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10 Ways To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

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Here are 10 ways to prevent premature ejaculation. Use these great tips to get your sex life into gear today.

Here are 10 methods you can use to prevent premature ejaculation. You can put these into action straight away so that you can make a huge difference to your sex life in the next 48 hours.

1. One of the main causes of premature ejaculation is being too tense and over anxious, so you must learn how to relax. To enjoy sex you must feel free of any anxieties or worries, so take care to calm yourself down.

2. Communicate with your partner. A problem shared is a problem halved as they say, so you need to tell your partner your concerns and what you want from the relationship and sex. The more your partner understands you the easier it will all be.

3. Foreplay is massively important to a healthy sex life. You need to make sure you are giving your partner everything she wants to turn her on, and she will find it to be a lot more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Find out what she enjoys and give her your full attention.

4. Live in the moment! If you start thinking about the last time when it maybe went wrong you will have problems with premature ejaculation again. Just enjoy the moment, enjoy every second of it and don`t let your mind wander from the present time.

5. Use visualization techniques to give yourself more confidence in bed. Use positive images and thoughts each and every day, and embed in your consciousness how great sex is with your partner and how much you are in control of the whole situation. Whenever any negative thoughts begin to arise, use these positive images to push them quickly away.

6. Use a ring around your penis to prevent premature ejaculation. They can often be very effective in stopping orgasms.

7. Another way is to give your penis a sharp nip near the tip, with your finger and thumb when it is erect, just squeeze it once but quickly and quite sharply to give you a little sharp pain, and this 9 times out of 10 will stop your orgasm if you have not left it too late.

8. Use a sexual position that does not give you too much stimulation. Experiment until you find the best position and stick with this until you have built up your confidence, and then you can move onto others.

9. If you thrust too deeply with your pelvis, this can make you prematurely ejaculate, so take care not to move your pelvis too much, hold back a little, and you will find that you have more control.

10. Don`t take yourself too seriously!! If you can laugh with your partner in bed, you can have great sex too, so stop trying to be so cool, let yourself go and enjoy.

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