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141: Do You Need an Accountability Partner?
Do you need an accountability partner? That is the question of the day! Have you ever wondered where to find a partner or how your business could benefit from one?

142: Lotus Professional
Lotus Professional is a brand name created by Georgia-Pacific, a subsidiary owned by Koch Industry. Lotus Professional is a market leader in paper products, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, and hygiene dispensing systems.

143: PCI Compliant Hosting
Employing the services of a PCI compliant hosting company can greatly benefit firms that make use of payment card systems. They take on the nitty-gritty technical work, helping companies pass the required PCI DSS assessments.

144: Glassware Revolutionized the Hospitality Industry
The days where glassware's were used only at royal places or at auspicious occasions have turned. Glassware has revolutionized the hospitality industry, hotel cultures and the royal trademark. The size, shape, crystalline nature and cost of glassware have set different segments to hotels. The ranking of hotel industry is driven by the quality and the maker of the glassware used by hotels.

145: Importance of Glassware in Business
Glassware has been used in many places and for many occasions as it has different qualities and a look altogether making it look more royal in nature. Glassware has been given lot of importance when you talk of catering or hospitality industry.

146: Five Things to Consider When Planning a Company Picnic Or Corporate Event
Whether you are planning your first or fifteenth picnic, the amount of details to consider is enormous. Here's how we'd start thinking about our company picnic.

147: How to Own a Certified Green Business
Most people these days are recycling and using less energy in their homes and businesses. This is done partly so that our great grand children will enjoy fresh water and have enough energy to sustain their life.

148: Programs to Help You Become a Certified Green Business
Many people are becoming aware of our environment and how we are depleting our precious resources such as energy and water. Conserving what we use today will mean our future generations will have the use of these resources.

149: Buying Used Warehouse Equipment is Safe and Cost Effective
Material handling and storage is the most important activity of any warehouse management. The activity involves lot of capital investment on warehousing equipment.

150: Taking Your Company Public? The Political Realities of Going Public
Take your company public with success. Most companies don't evaluate or acknowledge the critical 'political' aspects of taking a corporation public on the OTCBB, NASDAQ or other exchanges. Here is how to go public with power!

151: Energy Saving Posters Will Encourage Employees to Save Energy in the Workplace
Energy saving posters are a great way to gently but firmly introduce earth friendly habits in the workplace. There are a variety of signs that can be posted that bring awareness to wasteful habits and encourages employees to tread lightly on the earth while working.

152: Use of Barcodes in Supply Chain Management
Barcodes have influenced almost every aspect of Supply Chain Management. The use of barcodes makes business integration processes in supply chain management simpler and more efficient. Barcodes are an effective identification tool that helps track products and greatly reduce errors.

153: Types of Housekeeping Budget
Housekeeping budget can be very confusing if not properly categorized. There are two types of housekeeping budget and each type is based on how expenses are used. The primary one is created according to the needs of the hotel or facility to function and operate smoothly. The second type of budget is the allocation of financial funds for a specific project or item/s.

154: When Conducting a Local Business Search, Will Consumers Find You?
The key to success for any business today is to make it easy for customers to find them. In this world of convenience, if customers are conducting a local business search and are challenged to find you they'll choose the first business that meets their needs.

155: Simplified Mass Balance Method to Help Your Business Manage Refrigerant Emissions
Current levels of harmful chemicals and refrigerant gases like CHCs abd HFCs which can adversely affect the environment can be calculated using the simplified mass balance method to predict future levels of accumulated emissions. Information on emissions will help enable government regulators and environmental scientists to evaluate global climate change rate better basing on the levels of refrigerant use and consequent carbon emissions which can increase greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

156: The One Self-Sabotaging Thing You Do Every Day That Keeps You From Making 7-Figures in Your Business
I've been hearing this one question a lot recently: "What did you actually DO to multiply your income so quickly? Can I do it too?" The answer is "Yes" and it's important to realize that it comes down to several things surrounding marketing. But, believe it or not, those are actually the easy part, because you can be shown exactly how to do this.

157: Starting Our Business Out Right With Tracking Labels
Starting a family business hasn't been easy. We've had our up's and down's. When we decided to start a gift shop in Miami, Florida - we knew this was where we wanted to raise our family and it was the type of shop we wanted to have. Adorable Necessities began as a small shop but soon we took over a larger space. Our customer base grew over the next six months as customers told others about us.

158: A Green Company is a Good Company
Many people feel threatened by businesses. Faceless corporations scare most Americans. However, a green company is a friendly one.

159: Office Gossips, How Can You Prevent it?
Firstly, what is gossip? Wikipedia defines gossip as rumors about personal or private affairs of others. It is the most common means of sharing facts and views, but also has a reputation for errors.

160: How to Choose the Right Calendar
Choosing the right calendar is an important decision. The right calendar can help you stay organized and focused all year long. First, think about what kind of personality you have.

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