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81: Sharing Your Real Estate Office with an Interior Designer
Does your broker give people a reason to come to your office and meet the agents, discuss real estate topics or work to foster community relationships. Most of the best ones do and they have Chamber of Commerce Mixers, allow committees to meet there and do a good deal of community goodwill and service. But in a slower market, what else can they do?

82: Maricopa County Real Estate Market May Have Bottomed Out in October 2007
If you look at the numbers, it seems that the market is beginning to recover in Maricopa Country. Read on for more info!

83: Buying And Selling In A Declining Market
As we enter into the slowest time of the year for real estate sales it is important to keep a closer eye on the market. This is why we are providing this vital report that gives consumers an in-depth look at the real estate market. There are several different ways this information can be utilized. For buyers, declining home prices may be an indication to wait until the market bottoms out before purchasing.

84: Dispelling The Myth Of Part-Time Realtors
In the business of real estate brokerage, it is often that a Realtor exclusively engaged in real estate sales includes the promotion of this very fact in much of his/her marketing efforts. Coupled with this will often be some sort of acclamation of awards, be it the "Chairman, President, Gold Member Club" or the like.

85: Ed Norton Green Living
There are times in a celebrities life that the glitz and the glamour offer less and less comfort. It is during these times that the celebrities return to their roots and try to make life better for those that are less fortunate than themselves. Celebrity actor, Ed Norton, has done just that with a company his grandfather started.

86: 2008 Property Market Outlook
When asked about the 2008 market outlook, expert opinions vary. Trying to predict the housing market has always been tricky and most economists tend to err on the side of conservatism. Having said that, here's what is forecast for the property market during 2008.

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