract.

1360: Wal-Mart - Eyeing The Global Market
Wal-mart, the largest retailer in the world was established in US (Arkanas) in the year 1962 by Sam Walton, and grew steadily with sales figure of $218 billion and some 4500 stores by 2002. In the early stages Wal-mart operations were confined to the United States, where it established a competitive advantage based upon a combination of efficient merchandising and progressive human relations policies, probably taking a leaf out of the book of F.W Taylor.

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