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Options Trading - The A,B,C Of Options Trading

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Like futures trading, an option gives a trader the right, but does not obligate him, to buy the underlying stock at whatever the specified price on a preset time in future.

You make profits if the stock value ends up higher than what you purchased at. On the flip side, if the prices drop, then you lose out on your investment.

There are 2 kinds of options: the put option and the call. When you purchase a call option, you expect that the value of your investment will rise and you buy a put option when you expect the prices to fall.

In either case you make a profit, provided your foresight was correct, unlike other derivatives where you get a profit only when value of shares increases.

You could use the hedging strategy when you are unsure if the price of your stocks is going to go up or fall down. What you should do in such case is go for a put option. If the price dips, you make a profit and if it goes up, at least you do not lose the investment, only the profits.

If you are sure your stocks are going to dip in value, it would be better to sell out and re invest in put options.

Another strategy could be to sell out before the expiry date of your options so you can purchase the underlying profitable stocks. Selling on the options is not a problem because there are bodies responsible for the purchase of so as to maintain a balance in the system.

Do take the time to be a part of forums and online discussions on the possibilities of options trading. You will find up to date information there that no book can provide. Some websites can offer free training material as well, which is a great boon for beginners.

Like any investment, options trading requires you to be updated with regularity, on the economy and businesses of different trading companies, if you would like to buy stock options on their company. It is great when you have a good idea of who you will need to trade with.

When you have the adequate information on the goings-on of the market, you are best equipped to make your self a good profit. Secondly, the timing with which you make your moves is vital, so make sure you make regular observations of the market if not continuous in your business day.

To conclude, although trading with options can be a risky business, it can give you good returns when you play your cards right. So make sure you are getting regular information updates and that you have a strategy to work with.

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