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1: 10 Steps to First Time Home Buying
First time home buyers manual to success. What to do how and when.

2: Why a Recession Might be Good for Aspen Real Estate
A recession might not be all that bad for owners of Aspen real estate. There are forces at play that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

3: A List Of Property Definitions
There are numerous types of property on the market that are being advertised at any given time. It is vital that you know what to expect, here are the names of the property types and their definition.

4: The Lowdown On Mortgage Fraud
Mortgage Fraud has never been as prevalent as it is today. In the past two years, it has increased so much that the FBI has put out a strong Fraud Warning Notice, which the Mortgage Bankers Association is promoting.

5: Double (Glaze) Your Home's Salability
One sure way to add value to your home is to install attractive double glazed units; these will lower your heating bills which will increase the desirability of your property.

6: What Real Estate Really Needs Right Now Is Some Certainty
What we really need right now is some certainty. There are just too many question marks in the minds of buyers today.

7: Bastrop Texas Transformation
Early in Texas history Bastrop was almost the capital of Texas But lost to Austin due to land prices at the time. There are a hundred and one wonderful things to say about Austin, TX. There are lakes and rivers, Zilker Park, the hill country, bluebonnets, 6th Street, the University of Texas (hook 'em horns), the music scene and the movie makers all contribute to the wonder of Central Texas. It is easy to see that Austin is surrounded by numerous smaller communities and towns that are tied to Austin by history and co-dependency.

8: Real Estate Recession and Military Base Closures - The BRAC
Gudrun and Tcat have discussed the market cycles and in quite a few of our pieces, how down trends in the real estate market are spotty, and not uniform. We found what for some is a real crystal ball! It is called The BRAC. This rather large tome may help you figure out is your market experiencing or about to experience a real estate recession? It turns out many builders look at The BRAC to figure out where to build new construction.

9: Getting Legal With Your Realtor
When it comes time to purchase a home, it is easy to get swept away by the excitement. This is particularly true if this is your first time purchasing a home, which is always a thrilling moment.

10: Real Estate 101 - What is a Realtor?
You might be surprised to know that that there is a difference between being a Realtor and a real estate agent. Although the two terms are commonly used interchangeably, becoming a Realtor takes much more work, dedication, and education than becoming a real estate agent.

11: Real Estate Teamwork - How Your Realtor Accomplishes Your Goals
You may not realize it, but helping you find a great home is often a joint venture between your Realtor and a number of other professionals. In fact, it is through your Realtor's willingness to work with other professionals that you can more quickly find a great place to live at a price you can afford.

12: Problems For A Home Inspector
A home inspection, because it is a visual inspection by a trained professional, has a certain number of built in limitations. An inspector cannot see into walls. However, when the utilities at a home have been shutoff, such as water, gas and electricity, that imposes limitations on the inspection and that severely impedes the overall quality of the inspection.

13: Home Inspectors And The Re Inspection
On the surface, it sounds simple enough. But, in fact, the simple re-inspection of a previously inspected home or property is very high liability to the working home inspector. A synopsis of the complexities of the re-inspection process, and why it worries home inspectors, is provided below.

14: Going Green in Your Home
Canadian builders going green, read the headline, and it got me thinking about the cost of not just building 'green', but of converting to green in our existing homes. Being able to list your house as a 'green' home must still be a novelty these days.

15: Cutting Through the C.R.A.P. While Choosing a Home Stager
With today's real estate market catering to buyers, you will want to call on a Professional Home Stager to get ahead of the competition and make sure your home stands out among the multitudes. And because there are so many to choose from, here are a few tips to consider when talking to a Home Stager. But remember, your home is now a commodity so don't get offended if they don't see your home the same way you do.

16: Much Ado About Nothing In Real Estate?
Is the housing market as bad as we read and hear lately? Find out what is going in real estate in the real world.

17: Is Your Life and Real Estate Career a Perfect Storm?
More and more realtors are getting out of the business - some of those who are battle hardened and will never give up have become cynical. I advise you to take a different path, the bumpy dirt road. Why you ask? Well, because adversity builds character; that's why.

18: Online Real Estate Advertising
Online real estate industry is on the rise. With prevailing market conditions real estate agents and real estate investors are more adapting to the changing and growing technology. Internet has become one of the primary medium of their change that has attained new heights of development.

19: The Real Estate Appraisal Process
Real estate appraisal is the practice of developing an opinion of the value of real property, usually its Market Value. Real estate appraisal is a service performed by an appraiser that determines valuation (what property is worth) based upon its highest and best use and the use of three basic techniques or approaches to value.

20: Nude Real Estate Sales Have Special Solutions
Selling a home in a nudist/clothing optional community poses special problems, not the least of which is that the market appeals to only a small percentage of the overall buying public. In order to level the playing field, companies have been created that help the sellers of these unique properties.

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