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Is Boric Acid an Effective Home Remedy For Yeast Infections?

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See how boric acid has been used as a yeast infection home remedy. Understand how it would work as a treatment but also learn what to be careful of as you consider this as an option to tackle that ever persistent yeast infection.

Another standard to help women combat the yeast infection has been around for a long time and it is the use of a boric acid suppository. Boric acid is actually just a regular chemical with some not terribly strong antiseptic properties teamed with some antifungal ability. According to some studies that were actually done in Italy, the suppositories with boric acid actually were equally as effective as taking an oral medication as prescribed by a medical professional.

There have also been some larger studies done that suggest that taking the oral medication known as Diflucan when compared with using the suppositories actually resulted in a much higher success rate. Over twice as many of the patients got cured using the suppository than those using the oral remedy. That means nearly 64 percent found relief with the suppository and only a little less that 29 percent were successful with the oral medication.

In fact in almost every clinical trial on record that can be found, the boric acid suppository that is used in the yeast infection home remedies had a better overall success rate and left the users happier.

That certainly is a huge plus for the home remedy. You can actually get the boric acid suppositories to cure your yeast infection at home from some compounding pharmacies and is even available as an over the counter remedy that is very easy to obtain.

You need to be aware that boric acid in and of its self is a toxic substance and there are some concerns with overall safety with its use. First of all, when used as one of your yeast infection home remedies you have to remember that it is never, ever to be taken by mouth, also known as orally. You also do not want to use it in or around any open sores or wounds that might be present.

There is also a concern about using if over a long period of time or in strengths other than as listed as safe. You should also avoid using the boric acid suppository if you are pregnant and it should at all times be kept away from children and infants due to its toxicity.

All this being considered and taken into effect. The side effects of this remedy are quite mild and may include some slight burning in the area of the vagina and some mild irritation in and around the area where it is being used.

The shelf life on a boric acid suppository is fairly long so this is something that you can keep on hand and be ready to use as soon as symptoms appear. The earlier the treatment is applied the quicker the relief is going to be observed and the sooner you can get back to leading a normal life away from the uncomfortable effects of the infection.

Obviously if you are not sure that what you have is indeed a yeast infection then it is recommended that you check with your physician before using this or any home remedy.

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