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1361: Are You A Corporate Mystic?
"If we plant a seed in the ground we know that the sun will shine and the rain will water, and we leave it to the Law to bring results. Well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results..."

1362: Marine Insurance and Freight Forwarding
If you are part of the International trade scene and want to make sure your goods get transported in the most efficient and economical manner, then freight forwarding is your best bet. Freight forwarders help you get the best deal possible and figure out the most economical route for you to ship goods internationally.

1363: Leadership - Use Rejection To Leverage Big Success
As business professionals, we encounter several forms of rejection on a daily or in some cases hourly basis depending on the nature of our industry or profession. But rejection in a lost sale, unsatisfied customer or missed contract does not have to result in failure. You can use rejection as a steady platform to catapult you into business success!

1364: Cash Flow Management Issues Relating To Funding And Investment In A Credit Crunch
Cash flow management is a critical business area every business must get right to survive. This article suggests a number of areas that a business might address to ensure the business have sufficient liquidity and working capital to survive the credit crunch and continue in business to generate profit.

1365: Buying Products from Overseas
Many businesses think that taking the plunge into off shore product sourcing or manufacturing is only open to the big companies. In reality, todays market is so connected that any size business can consider going global from the start.

1366: Crisis and Decoupling of Asia and US
The decoupling of Asian market from US is illusionary, and outright impossible. This is proven by the low purchasing power, and the lack of innovations, foundation that is necessary for the economy to take off in the former markets.

1367: The Truth About Wholesale Sourcing
If you want to start your own business selling physical products, you will have to find a reliable supplier who can sell you products at wholesale prices. Without a legitimate wholesale source, you will not be able to purchase products at a low enough price to resell for a substantial profit. The reason why so many people fail at this is because there are so many middlemen and scammers who claim to offer you wholesale pricing.

1368: The Concept Of Reforms As Developed In Information Technology
PRINCE is a project management method; not system development, which covers the organisation, management and control of projects. Since its introduction in 1989, PRINCE has become widely used in both the public and private sectors and is now the UK's de facto standard for project management.

1369: Private Equity
Private equity is medium to long-term finance provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth unquoted companies. Private equity isn't new-it's been around in various forms for almost 25 years, including the Barbarians at the Gate-style hostile takeover of RJR Nabisco by Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) in 1989. Private equity is booming, with buyout firms poised to raise more than the previous record of $215 billion, set in 2006.

1370: Understand This Half-Billion-Dollar Business Secret and Build Your Own Personal Fortune From It
The inside secret of Oprah's success is her ability to validate her audience. You can use the same principles to build your chiropractic business empire. The key is to allow your patients to become "insiders."

1371: Dial Pay - Ringing Up Credit Card Processing Sales
Merchants who do not anticipate a high monthly credit card processing volume, or those who run mobile and/or seasonal businesses, should evaluate a Dial Pay program. Dial Pay, a process to accept customers' credit card payments via a touch tone or mobile phone, is easy to use and affordable. Indeed, it offers distinct advantages over other merchant account programs. Even Alexander Graham Bell would endorse Dial Pay, happy that the phone has an additional important function.

1372: Is Learning and Development Finally Coming Home?
Recent developments in America suggest that learning and development could be resurrected from the dark, dusty recesses of human resources into a bright new future. Ever since 1994 and the merger between the Institute of Training and Development and the Institute of Personnel Management to form what in 2000 became the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, there has been no argument about which area was the dominant one. Factors concerning the development of employee skills seemingly became secondary to the rising importance of Human Resource Management.

1373: Authenticity - How Genuine is Your Business To Others?
In today's over-hyped business world, consumers are looking for companies that aren't afraid to reveal who they truly are... and they're earning more respect. Learn how the Four Laws of Authenticity are changing the way companies of all sizes are marketing their businesses.

1374: Save Time And Money With Online Business Card Printing
Save Time And Money With Online Business Card Printing You can save both time and money with online business card printing. What does a business card do? Well it introduces the owner to a new business contact or friend, so in effect the business card is creating a first impression for you, especially if the business card is sent in the mail, so in order to create the best possible first impression with your business card, the card must be of the best quality it can be, and look as good as it possibly...

1375: Tips For Buying Restaurant Equipment
There are several issues you need to consider when you it comes to buying equipment for your restaurant. Sometimes though decisions are going to be made for you. For example if you decide to invest in a franchise they will dictate how everything is set up. They will get the equipment you need and all you have to do is come up with the money to pay for it.

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