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How To Pleasure Her in Bed

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Want to figure out how to pleasure her in bed? These 3 tips will help you satisfy her needs, give her pleasure, and come out with a happy woman in the end!

If you can give her pleasure in bed then you will get that pleasure back ten-fold! Plus you will have a happier woman and a healthier relationship because of your skills. But if you are having a hard time giving her pleasure then you can end up turning her off from sex altogether and putting strain on your relationship. Do you see the importance of being able to pleasure her in bed? It's quite clear.

So here are a few tips that very few men know, or practice, to help you pleasure your woman in bed and make her happy and satisfied.

1. Listen to Her Body

Her words may not always match up with what her body is saying, and a great lover in bed will know this. She may tell you that she loves what you are doing but if her body is limp and lifeless then it is telling you otherwise.

Her body will react in a sensual and erotic way when she is receiving extreme pleasure. She will move her hips around and become tense in her movements, and her face will show pleasure all over it. So pay attention to her body language and if you notice you are not pleasing her then move to an area or technique that does.

2. Use All of Her Senses

Women need to be fully engaged in order to truly experience pleasure in bed. This includes thought, sight, sounds, touch, and feeling. If you are not engaging all of her senses then you are less likely to give her an orgasm and please her fully.

There are different ways to go about engaging her fully depending on what she likes, but some examples are using dirty talk to engage her hearing and mind, and touching her all over her body in spots that make her quiver to engage her sense of feeling. You should also make sure you engage her sight by giving her some eye contact once in a while. Women love the sight of their man looking into their eyes passionately and it will excite her when you do it.

3. Learn What She Likes in Bed

This may seem like a no-brainer but the truth is many men do not do this! Women will not always outright tell their man their fantasies, desires, or hot-spots. Sometimes a man needs to find out for himself. But once you learn what really turns her on in bed then you can use that information to please her over and over again.

So how do you know if your woman likes it rough or gentle in bed? How do you know what role-playing games would turn her on? How do you know the part of her body that drives her wild when you kiss it? You can find out by asking her or just by trying new things in the bedroom and gauging her reactions to them. Either way if you put some effort into figuring it out you will be rewarded in the end!

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