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101: Using the Yield Add-In Functions
Excel provides several add-in functions that let you make yield calculations for securities such as bonds more easily. The functions can be challenging to use, however, explains the CPA author of the MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel.

102: Making A Profit On Investment From Social Lending Sites
The worldwide lending industry is a multi-billion dollar industry where people borrow from banks, financial institutions and other private lenders. In the last couple of years, the lending industry has gone through an evolution and has given way to social lending as the new and promising mode of lending.

103: Free Debt Consolidation In Kansas - A Great Respite
Free debt consolidation in Kansas is meant to save the time and money of the residents of the agricultural state of Kansas. Individuals often have to resort to credit cards and other loans, to meet both the ends between their earnings and expenditures. Looking like an instant relief in the hour of need, these loans soon become the biggest reason for all our problems.

104: P2P Lending Is The New Age Solution To Borrowing
Social lending is growing as a popular mainstream-lending platform. Where banks have failed - social lending hubs like Zopa & Prosper have successfully launched their lending services and are becoming effective community borrowing networks.

105: Unclaimed Money In Texas - Lost Cash And Property Up For Grabs For 200,000 Texans
The State of Texas is currently holding nearly $2 billion in TX unclaimed money and property. Citizens of Texas, and folks who otherwise are owed a portion of this money have every right to reclaim it once they find it. Locating lost assets isn't difficult, once you know what you're doing.

106: Pennsylvania Unclaimed Money - $1 Billion For The Taking!
The state of Pennsylvania is currently holding over $1 billion of the citizens money. PA unclaimed money is waiting for the rightful owners to step forward and take their lost assets back. With proper guidance, Pennsylvanians can be reunited with their missing money sooner rather than later.

107: North Carolina Unclaimed Money Reaches $700 Million
As state unclaimed property offices take in more than they dole out, North Carolina's unclaimed money now stands at a record $700 million. NC citizens need only learn how to thoroughly search for their missing money and then step forward to claim what is already theirs. As this pile of cash continues to grow, odds increase that you're due a claim.

108: Hundreds of Millions In Michigan Unclaimed Money
The state of Michigan is currently seeking the rightful owners of hundreds of millions of dollars in MI unclaimed money. Unclaimed property is there for the taking, the owners need only find it and stake their claim, which can be easier said than done. With the help of unclaimed property experts you can feel confident in your searching abilities today!

109: Reduce Debt And Regain Control!
If you're on the path to reduce debt, you need to have a plan. Attacking a bad money problem with no strategy will get you nowhere fast. If you find that you have a debt problem, your debt relief program should be designed to tackle your debt from every possible angle.

110: Fast No Fax Payday Loan - A Welcome Service
Ever thought that for a fast no fax payday loan, all you'll have to do is to fill an online application form and click submit? And within minutes, your application would be approved, and the cash advance that you urgently required is in your account in less than 24 hours. Fast no fax payday loan is now available to help you do just that.

111: Quick Cash Advance Payday Loan - Your Friend In Need
Some financial experts advocate against using a quick cash advance payday loan, because of the high interest rates involved in acquiring such a loan. However, if used wisely, a cash loan can prove to be a real friend in need in those times of financial crunch, when help is not forthcoming from anywhere else.

112: No Fax Online Payday Loan Gives Customers The Much - Needed Relief
Ever thought what would happen when all of a sudden there was a financial crisis at home? Who would be taking care of the bills? Would your paycheck suffice? Friends and family can help, but would they? Moreover if so how much?

113: Shopping For A Loan
At some point of time in one's life, one may have to consider availing a loan. The needs that require one to go for a loan are many and there are various loans that cater to various needs. Therefore one will need to shop around for loans that cater to one's specific needs.

114: Shopping For A Mortgage
Once a decision has been made to avail a mortgage, borrowers begin the most important step of hunting for the best mortgage bargain. While there are so many service providers in the market, there are also as much offers that can surely confuse one thoroughly. Therefore it is very important to understand a mortgage deal well before finalising it.

115: Money and Credit Advice to Save You Hundreds
Little everyday credit and money saving decisions can save you big in the long term. Here are some great tips to help you to save more, spend smarter and earn faster.

116: Protect Your Assets With An Offshore Bank Account in Panama
In depth article explaining the best ways to utilize your offshore bank account in Panama to best protect your assets and privacy with discussion of the best ways to legally utilize your account.

117: Best Auto Insurance Company - How To Find One That's The Best For You!
Finding an auto insurance is not difficult, but to find the best auto insurance company is a tough job, which requires some research, information and a bit of luck. When you are on a lookout for this service providers, you generally go by the quotes provided by the company.

118: 5 Ways to Save Money this Christmas
Use these ideas to save money this Christmas or prepare to save more money next Christmas. This is usually a season where people spend more than they can afford and often regret it later when it comes time to pay off the credit card repayments. There are many ways however that you can save money at Christmas and still enjoy the season.

119: An Overview of Social Security Benefits
Social security was established in 1937 as an emergency net for workers of this nation. It was to cover all workers and has grown to cover a wide range of benefits. These benefits are funded by worker payroll taxes and are paid into a fund managed by the federal government.

120: Why Are Cash Loans Now Popular With Borrowers?
Today, everything runs on credit. People are willing to borrow money for meeting their trivial expenses also. With an increase in the number of borrowers, lenders have also increased. So has the competition amongst them to make their products more lucrative. The borrowers have lots of variety to choose from. The companies offer various products, like faxless loans, paperless loan, one-hour payday loans, and cash loans now etc.

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