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61: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie - Rich Girls and Their Real Estate
After all, who would expect a young single gal to own so many pieces of real estate, while in the prime of their lives and a list of parties to attend, that is a mile long? Each gal of course owns a private residence, all of which are substantial. Britney Spears, who has a monthly income said to be about $700,000 per month, enjoys spending all of it, without saving, or does she? Owning real estate at the bottom of the market is in a way like money in the bank.

62: The 21st Century Ghost Town - The Aftermath of Bankrupt Developers
The 21st Century Ghost Towns are one of the scariest scenarios for home owners. With new construction developer going belly up you will need to know how to avoid buying a new homes in the wrong development.

63: Domestic Situations
Sometimes it can be difficult working in the real estate business because you find yourself profiting off the misfortunes of others. It is not uncommon to find yourself in the middle of a real estate venture where there is a divorce involved. The reasons are of no concern. The fact remains: either you can take over the property or someone else can.

64: What You Should Know About Home Information Packs (HIPs)
As the name suggests, a HIP is a collection of documents that's compiled by the property owner (or estate agent) and made available to all interested buyers. Inclusion of certain documents is required under this new legislation while other documents need only be included at the seller's discretion.

65: Are Estate Agents Really Necessary?
let's take a closer look at the services estate agents offer. First and foremost, the really good ones are "experts" in the property market. They know every property in the area that has recently sold and each property's respective selling price.

66: Online Real Estate Auction Has Become a Skyrocket
Sellers and real estate agents are struggling to get their properties noticed. It's not surprising that more sellers are turning to creative ways to market their properties. One such creative strategy nowadays is online real estate auctions have become more popular than traditional real estate auctions. Online real estate auctions can certainly help you locate a great property, particularly in an area far from where you live.

67: Market Watch and 7 Real Estate Indicators
How can we tell that the market slump is starting to slow? Use this 7 point test to determine the market recovery for your area!

68: Understanding the Foreclosure Process
Foreclosures have been steadily increasing over the past few months in most American cities. Some of the cities with the highest number of foreclosures include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit, Phoenix and many others. There are many different reasons why homes go into foreclosure.

69: The Explosion of Panama's Property Market and Who Lit the Fuse
It would be easy to write another article about the property boom in Panama, 30,000 units built between July 2006 and July 2007, another 40,000 announced and/or being built, rental yields going through the roof, as is the tourism, the latter attracting global corporations like Hilton to build sky scraping hotel complexes and giving Panama City a skyline to rival any of the world's greatest cities -- which may go some of the way to explain the influx of American retirees chasing cheap living in the sun. But where has it all came from, and why now?

70: Byron Bay - Beachfront - Other Properties
The highest house sales (140) were in March 2002, the height of the surge, and then followed by much lower turnover, average of 80 house sales per month. The latest sales (100) were in March 2007 and are now showing what I believe to be the beginning of an upswing. The median house price has reached now $600,000.

71: How Some Struggling Orange Country Mortgage Professionals Are Now Earning a Great Living
Before the housing slump, Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers were flourishing in Orange County. Driving their fancy cars, earning an easy six figures, life was great. Now there are thousands looking for work and having trouble paying their own mortgages. This is what some are doing to maintain their lifestyle.

72: Property Renovation - What May Need Doing
Have you bought a property at auction in need of renovation or purchased a property for business purposes that needs renovation, if so you might need the assistance of professional property renovators. Property Renovation covers a wide range of activities, from structural repairs and new building work to converting a property into a house or business premises or even a set of apartments to refurbishment of the property all with the intent of renovating the property to the very highest standard. Once the property renovation has been done properly by the professionals you are likely to ...

73: 5 Real Estate Lessons We Learned in 2007
No matter how you measure it, 2007 was certainly an interesting year for real estate across the United States. In truth, the full effects of all this are yet to be seen. But we can certainly cast our attention backward and see things in the perfect clarity of hindsight. In the spirit of hindsight, here are five real estate lessons from 2007.

74: Home Appraisers and What They Do
Allowing a home appraiser to come and inspect your house is always a difficult process to go through. Often, home owners are rather surprised at the market value that a home appraiser comes up with, but rest assured - a home appraiser's valuation is usually right on target.

75: 2008 - The Year of Transformation for Downtown Phoenix
2008 looks to be the year of transformation for downtown Phoenix. Numerous active projects are scheduled this year, and their collective surfacing in the downtown core will have a profound effect.

76: The Question Is Not Can You Afford To? The Question Is Can You Afford Not To?
I brought a seller an offer of $ 175,000 on his condo. In spite of my best efforts, he turned down the offer. The condo is now marked down to $ 139,900, and is still on the market.

77: The Downtown Raleigh NC Real Estate Market
Raleigh, NC has consistently topped most national surveys as one of the best cities in the country to live, work, play and learn. It's no wonder too- Raleigh undoubtedly has one of the best real estate and job markets in the country and its schooling system is state-of-the-art.

78: Should Government Profits On Realty Be Lowered?
If you are planning to sell your house this spring, and are disheartened by the amount of brand new homes for sale in your area, take heart! It seems the Government slide off more of our bucks than we probably realize, but at least one of these taxes could work in your favor.

79: To Rent or To Buy - That Is The Question
There seems to be no end to this debate. There are critics on both sides of this question. Most of the debate revolves round the financial aspects of purchasing a house. The usual factors affecting a decision are the price, the carrying costs, availability of loan, affordability of mortgage and prospects of appreciation.

80: God Was a Real Estate Professional Too - Just on a Much Larger Scale!
There are many very devout Real Estate Professionals who take both their professions and their inspiration from a higher power quite seriously. And to those folks I think there is a bit of synchronicity there, in that the Heavenly Father, appears to have been somewhat of a Real Estate Professional himself.

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