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Is Your Life and Real Estate Career a Perfect Storm?

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More and more realtors are getting out of the business - some of those who are battle hardened and will never give up have become cynical. I advise you to take a different path, the bumpy dirt road. Why you ask? Well, because adversity builds character; that's why.

You see, life is not suppose to be easy, no one ever promised you a rose garden, but that does not mean you cannot eat that cake you have and still enjoy it, while you are baking another one. What I am trying to say here is that the current real estate market is like a perfect storm, but in chaos, there is always opportunity. Sometimes you just have to look harder for it.

Perhaps you will consider this little quote I prepared for "YOU" regarding that perfect storm you face and that bad hair day that is blowing you out of place:

"Keep your mind in the eye of that perfect storm and there lies the calm and uplifting lowered pressure you seek. Your view is still there, but you have to look up"

Please be thinking here and keep your head up, we are not out of the storm yet, but soon you will have a little breathing room in the eye of the storm, and you will begin to see the light, put things into perspective and have more strength of character to carry you thru the second half. When it is all done you will have achieved what few have.

Once you do, you will find yourself respected by the others who got wind-whipped to and made it thru or so the song and story goes. As a lifetime entrepreneur, I no longer fear adversity, I welcome it and look it in the eye as if a test of will. I often seek it out and challenge it, while I stare it down and say with conviction; You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet, Is That All You Got - Let's Roll!

You see some say you should not tempt fate, but in reality, once you have stood that ground, you can say right back at the perfect storm, "fate should not tempt me!" Think on it, I wrote this for you for something to contemplate, as you start 2008.

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