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How to Perform Oral Sex on Women

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If you are like most guys, pleasuring your woman can he a difficult task. Understanding how to perform oral sex on women, might just be your magic solution for getting her excited to the point of orgasm. Read this article to discover some tips and tricks to going down on a girl properly.

Men who have not performed oral sex on women should research first before actually doing it, if he does not want it to end in disaster. Women are built differently than men, and what might feel satisfying for you might be irritable for her. The vagina has a complex structure, and discovering it without seeking information can lead to embarrassment and frustration of not having to stand up to her expectations.

When performing oral sex on a woman, the rule of thumb is to make sure that she is conditioned for it. You can't just go down on her without her body being relaxed. This could possibly even turn her off, and you could lose the opportunity to satisfy her in the future. Put on some soft music, massage her, or anything that will condition her body. Make her feel relaxed and at ease, this will set the mood for the whole night ahead.

When you perform oral sex on her, start the process by kissing and softly pecking her vagina. Do not rush to the clitoris yet, make her feel your love. When you covered the entrance of her vagina, move (by kissing and licking) to her labia and spend some time on each side for her to savor the moment. If her moan and body expression suggest that you can go further, it is time to take her clitoris in your mouth. Suck on it gently. Most women like it when you flick your tongue over and around her clitoris.

Although the above instructions are one way of performing oral sex on a woman, there are more effective ways to do it. In our search for different techniques, we stumbled upon Michael Webb's book, Lick by Lick. We found out different techniques that most men do not know about. The book also corrects our misconceptions and wrong techniques in performing cunnilingus on women.

The book Lick by Lick is really helpful if you want to fully satisfy your woman in bed. Michael Webb has written eleven books about love and relationship, all of which are successful. The book is not available in any bookstore so you have to purchase it from his site. And his book Lick by Lick provides expert information about satisfying your woman by becoming a pro at cunnilingus. It is your duty as a man to pleasure your woman in bed, and you can become a better lover by reading the book.

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