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Bladder Triggers: Foods and Drinks That Increase the Need To Go

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If you suffer from incontinence, chances are you are looking for every possible option to help minimize episodes and improve management and The following is a look at some of the foods and drinks that can increase your need to go, and how to avoid these bladder triggers to reduce accidents and much fluid is not the Too little may If you are cutting down on your fluids then your urine might become really concentrated and irritate the bladder, making you feel the urge to go more Be careful about when your fluid intake takes place, for example, don't drink a lot just before bed, but stay Alcohol is a bladder It is a dehydrating agent that increases the amount of This is going to lead to more frequent trips to the In addition, alcohol might make it harder for the brain to signal to the bladder that you need to go, leading to more accidents and Aged cheese and other creamy dairy can lead to worsened symptoms in those with an overactive Imitation, non-aged, and lower fat is Many condiments have ingredients that are bladder Avoid mustard, soy, vinegar, hot sauce, ketchup, and mayo can all aggravate the Caffeine, such as coffee, tea, energy drinks, cola, and other beverages with caffeine will stimulate the bladder, and act as a Chocolate does the Eating or drinking caffeine means you will produce more urine, and feel the need to go more Ease off, avoid it, or wean yourself from it, as it is also addicting in nature and your body can build up a tolerance to it, requiring you to take in more caffeine to get the desired Citrus, tomatoes, The acids found in citrus, pineapple, tomatoes, and citrus juices can irritate the bladder, and increase the urge to Citrus yes, but other fruits like bananas, grapes and apples can also irritate the While cranberries can prevent urinary tract infections, they are acidic and can increase the risk of accidents with someone with an overactive Again, acidic foods increase the urge to Carbonation can irritate the bladder, triggering overactive bladder Sparkling alcoholic beverages are like the double whammy, with both carbonation and alcohol triggering the Spicy foods can irritate your bladder, this doesn't mean you have to eat bland foods, but you should figure out how much spice you can tolerate before your bladder is Artificial sweeteners can trigger bladder If you love onions, cook them as uncooked unions can trigger or irritate the flavors and Basically avoid processed foods as MSG, additives, and the like can irritate the careful what you eat, and shoot for a balanced Just because something is a trigger does not mean it has to be avoided completely, just be careful how many bladder irritant foods and triggers you consume in a given

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