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21: GHD a Powerful Name in the Style Industry
When you look up hair straighteners online you will most likely see that the ghd brand comes up on the first few pages. This is because it is world renowned as one of the best brands out there today and all at an affordable price. The brand is simply associated with excellence in the styling market, even being used by top salons all over the world. And all of this in only a few short years. How did they do it?

22: Glasses - How to Select the Appropriate Ones?
Glasses can make or mar the appearance of a person. Thousands of varieties in terms of shapes, colour and other designs are likely to confuse your decision. Don't worry. Here are few important tips to enhance your beauty if you are a woman or your handsomeness if you are man.

23: A Good Classic Leather Handbag Choice For All Occasions
Classic leather handbags are always a perfect choice to complete a woman's overall look. Wherever she may go, be it an international flight or to a shopping mall, a classic leather handbag will be your perfect company. It is completely a waste of money to buy a handbag that will never suit your outfit.

24: Proctor Silex 2 Slice Cool Wall Touch Toaster 22605 Review - Toasted Bread at Its Best
When I was a kid, I loved my grandmother's toast. It would be nice and buttery in the middle and she'd cook it in the toaster over the broiler. I'd spread some jelly on top and chow down, along with a nice helping of some sausage and grits. Fast forward a decade and some years later, and I still like toast, but I'm too lazy to cook it in a toaster oven. So I went in search of a counter top toaster that fit my budget on Amazon. I found the Proctor Silex Cool-Wall Touch Toaster 22605.

25: Finding Deals on eBay
Finding deals on eBay can be viewed as a bargain hunt. You must know where the best and biggest bargains like to hide if you want to bag the big one.

26: Stainless Steel Cutlery - Durable - Trendy!
Are you looking forward to give a new look to your kitchen by adding new kitchenware? If yes, you can look online to find information about stainless steel cutlery. You can get elegant and trendy cutlery and make your kitchen look strikingly beautiful. This kind of cutlery is not only durable but also break resistant. There are various manufacturers who manufacture cutlery of finest quality. Cutlery made from stainless steel is timeless and robust.

27: The Burberry Legacy
Burberry is one of the world's oldest and most respected fashion brands. Founded in 1856, it has a long history and has been instrumental in creating some of the iconic fashion statements of the 20th century. Examples include the trench coat and the famous tartan check pattern that is now widely copied.

28: Skimpy Bikinis
Preview new swimwear trends from Brazil to America. Find great summer beach destinations to revive your soul and enhance your sun tan.

29: Designer Clothes and Accessories
Many people would like to wear and use designer clothes and accessories, but they have been convinced that such items are luxuries well beyond their economic reach. With a bit of coaching, just about anyone can actually afford to dress like they spent a fortune on their wardrobe.

30: Men Suits and Colors
The first thing that every one notices when men wear suit is the color. "First impression is the best impression" - So give importance to your dressing. Selecting the suit color can be made an easy task by following few simple rules.

31: How to Care For Your Sunglasses Properly
All those people who have accidentally broken an expensive pair of sunglasses, or scratched a lens while cleaning it are aware that it is really important to provide proper care to your sunglasses to ensure you can use them for a long time. The most important thing to do is use a carrying case for your sunglasses. Hard cases will provide more protection to your sunglasses, but a softer case is easier to carry as it takes up less room.

32: Diaper Bags - Credit Well Deserved
There are many people and things in life that never get the credit nor the applause they deserve. For example, where would society be without the person who invented bathroom tissue? Catalogs just do not remind one of a comfortable and effective experience when it comes to those necessary times. What about the person who invented those little rubber wedges that keep doors from closing by themselves. I mean, come on, how many awards have you heard of that honored that much-deserving individual? So it is with diaper bags. History will never be able to fully record nor recite the accolades that are due to this faithful icon of humanity.

33: Buy Rubber Wristbands
You can make your own wristbands at home or if you don't have time you can buy wristbands online. Wristbands can fit the needs of both home makers and professional groups.

34: Basis of Kids Halloween Costume
Children love to get dressed up everyday. You will be amazed to see that they have more creative ideas than adults.

35: Coach - Go With a Winner
Coach is the most recognized name in the handbag industry. It's easier to beautiful now than ever before.

36: Dress For Your Body Type, Spring 2009
Spring is a time to shed a few of the winter layers and have fun with your wardrobe. Play up your assets with various cuts of skirts, tops, and dresses in an array of colors and patterns. I will break down flattering and stylish ideas for different curvy body types.

37: Birkin Handbags - Your Choice, Your Legacy
Women all over the world are chasing for luxurious handbags but only few can afford a Hermes Birkin Handbags. It's a symbol of infinite extravagance boasted about by the lucky owners and displayed on many popular American TV Series such as Gossip Girl and the Sopranos. But it's not a walk in the park to purchase a Birkin Handbags.

38: Baby Blanket Trends - Top 4 Styles For Fashionable Parenting
What's new with baby blankets this season? Join me as I review the top 4 styles of baby blankets today, including pros and cons of each style. Whichever one is right for you, there is no doubt that baby blankets have come a long way, baby!

39: French Cuff Shirts
Do you have the right suit? Are you planning to look your best for this big moment? The prefect thing for you to look absolutely smashing is a French cuff shirt.

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