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21: Finding A Real Estate Agent In Texas
Texas is a very big state, nearly 900 miles from east to west, with dramatic diverse landscapes and over 500 cities to explore. This remarkable state is organized into seven regions, each with its own Texan personality.

22: Modular Homes - Why Should I Buy One?
There are many great reasons why you should consider Modular Homes, and the benefits they offer. For some people it is the quick construction time, for others it is the cost savings. Here are some tips on modular homes you can read about.

23: What are Modular Homes?
Modular homes are becoming more popular for home builders and buyers. Find out if these cost-efficient, pre-fabricated homes are for you. Learn the pros and cons of buying modular homes

24: Pros And Cons On Buying A Modular Home
There are good and bad reasons when considering the choice of modular home living. It has many good reasons, and a few things you should consider before you make that final choice.

25: Title Insurance In Rhode Island - What Does It Insure And Should I Get It?
This article concerning Rhode Island Real Estate and Title law was written by a Rhode Island Attorney. A person's home is usually their single biggest financial investment. It is highly prudent and wise that a homeowner would want to protect that investment and enjoy the benefits of ownership. An owner's title policy is that protection. The owner's title policy insures against loss or damages sustained by the owner by reason of historical discrepancies such as forgery, undisclosed but recorded prior mortgages, bankruptcies, liens or divorces, deeds not properly recorded, missing wills or heirs, and inadequate property descriptions.

26: Financing Real Estate - How To Find Venture Capital
Financing real estate can be very confusing in terms of what lenders require. Lending practices get tighter or are less restrictive depending on what part of the economical cycle we are in. Recently we heard much talk about the sub prime mortgage crisis that is sweeping the world. As these sub prime mortgages begin to default, banking will significantly tighten lending policies, not just for sub prime applicants, but for all lending generally.

27: 7 Tips To Help Your Mortgage Business Survive The Current Mortgage Meltdown
When dramatic market changes happen as they are now, many people are taken by complete surprise. On the other hand, if you have prepared well, paid attention, followed some if not all of the following tips, you can do business in any market...the best and the worst. This article explains all...

28: Subdividing Land - How To Unlock The Profit In A Large Block
Subdiving land can be a profitable investment strategy. Unlike buying run down homes that need a lot of manual labor, subdividing a block is a lot quicker and simpler providing you do your due diligence before you buy. In fact the profits are made when you buy, not when you sell.

29: How to Find Strong and Accurate Comps for Commercial Real Estate
When it comes to being successful in the commercial real estate market, one of the most important things to remember is to make sure that you always find strong supporting and accurate comparables, otherwise known as comps, when you are evaluating commercial real estate. Basically a comp refers to other properties that you find that are very similar, or comparable, to the specific piece of commercial property that you are considering. This could mean that the properties are similar in their sizes, in the price ranges, and even their uses. These comps will help you come up with an accurate estimate for the value of the property you are considering.

30: Five Skills Every Homeowner Will Need in 2008
This hard hitting article reveals the skills every homeowner will need in 2008. With the housing market upside down, flat or limping along in most areas, your skill as a homeowner will be the key to survival. Discover the five simple but effective skills you'll need to survive and thrive in the coming year... Ignore them at your own risk!

31: Real Estate Market - A Few Guidelines
Real Estate Market refers to a market where exchange of real estate takes place between sellers and purchasers. Real estate comprises of commercial and residential property. Commercial property consists of office buildings, office complexes, retail places and industrial premises, whereas residential property consists of independent houses, bungalows, apartments and condominiums.

32: What a Clean Car Says About Your Attention to Detail as a Realtor
A dirty car is a real no-no for realtors showing property, even if you take the customer's car or they follow you. A dirty car shows a lack of detail and sloppiness, whether it is true or not first perceptions are difficult to dismiss from memory. A clean car says you have your act together, it even ups your credibility a few points. If you are competing for business with another realtor in town, well a clean car can make a difference.

33: Don't Aways Trust The Media - The Colorado Springs Real Estate Market
If you listen to the media you would believe that the housing market is in terrible condition. The media is very good at spinning the facts to fit what will make the best story for them to bring in viewers and sell newspapers. Despite what you will find in the media the fact remains that all real estate is local, and that there are markets that are not in shambles and some are even thriving.

34: Attention Realtors Loan Officers, Mortgage Brokers - There Is A Better Way To Earn Money!
In April, 2005, the Real Estate and Mortgage market saw a major shift in sales and business. By April of 2006, sales were at a dead hault and pricing got very competitive. In the end, many real estate agents and mortgage brokers will turn toward the internet to earn a living and a lot of the time will make more than they did in their first business.

35: Galveston the Last Frontier of Affordable American Waterfront
Vacations homes are homes that can be occupied year round by the owner. Most times the vacation home should be at least 50 miles away from your primary residence and be in a resort location (by the beach, lakefront). Vacation homes include single-family residences, half of a duplex, and condominiums.

36: Are The Rising Property Prices Causing A Social Divide?
There is no denying to the fact that India has quite a high economic disparity (which is prevalent in most of the developing countries in the world) .The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is cliche, and very much a reality in the New India. With luxury limited to a privileged few who drive a 7 Series BMW, own a villa in Mauritius, sport a one crore watch, wear a Solitaire and take a holiday to Europe as often as some holiday at a nearby hill station.

37: Tips for Selecting a Reputable and Reliable Real Estate Agent
Whether you are buying or selling a home or property having a good top performing real estate agent represent you can make the task so much more easier. With the recent boom in real estate markets gone bust so many real estate agents who had gone through ten years of good times are now falling over one another vying for your business. So where do you start?

38: Real Estate in Pakistan
Investors who want to examine the real estate in Pakistan should first learn something about the nature of development in Pakistan. At the present time, Pakistan has experienced growth in what is called "urban sprawl." Pakistan could benefit from the creation of urban centers, but those who hope to build such centers face roadblocks, roadblocks in the form of government regulations.

39: NetWorthUsa - Real Estate Investing Meets Network Marketing With Hand Holding Mentorship
The explosive income potential of home-based Network Marketing, combined with the most exclusive and effective real estate investor training products available in today's marketplace, places you in the unique position of being in the right place at the right time! We invite you to join us as we fulfill our core mission, to teach the masses how to build wealth with Integrity... and Wealth without Limits!

40: Selling Your Home Successfully - Windows - Doors
If you what to sell your Tampa home you'll need to pay close attention to getting it in tip-top condition. Let's go over a couple of tips.

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